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Post by Fin~ on Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:29 am

General Information

Name:  Rae Veridante
Epithet:  The Silencer, The Recorder
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Grandline
Species: Human 
Orientation: Left handed 

Crew: N/A
Occupation: Information Broker, Informant, Assasin/archer
Bounty: 182.000.000
Crimes Committed: Blackmailed & bribed Important Marine and world governement officials, leaked highly important information. big status and influence in the underworld.
Allegiance: Underworld / world governement

Raise to an even more powerfull and more influentual position
Be entertained
Safety for her little brother
Build her own little kingdom
Increase her connections in the world 
Be very rich and have no worries in money.

Character Information



This young woman, at first sights does not look much more then a dreamy book worm, her light Almost salmon pink eyes barely have any spark in them, and make her look very tired and dis-interested, her lighter red hair shoulder long hair is pretty thick and ends in curls. Her somewhat pale face is brought to attention a bit more by her glasses, which are pretty big and black, but bring out her face way more then it would without glasses.

Rae Has a somewhat smaller then average height, making her stand at 1.60 meter tall, her builds pretty standard and she weighs around 54 kilo depending on her mood and amount of snacks.

Her clothing is rather lazily but still stylish, and something she could represent herself with in her line of work, mostly consisting of turtle necks, and leggings, and warm coats, since her home island is pretty cold, her colours are almost all blue and red tints, she would not be caught wearing yellow or green. On more formal ocasions she likes wearing dresses, in mostly darker red colours, and she has learned to walk on pretty high heels very easily, although when having to go around she normally won't use them.


Cold, serious and very good at reading emotions are some of Rae her most known traits, in just seconds she will find an emotional weakness of someone, and knows how to use this to make others uncomfortable and achieve her goal via these ways. 

Rae is a collective person, always keeping her cool and trying to find a solution to her problem, her own and her little brother are the most important in her life, and she would not risk those easily, She will stand up for people in need, as long as it won't bring her position in danger. Safety and stability are very important for Rae, and she will go long ends to keep those. 

At first glance it doesn't look like Rae has a lot of emotions, but she does have them, she just knows how and when to put them off. When at a comfortable enviroment, Rae shows a less profesional side of herself, where she is almost a bit jovial, and can joke around a little here and there, although her humor can be pretty crude and dark, and is sometimes misunderstood. 

Rae has a very caring side, especially for her little brother, which she wants to ensure his safety off, she feels like she is his parent, and wants to secure a perfect future for him, anyone endangering his safety will be put down, even if she rather does not rely on violence. 

Rae is also someone really enjoying luxury on time, she loves good champagne, luxury foods and ofcourse some classy clothes here and there, The underworld can be a dangerous place, Especially for females, but using some charms, and her personality Rae has got her respect and trust in the world and has been looked at as a very trusted broker.

She does not really like the idea of using her devil fruit a lot, but when in a pinch she does not mind using it, especially if it is to help herself or someone close.

Rae is often described as unreadable and impulsive, she is a little hard to read and might need some getting used to. Rae often carrys a notebook in which she writes a lot of information going on, may it be speech  may it be notes about enviroment or person. 

Character History


Part 1 ~ Hell would be a pretty name for it


Most people do not even know what is going on in the world, they know their own small part of the world. One of the fewer known parts of the world, is the underworld, a lot of criminals and other people are found there. some have a dark past, others a lust for money, some might be addicted to gambling or drinks. Rae her father was one of the people who spend most of his time gambling and drinking, and then getting big, big debts. 

Rae grew up being poor, traveling here and there, with her mom and dad trying to flee from those who her dad owed a lot of money. For the first years of her life her family had managed to hide well, her parents started to work hard, though her father could not stay off alcahol, appart from the ocasional outbursts and events things were stable and okay, Rae was going to school, wasn't the most popular but did very well and class and had made a few close friends, the teachers often remarked her keennes, which made her very proud.

But as so often, missfortune would lurk around the corner, it was a mather of years when her father was found, or maybe he had new enemys, maybe he had been gambling again, no one really knew, but those who the family owed money too had reached the town. The now Eleven year old young teen was sitting at home, having no clue that her life was about to change forever, enjoying some handworking and some homecooked food the night passed slowly as the door was heared.

