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Bring The Noise!

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Re: Bring The Noise!

Post by Docile on Wed May 13, 2015 8:58 pm


Hearing how enthusiastic Alexis was to go through the wine cellar Colton grinned. Had he just discovered a weakness of hers?! Looking towards Cali, Isla & finally Tullus, it seemed everyone had caught on to her over eagerness to go through the wine cellar.

Dipping his head a little Colton figured he could use this as a form of black mail to get what he wanted from her. Either that or use it to encourage her to do stuff. With the mention of Hugo Colton's eyebrow rose questioning who or what it/he was. As Tullus mentioned it was some dog or big guy Colton thought that sounded about right and switched off getting distracted by the sound of the wind which had picked up and begun howling through the cracks in the rocks and the shack.

"Actually believe it or not you're wrong. Hugo was a person. Once. He was a devil fruit user. A very dangerous man. He's now an awakened zoan user. Forever stuck in the body of the beast he once was. You need to be careful of him. He's a hell of a hand full. Incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous. If Mr Ryker is a logia he may stand a chance but I don't see you two standing much of a chance. He led the charge when our father took over this island and no one could bring him down."

"Maybe he doesn't need to be brought down, but just convinced to fight for the right cause."

"And did all of your years of trying to convince him work?" silence was all Cali received from Isla. "That's what I thought. Beast's can't be convinced."

That Night . . .

"On the other side of this wall is the wine cellar. You'll have to quietly bring it down and make your way in. I don't know how you can manage to do so, but if you make too much noise, you will be throwing yourselves into a shit load of trouble."

Nodding Colton stood before the wall beside Tullus & Alexis.

"Guys I can probably move these slabs somehow without making too much noise. If I melt away the stucko between the bricks then we can just pull them out right?"

"I guess its worth a shot."

"Tullus?" Colton looked towards Tullus for his answer as to weather or not he could do so. These sewers were pretty awful, the stench was horrid and more to the point they felt so closed in a claustrophobic person would have issues.


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Re: Bring The Noise!

Post by Vaetric on Thu May 14, 2015 8:40 pm

People looked at her. “…What?” she’d frown, standing up straight and corssing her arms, looking away indignantly. Maybe she DID speak too enthusiastically about the whole wine cellar thing.
Then the ex-marine-whoever-lady started talking about who Hugo was, she listened in. Turns out he was yet another zoan user, remembering the guy from before, Godzilla or whatever his name was, Gonzilla? Though he’s now something about an “awakened” zoan user whatever that meant. Then she explained it, okay so if Godzola was an awakened zoan he’d always be some kinda dinosaur? Then it was all apparently up to Colton because he was a bloody logia user, a cut up above everyone else of course. Shit.
She shrugged, she wondered if they lost their intelligence too, got all that strength but are as dumb as bricks, that’d be alright. Could just lead it along or something if she could move faster than it.
Soon after they were in a place, the wine cellar was apparently on the other side of the wall. “Allrightletsdothisletsgo.” Alexis would say, beginning to jump up and down to get herself pumped up and ready to do.. Whatever it was she was supposed to do. Beat up some guy? Just go for the important person she guessed. She wasn’t even phased by the smell of the sewers.

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Re: Bring The Noise!

Post by Serious? on Fri May 22, 2015 6:22 am

He doubted this Hugo person could be talked into becoming a double-crosser. Tullus wasn't really much of a smooth talker, but much more an intimidator, seeing as all of his negotiations ended up with him threatening the other person or a shoot out in the end. He also doubted Hugo would buy into any of the "bribes" Tullus or any of the party would throw onto the table, seeing as he's gone feral. Nonetheless, the bandaged man already planned on neutralizing any accomplices and suspects one way or another.

That night, the team was all ready and waiting at their firs t position. Outside the wall of the wine cellar, ready to start their current mission. Tullus ran his hands against the wall, seeing if there were any kind of defects or weak spots to it. Sadly, there weren't any and it looked like the group was to break in somehow. Ryker suggested that he could melt the adhesive gluing the bricks together and quietly remove enough to form an entryway. While Tullus would like a faster way to do get in, it didn't seem like there was any other viable option that wouldn't get the team killed in the first few minutes so the leader just said fuck all and let's go with that.

"Go for it, and make it fast." Tullus said quietly.

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Re: Bring The Noise!

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