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Jane Johnson

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Jane Johnson

Post by Serious? on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:22 pm

General Information

Name: Jane Johnson
Epithet: Bloody Knuckles
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North Blue, The Isle of Illusions and Dreams
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Brawler
Rank: Shichibukai
Bounty: 250 000 000 (Former)
Crimes Committed:
  • Mass Destruction of Civilian & Marine Property
  • Fourty-Nine (49) Confirmed Counts of Murder
  • Smuggling Illegal Substances and Weapons
  • Sinking of five (5) Marine Galleons
  • Theft of five (5) Government issued ships
  • Causing One (1) Mass Jailbreak
  • Uncivil Disobedience

Allegiance: Marine/Pirate
  • Gain the ability to run on water

Character Information


Jane is an average looking woman standing at 5 foot and seven inches, weighing in at 126 pounds. Starting from the top of her head, her hair is a dark brown that slowly fades into a gradient of light brown, straight hair flowing down to just the bottom of her shoulder blades. It's not stringy or too voluminous, but it just looks average enough to not really stand out too much in terms of the shape of her hair. Her bangs are roughly cut and grown out to different lengths, but none go past the bottom line of her eyes in terms of her facial proportions. Jane's face looks very average, average brown eyes, average nose, mouth isn't really feminine, eyebrows are almost just lines, and no wrinkles. She always seems to have this bored, cartoonish expression upon her face, like she doesn't really want to be here (but has to for one reason or another), and she rarely ever changes said expression. Even during a fight, that's her main face and that's what she'll normally wear unless she finally meets someone or something that can finally break the pace and offer a distinct challenge for a change.

Upon Jane's body, her first layer, after the undergarments, is her sleeveless turtleneck dress, white as snow and usually clean. The dress reaches down to her knees and is slightly frilled at the bottom. There's no symbols or signature markings on it, just plain white all around. Her overcoat is a bit more strange, as it connects itself with black straps but they don't go all the way together, so it's impossible to actually close it up all the way, However, the pure blackness of it makes a nice color contrast to her dress. The way Jane connects the straps is through crossing each one until the last one, where she just connects it normally. Her sleeves are burnt up to her elbows due to the explosive natures of her punches, which is also a reason why her hands and forearms are usually blackened. On the sleeves of the upper arms, there is a fine, white silk cloth that wraps around and around twice before ending in a loose floppy end. She also has a nice, black cloak that she constantly wears to shield herself from winds and rains in case it gets a little heavy on the weather. Her feet have just regular flats with some thigh-high socks with black fabric wrapping around her calves.

Personality: Jane Johnson is just your typical girl who lives a rather typical life outside of her life as a Shichibukai; she reads the news, books, games, she doesn't really have a fervor for fighting or violence at all (although she does very casually use it in many situations), in short, she's just all around average (mostly). To start off in detail, Jane loves relaxing; she loves just laying down on a couch or bed or whatever and just taking the time to read or amuse herself in various ways. That said, she isn't introvert and lazy as people would expect a person that loves relaxing, she's usually pretty outgoing and mildly social. She does actively talk to people, but she doesn't really dwell on conversations for too long, as she finds them to be bothersome. However, when it comes to her duties as a Shichibukai, she takes it far too casually and usually ends up arriving late on the scene by the time she's called in to do stuff. Being a pirate is a hobby to her, essentially, a serious hobby, which is the main and only reason why she doesn't go all out from the start. On the note of being casual, Jane doesn't like formalities. She doesn't treat anybody of high positions with proper respects and greetings (i.e. calling Captain Bob "Bob") and can at many times end up being rude and inconsiderate about it. She chews gum during meetings and conferences, generally looks bored all the time (although that's how she looks all the time), and usually brushes off people's threats and accusations cause they don't bother her. Her casualness extends to people calling her "master" or "madame" or anything like that; all you have to do is just call her "Jane". In short,she's casual about everything, and every situation possible.

Even in combat situations, Jane doesn't fight seriously, usually never giving 100% in fights unless people really start to piss her off. While fighting, she usually thinks about what to make for lunch/dinner/breakfast, what her friends are doing right now, and what will be next to be featured on the upcoming sale, sometimes accidentally giving 100% for a split second when she realizes she missed a sale. She doesn't really care about winning or losing at all, she just wants to have some fun while fighting. Even if she's facing up against people on par or stronger than her, she still won't give it her best for one reason or another. Nonetheless, the gloves come off when she gets pissed off enough, which can be noticed by a sudden change in her mood and facial expression to a more serious one.

