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Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan

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Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan

Post by Vaetric on Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:29 am

General Information

Name:  Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan
Epithet: Mort-Chien (Death-Dog)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Vonderville Walk (Grand Line)
Species: Human-Fishman hybrid (Svórdish)
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: The Masquerade
Ship:  The Gargoyle
Occupation: Captain
Rank: Schichibukai
Bounty: [img]http://i.stack.imgur.com/0mvFA.gif[/img] 58,700,000 (Halted)
Crimes Committed:
Innumerable counts of Piracy.
Desecration of the dead.
Suspected Cannibalism.
Murder of at least thirty men, women and children. (Evidence on his deck, and Vonderville duels)

Bounty Collected: Only applicable to characters who collect bounties.
Allegiance: Pirate/WG
Dream(s): To learn Onpa Style.

Character Information

(Art done by http://surealkatie.deviantart.com/ )

Appearance: Bouchard is a fairly tall but slender man, if anything his whole figure looks fairly narrow for a human but not obscenely so. He has a long, pointed nose and rather sharp teeth, as if all of them are canines. However, they are also relatively small, allowing him to close his mouth properly and have his jaw in a normal position, fitting together perfectly. His teeth are very white and rather clean. His nose meanwhile appears to be so sharp he could stab someone with it if he took the effort to do so, and is rather strong too. It is around the length of an index finger. His eyes are a shade of brown while his eyebrows are waxed, thin lines on his face. His chin is almost as narrow as his nose is. He also sports a goatee that curls upwards.
He wears a red sash from his right shoulder to his left waist, underneath that is a metal cuirass made of thin steel, it has about as much hope of stopping a bullet as it does blocking a dagger, though it’s fairly light. He wears fringed epaulettes coloured a dark blue and gold, his officer’s suit beneath is a navy blue. Over his straight, long raven black hair is a feathered hat with three points. He has six pistols strapped around his person, each one sacrificing quantity for quality in terms of having only one bullet. However, the width of the barrel gives it more of a hand cannon vibe, requiring a fair amount of strength to not have one’s arm liquefied just from firing it. He fits one per arm, and two per leg, on the arm it is just below an epaulette, and on the legs they’re on the thigh and below the knee.
Just above his hands on his forearms are slits, when tensed they release a sword-like protrusion of bone that functions much like a short sword, their length is around nineteen inches. The bone is strong enough to withstand clashes against steel, but when the opponents’ strength is higher than his resilience, they are much more likely to break. When Bouchard’s hand relaxes, they slide back into his skin. This is from his Svórdish ancestry, which are an offshoot of swordfish. Their hunting grounds are somewhat on the edge of the Grand Line nearing the Calm Belt, but not too close. The difference between them and normal swordfish other than their size is that they have three natural blades rather than one, on the nose and two in their fin for skewering wandering fish.

Personality: Bouchard does not believe in magic of any kind, which stems toward devil fruits. As a result, he keeps the entirety of his crew or any crews under him “taintless”. He is fairly religious, though this mostly serves to increase his own sense of self-worth as well as a scapegoat for any transgressions he may commit before, now and in the future. He also believes he would be forgiven from eating human flesh because he’s only half human.
Bouchard enjoys art. Not just any art, however, as that would be too simple. Littered around the top of his ship are stuffed humans, permanently kept in a Masquerade, frozen mid-dance. Should one remove an article of clothing such as a mask one would find that their bodies have been plasticated. It says something about him that he’s completely fine with decorating corpses around his ship. He also likes music, to the point of using it as a fighting form via Onpa style.
He does not take kindly to stowaways and thieves, a great many of his preserved corpses come from the people who vex him greatly, which isn’t all that hard to do. If he’s feeling merciful, one may simply leave with a shot leg or a chopped hand. He’s fairly secret when it comes to the terms of his genes.
He’s rather regal, standing up straight whether standing or in the chair. In fact, one would mistake him for a nobleman from his mannerisms and speech. However, he is also a pirate, and would and could stab someone in the back as easily as help him. If he sees someone as a threat, he would be sorely tempted to end their life prematurely, whether he gives in to it however depends on the situation.

