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The Gargoyle

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The Gargoyle

Post by Vaetric on Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:38 am

Ship's Name: The Gargoyle
Type: Caravel: Speed Demon.
Crew:  The Masquerade

Appearance: The Gargoyle is a very long ship it has the length of two caravels, and has just as much sails as well as oars. This allows the Gargoyle to speed through the water like a knife through butter. The front is covered in metal, as well as having the head of a gargoyle with a nose that looks like a ram.
The deck has fifteen to twenty plasticised bodies dressed in masquerade. Below deck there are three rooms: The captains quarters, the crews quarters and the plasticisation center/storage room.  There are long, brass tubes, all connected to an organ that is found at the very end of the ship, behind the wheel. The organ pipes fill out a fair bit of the ships’ edges. The top deck as well as the rooms are decorated like a French ball, complete with fine rugs and tables.

Cannons: 8
Rooms: 3

Additional Weaponry
Weaponry Name: The Gargoyle
Weaponry Description: Funnily enough the front of the ship has a gargoyle head made of metal, meant for ramming into ships, crippling if not outright sinking them.

Cost: 30,000

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Re: The Gargoyle

Post by FroYo on Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:39 am


Beli will be deducted be me.

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