As stated before, Jane is laid-back, but since she became a Shichibukai, her life definitely has changed. People do treat her differently and fear her regardless of how laid-back she is to everyone. She'll go out to buy groceries and people take their time to get out of the way and let her be the first in line. It really does speed up her shopping times, but not being able to have a normal, fearless chat with a random stranger is definitely something she'll miss. One thing she won't miss are the Marines that constantly try to worm their way into her life. Lots of trouble for being a highly dangerous pirate, but she still has other pirates and people after her tail for one reason or another.

Because Jane is from The Isle, she feels a very strong connection to everybody there, since almost everyone there knows her whether they like her or not. Many of the residents of the Surface Village there resent her for being associated with them, thinking of her as a lapdog for them, but she doesn't really care; After all, it's her home, and home is where the heart is (it's at The Isle). Bring that topic up and she'll talk a bit about life back there and the leaders that came and went, and even the current leaders, although she doesn't really know them as well as leaders before them. She really wants to go back, but her duties that she usually shirks pull her back out of there.

Jane absolutely hates people talking too much. She doesn't really like listening to people's long-winded speeches and proclamations when they're fighting or just in general; It just ruins the mood for her. Like, can't you just come back and restate what you're gonna say in less words than that? She'll usually snap at them and silence them forcefully cause she really just wants to get things over with quickly and read some books when she gets back home.

Character History


Jane lead a pretty normal life back when she was a little child; didn't really get into fights, played sports at her local academy, got along well with kids, the basics. The most standard of children until she hit eighteen years of age, cause that was when her life began to deviate from what people would call normal. When she hit eighteen, Jane began met with quite a corrupt militiaman. Her family was being extorted for money and other types of "payment" from him. Seeing as he weapons and had an officer-level rank, her family had no choice but to comply or be forced into imprisonment. At that time, Jane just came home after meeting with a possible candidate for an arranged marriage, much to her chagrin. She had a long scarf on her at that time, which did help make an impression on the candidate, but that's far from the point. When Jane came home, she was greeted by the Militiaman's extortion underway. The man's attention shifted to her, in which he quickly seized the opportunity to size her up both visually and physically. Jane didn't even flinch or change expressions the entire time. Soon, he lost interest and directed his attention towards her parents once again. With his back turned, Jane casually took off her scarf and looked around the kitchen for something very hard; A coconut. she tied the coconut to her scarf to form some sort of makeshift mace and walked up behind the distracted officer. He didn't even notice her until she started beating the everliving hell out of him with a coconut. Sadly, she went a little overboard and ended up beating his skull in, literally. Not wanting to cause her parents any more distress, she cleaned up the mess and the body and disposed of it to the best of her abilities before leaving The Isle indefinitely. Sure, Eponzio would've given her a second chance, maybe, but the militia, not so much. Should they find out about her dark deed, they will go after her when nobody's looking and murder her. She didn't want to take any chances.

And so she traveled, she traveled the world in hopes of a better future, in search of a greater purpose in life. She never really had any plans for the future, seeing how lazy and passive she was. The first island she landed on wasn't too much of a big deal, but it was start. She looked back on the reason why she left The Isle in the first place: To protect her family. Sure, she probably could've protected her family more if she had stayed and trained there while keeping the murder a secret, but then again, probability. With her first step onto the new island, Jane made a vow to become strong enough to not only protect her family, but also others from lowlife scum and human monsters that inhabit this world (without being a Marine). And so she trained for a few years. She trained, and she worked her fingers to the bone, until she vomited up blood, until her body was screaming for her to take a day's rest. She did not falter in her training, she did not rest for a single day. Every day was a strict exercise regime where she did no less than what her daily plan was. One day, she was just walking back to her place of residence minding her own business when she encountered a group of drunks. They picked a fight with her and at first, they easily had the upper hand and threw Jane around like a piece of trash. She was still constantly sore from her constant exercise so she couldn't really do much to put up a fight. She crashed into some trash cans due to the fight, but the drunks still weren't finished with her yet. She unsteadily got back up and decided that enough was enough and she was about to fight back with what she's got. After getting knocked down for the fifth time, things took a different turn. Things started feeling slower, the pain had diminished a little bit, and she felt so much more energetic and alive! She'd never felt like this before! The first punch she threw hit one of the drunks square in the face and instantly killed him. That night, she killed one man and incapacitated three more. This was the beginning of Jane's chain of crimes.

The next morning, Jane felt much lighter, stronger and tougher than before. Most of the pain from training had suddenly decided to take a hike, but at the cost of the Marines now investigating the murder last night. Being the sensible person she was, Jane immediately hopped on the next ship to who knows where. She ended up somewhere nondescript, but the trip was enough to escape the Marines for a short amount of time. Still, she trained herself to protect, despite unleashing lethal amounts of force on civilians. She understood that she wanted to protect people, but she didn't understand power control. Many of the times she tried to protect people from petty criminals like purse-snatchers and robbers, she usually ended up accidentally killing them one way or another; All of them caused by her, of course. Usually, after the fifth kill, Jane hopped on over to another island. By then, the Marines noticed a pattern of murders happening and decided to put in a full-scale investigation. When the Marines confronted Jane, they respected her dedication to vigilantism but they still weren't actual dangerous criminals and therefore killing them still counted as murder.