Character History

Prior to Bouchard’s birth, his father came from a discreet, small kingdom who favoured culture and the arts. They also enjoyed human superiority. His father had been a nobleman, but had fallen in love with a fishman, or fishwoman. They courted; much to the shame and embarrassment of his family. They cast him out, and they wandered the seas together until they decided to settle in an island called Vonderville. They had a son, who they named Bouchard.
Being raised among performers, Bouchard had more than a little of them rubbed off on him. I.E, he learned magic, dances and so forth. He enjoyed the arts, much like his father. He came to the conclusion that all magic was fake, they were just tricks of the mind and eye, none of it existed, including the much vaunted “devil fruits” people spoke of. Pyrotech and illusionism.
However, he also took after his mother in regard to being a hybrid, a halfbreed. On the plus side to him, he thought; he had a blade on him always, hidden. There were more than a few duels which ended in his opponents’ unfortunate demise thanks to his heritage. However, the deaths of those who wronged him (more than a little accountable thanks to his father), especially at the tender age of ten made him ostracized from the rest of the community. The other children feared him, there were more than multiple attempts on his and his families’ life by grieving parents. His mother was horrified at such a concept, but his father edged him on, teaching him in the ways of his homelands’ sword.
By the time of fifteen, and after his seventh kill from dueling, he was exiled from the island. He cursed his own hot blood, if he’d listened to his mother he’d be able to stay, and learn how to cut down his enemies from afar using one of the attractions of Vonderville, there were a few people who’d learned Onpa style. His father had also engrained on him that God would forgive him for whatever he did, for God was forgiving.
Nevertheless, he left. He joined cutthroat pirates as a cabin boy and dreamed of the days when he could return. No, he was exiled for life, but he would return. Stronger than before. For five long years, he was a cabinboy. Ridiculed for his flamboyant style, for preserving art in his small space, around his hammock. For five long years, he waited, toiled. Then, when the Captain left a fairly careless remark and ripped a painting, he struck. He skewered the captain right through the middle, kicking him off his boot heel. A fight ensued, which led to the deaths of five other crewmates, their throats sliced by an unseen blade.
Once he’d successfully subjugated the crew, he took it as his own. He spent the next couple of years in unbound piracy, however he found after the first few ships that many would fight to the end if they knew their crews were going to get slaughtered and all of their treasure stolen, so instead he took up a regime to keep things easier. He built a reputation of taking only half of a ship’s treasure if they surrendered peacefully. Of course, there was always the odd fighttotheend people. One particularly bad day he found that the food stocks were empty, despite having stocked up perfectly to the amount of people, only to find a stowaway. Furious, he had him killed on the spot. Then, he had a stroke of genius. He loved art, and now he hated those who stole from him, and eroded his food stocks. When he got to the nearest port, he requested a doctor. He soon found a way to preserve bodies. They would be his scarecrows, to ward off others. Two bodies later, his crew got queasy about his mental state and jumped ship.
Without a crew, he sold off the old ship and hunted down those who stole from the plunder. During the time of his hunt, he soon ran out of money that he was willing to spend, and had to resort to.. Less moral means of survival, such as removing useless beggars from the street. He gained food supplies, and the streets would become cleaner, simple as that. He did begin to enjoy the taste, though. Exactly fifteen kills later he booked travel to Water Seven, where he would request a custom ship. Now at the age of twenty seven he waited a full year for his new ship, twenty eight it was made. A beautiful ship, but it also doubled as an organ. For when he returned to Vonderville, he would learn the piano, and his Onpa style skills would treble with this instrument.
He gathered a crew, deciding to dedicate the ship’s theme to his fathers’ old Kingdom, or just his father in general. His crew dress up in Masquerade, to which they were named after. For each thief and stowaway he caught, one more body was added to his ship. At the age of thirty, seventeen bodies guarded his ship against more, perhaps one day they’ll take the hint. He continued to plunder from both pirates and merchants. He’d gathered quite a reputation against both, however he always steered clear of the World Government and Marines. This of course caught their attention, a pirate who didn’t attack them on site? Who was nefarious for destruction against pirates? It took them a year, however they finally pinned him down in a blacksmith town, where he gained new weapons that, he threatened in great detail as to what the state of their heads would end up like if they came any closer. Upon finding out that he had been offered a place within the Schichibukai, however he was delighted, and agreed. He would no longer have to fear reprisals in terms of Marines from angry merchants, who’d begged the WG to put a bounty on his head. Perhaps now, he can gain strength in relative peace?

Acrobatics: Bouchard was raised among performers, although not as good as in his youth due to lack of practice, his he is rather lithe in his dances or in fights.
Magician: He knows a few card tricks, a few illusions of the mind.
Svórdish: Being a fishman hybrid, it gives him a rather strong and sharp nose, as well as hidden bone blades in his wrists that make for particularly nasty surprise weapons.
Duelist: Bouchard is NOT a person you should face in one-on-one combat, his practice from his earlier days as well as his natural blades make it hard to lay a finger on him due to his ability to think a step ahead. Unpredictable fighting styles however baffle him.


Weapon: Main Cannonx6

Weapon Description: True to their name (Meaning Hand Cannon), these guns look more like miniature artillery rather than pistols. They require a special bullet about the size of an orange. The barrel is made to cater to such a bullet. It requires so much gunpowder just to fire that anyone with stats below Skilled strength is likely to break their wrist, while those below Advanced are likely to break every bone in their arm. Average people probably can’t even pick it up.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Horsepower: One would not wish to get hit by even a stray bullet, the consequences would be a clean hole through the chest, easily passed.

Weapon History: Made in the blacksmithing town of Loch Maruess,  he made them as personal safety when he heard the World Government was after him. Beforehand he used regular guns, but he figured that he needed something with a little more kick to it.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:  Skilled
Character Speed:   Intense
Character Resilience: Inhuman
Character Dexterity:   Skilled
Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
In battle, Bouchard’s fighting style mostly revolves around dances, though he prefers to use his pistols. If thrown into melee, he uses his acrobatic skills and surprise weapons.
Hidden Brigand: Bringing both his fists up to the opponent, he tenses his muscles and slides his blades out, impaling the opponent.
Death Waltz: While dancing around his opponents, Bouchard tenses and untenses his arms rapidly, making the blade slide in and out, in and out at a moment’s notice, skinning, flaying, slicing and stabbing multiple opponents rapidly.
(More will be made)

Weapon Based Combat:
Pull Trigger: Bouchard pulls the trigger. Gun goes boom.
Double Up: Bouchard uses two guns instead of one, he aims at a certain point and fires, one bullet after the other. If the first bullet doesn’t punch through whatever’s in his way, the second may help.

Combo Combat:  N/A

Haki: Unstable Armaments Haki.

RP Sample:


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Re: Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan

Post by Vaetric on Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:12 am

Adding the log and eternal pose, as well as haki.

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Re: Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan

Post by Fin~ on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:14 am


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Re: Bouchard-Jean Dieu-le-Lussan

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