Three knocks on the door, pretty hard knocks 

Her dad walked to the door, a tad grumpy like always and yelled, '' Ey do you know how late it is''

Slowly opening the door, once the hinge was unlocked the door was slammed down, and her dad worked to the ground, quickly people armed with gunnery walked in and both made sure Rae and her mom would make no weird moves. Being brought to the living room her dad knew how late it was, he knew he could not always escape his past, In her moms eyes were only tears of dispear that she could not have her happy family just a little longer, she was scared for her life. her daughters but mostly for her mans, who would probably not be kept alive.

Soon conditions were told, they wanted money, but there was no money, they did not have much possesions, only Rae, looking at his wife she shook her head and angrily looked at him, '' you better don't she yelled, trying to break loose but she got knocked down by one of the men in the room, '' ey you don't intervere with us'' the man yelled as he pushed her aside looking at Rae's father, '' so spill it out. whats your master plan making us wait another year isn't it?'' he blurted out as he punched her father right in the stomach.

'' No, Take her, she is very smart, and good at maths'' While looking down, his eyes brimming with tears. this was the worst thing he ever did.

Tears also appeared in Rae her eyes, was this real? this could not be real, her own father, looking at her mother she realised it was real, had they before discussed selling her of? did her father not love her? questions filled the young girls mind.

'' Boss what do we do'' One of the men asked, '' We take her, but first'' He took out his gun and pointed it at Rae her father.

'' You shameless piece of shit'' He yelled, filled with anger as he pulled the trigger, shooting a bullet clean into Rae her fathers head, who then collapsed. filling the floor with blood.

Slowly Rae was taken with them, leaving her mother in tears, Rae knew that resisting would be futile and only hurt her mom. '' I love you mom, stay strong'' she said before the young girl was taken off.

Chapter 2 ~ Atleast it could not have been much worse


Weeks following this event were spent in cariages, boats and god knows where, all leading to one place, one place she would have to spend a long long time of her life. She atleast had eaten better then when she was at home, and she got little atention, but she was used to that aswell. Thoughts had mostly clouded her mind, she was filled with sadness, anger but there was no lust for revenge, her dad had been wrong, but her anger was not just at her dad, her anger was at the world, at everyone, those who came in and destroyed her life. But also at all those who idelly had stood by, watched her life go bad and no one would stand in to help. Humans were a bunch of selfish people, and this meant that she could only trust herself, which was hard for a elven year old girl. Very hard. 

She had never really been able to play much, and always had worries, but there were little bits of being a child scathered here and there, now they were gone, at eleven years old Rae had to choose in becoming an adult, because she knew all to well, where those people she was with were cappable off, and if she would not dance to their hand, then things would not end well for her, and at this point she didn't even know if she wanted to go back to her mother, she would just let life happen, but things were not easy.

After spending weeks on a ship, getting of it was her first contact with day light since atleast a month, it was both horrible and nice, her eyes burned but it made her feel more alive then she had felt the past couple of weeks. Quickly she was loaded in a cariage which then moved on for quite some time, she had no idea where she was, or where she was going too. she was not spoken to, and completly ignored, that she had already given up trying to talk three weeks ago.

It was finally time to see where she would spend her time.

Being unloaded of the cariage, she was signalled inside a door, entering the small building, she then had to step on a platform, along with the others who were with her, she had never heard of things like this before, but later discovered this was called a lift. Almost going down for 5 minutes she reached their destination. 

She was welcomed by dark lights, lots of noise and many stares, this place was like a bar. and people looked pretty dangerous. many suits around and there were as it seemed many who stared to the young girl.

'' Who is this little kid '' A loud and dark voice emerged from a big chair, where a somewhat fat man was sitting, his kempt black hair and suit made him look a little akward but his voice made him sound more dangerous, as did his beard.

'' The asshole said to take the girl, he couldn't pay again'' 

'' what an ungracefull offer, I suppose you have taken care of things ''

nodding the man left, making his subordinates follow him. 

Rae was left infront of this man. Who was looking scary, and intimidating.