Thirty counts of first degree murder were to send Jane into a high-security prison for a good twenty years, had she not broken out within the first year. Wasn't really too hard for her, all she had to do was overpower a dumb, new guard and take his clothes and keys. Took a few minutes to finally get the correct one out and unlock her cell, and another few minutes to hide the body and get changed, but it seemed like it was going to be a hitch from that point on. Too bad that the other prisoners started to snitch once Jane was about to leave without freeing them. Not wanting to really cause too much trouble for herself, Jane begrudgingly went to go find the switch that opened all of the cell doors. She moved quickly through the prison, looking here and there for something that would look like a switch, until she finally found what she was looking for. Just as she was about to reach for the switch, Jane was stopped by a couple of guards, who were up to no good (for her). They knew she wasn't actually a guard and were gonna shoot her on the spot. She pulled the switch anyways and immediately jumped out of the way to avoid gunfire. At that point, all the prisoners were let loose and the prison was about to go into hell in a hand basket real fast. Jane was done with her job and wanted to get out quick, so she tried to punch a hole in the wall. First punch broke the flesh covering her knuckles, but slightly cracked the wall. It was a start. She kept on bashing the wall with her fists, causing more blood to pour out of her wounded knuckles until she finally busted a hole big enough to crawl through. She crawled through and booked it to the nearest exit, amidst all the chaos. Unfortunately, her disguise failed once she reached the exit and the snipers on the towers were opening fire on her. Luckily, she escaped their range without too much damage on her, but the last thing the Marines saw were bloodied knuckles running running from the law.

That jailbreak earned Jane a slick bounty and enough reason to stay low. She had also garnered the attention of some pirate crews, who were looking for some new blood, and Jane was something to desire in terms of sheer strength. The first crew she encountered tried to recruit her, but she refused initially. Once the Marines got involved, she quickly changed her mind. A large task force was on the island looking for her and easily identified the people she was with. You could say that they blew her cover, and that would be completely right. In the end, they got away and Jane Johnson was officially a pirate at that point on.

As time went on, Jane became increasingly stronger, but also more feared and renowned. The more crimes she took part in, the more fights she won and lost, the more wisdom she gathered over the years made her tougher and badder than before. She ditched her crew and went freelance pirating before finally causing enough trouble for the World Government to offer her a position as a Shichibukai. She gets a pardon AND special privileges? Sign her right up! And thus began a new legend; One of a woman whose knuckles have bled countless times during battle, earning her the respected title of "Bloody Knuckles" Jane Johnson.

Abilities: N/A

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Professional
Character Speed: Trained
Character Resilience: Expert
Character Dexterity: Average

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Fist Series『Chain Punch』- Jane throws a quick, 5-punch burst with one arm.

Fist Series『Up-Cut』- When her opponent is in range, Jane crouches to put power into making a strong jump for a jawbreaking uppercut

Fist Series『Rocketeer』- Jane crouches to put power into a long jump, where she'll fly towards her opponent and give them a good punch

Foot Series『Flying Lunge Kick』- Jane crouches first and jumps forward at a 30 degree angle while extending one foot out

Foot Series『Raindrop』- Jane jumps high up into the air and lunges downwards with her feet sticking out to kick a good and strong kick to her opponent

Foot Series『Dropkick』- Jane jumps up in the air and crunches herself into a ball before angling her feet towards her opponent. When she lunges her feet towards her opponent, the force generated is enough to pull her towards them

Super Series『Super Flip』- Jane digs her fingers into the ground real good and lifts up a large chunk of the ground and flips it towards her opponent

Super Series『Super Chain Punch』- Jane puts in most of her power to throw a two-armed 10-punch burst

Super Series『Super Duper Punch』- Jane throws in 100% of her full strength into one titanic of a punch, one that causes a blunt, blade-wave like force that can still dish out some sick damage at long range. It's a fist-wave.

Super Series『Super Monkey Flip』- Jane latches on to her opponent and then pushes off of them a brief moment after. The sheer amount of force from that push could cave a man's chest in before they violently slam into the ground.

Super Series『Super Groundbreaker』- Jane jumps up into the air very plainly, lifts her leg up high and then brings it down into the ground to smash it and the surrounding area.

Haki: N/A

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Re: Jane Johnson

Post by Serious? on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:48 am

ready for inspection

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Re: Jane Johnson

Post by Vaetric on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:21 pm


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Re: Jane Johnson

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