'' You are pretty unlucky, to have parents who don't love you'' he said, wondering how she'd react.

Rae stared at her feet, '' I can't call my dad a parent, mom was too afraid to do anything'' 

Her serious tone suprised the man, most times he had seen a kid they would turn out to cry and mostly were just shipped off to be slaves, just a few were kept to slave in the organisation. 

'' Look, Your dad payed us with you, we can sell you off, so you can work for the rest of your lives, or do you think you can mean anything to us, I heard you were pretty smart'' the man said still trying to decide what he'd do normally, no one would want to work with the murderers of ones parents, or would do so to take revenge, but he liked gambles like this, he liked the damaged kind of people, they made for good subordinates.

'' My dad payed nothing, He was a coward till the end, I don't mind working to pay his debt, I'd rather work then being sold off''

'' Maribele, overhere''

'' yes boss?'' a tall woman said who came out of the shadows, dressed in a long turqoise dress and hair ornaments nicely put up in her stylish looking hair. 

'' Bring this kid to mich, they will decide what happens to her, they been complaining about needing more people, and apparently she has her wits. '' But my lord, shes only eleven'' The woman tried to stand up for Rae. Rae only wondered who was Mich, and could it be that bad? '' Atleast give her training to keep herself safe, and it be bad to send her on the streets when she has just been gone missing'' Maribele continued. Nodding the man said '' Then take her under your care, in exactly a year from now She will be going to work for Mich,

Sighing with relief Maribelle went off signing for Rae to follow, Leaving the room entering into a long coridor full of doors and more coridors, after a few minute walk a door was opened and Rae was signalled inside. '' You can sleep on the couch, I'll be training you tomorow, I am sorry that things are like this but if you are to work for Mich then we better prepare you well''

As maribelle left the room, to go back to work Rae sat her self down on the couch.

Where was she?

Who was this Mich?

and what was expected of her?

Chapter 3 ~ Even the longest night passes. even if only for a little,


There she found herself, sitting in a weird room on a weird couch, with a ton of information and no idea what to do, she could try and sneak out, but seeing the complexity of the building that was not something she saw as a posibility, also this woman maribelle seemed kind, and she atleast knew she was safe here, where she probably would not even be able to reach home, if she still had her home, she wondered how her mom was doing, who probably would be very worried, but there was no time, no time to worry about the past. a lot of things were going to happen, and Rae knew this, she stood at the foot of something big that was going to happen to her life, it was like a book she couldn't stop reading, there was no pauze, everything was just going on and on. 

And thus waiting began, for maribelle to return, and hopefully get some more information, what was this place, who was mich, and what is expected of her. She wanted to ask them all but knew she did not have the guts for that, she waited for hours, it was already 2 a clock when she finally heard the door open.

'' I am sorry for being so late, today was a busy day'' Maribelle sighed as she sat down on the chair infront of Rae. " Do you want to eat anything, you must be starving'' The woman said with a smile as Rae shyly nodded. '' No need to be so shy you will be with me for atleast a year, ill make sure you will be fine, you can have some time to recover from everything that happened, now do you want some bread, I could also make soup, she said smiling. Living up just a little Rae smiled, '' I-i Would love some bread'' Opening up a fridge she got out some ham and made Rae a fresh sandwich. '' There you go enjoy'' Maribelle said so jovial. Rae wondered why this woman was so kind. it made her almost feel comfortable.

Later she figured out, they were always planning this, the boss just wanted to break her down, make his image a bad one so she would look up to him, so she would not rebel. but at the moment she just felt fear for the boss, and admired Maribelle. Maybe it was okay to get some sleep tonight and maybe she would actually be safe. After eating her sandwich, she quickly fell asleep, being tucked in by Maribelle this was her first good night since that day.

Waking up by a nice smell, and a humming Maribelle, she rubbed her eyes and reached for her glasses, seeing Maribelle cooking, who then looked at her and blushed '' Oh did I wake you up? sorry'' Shaking her head Rae said, '' No you didn't'' still a bit uncomfortable maybe because of the comfort she had here. Stretching and getting herself to sit up she would then have breakfast which ended up in a conversation with Maribelle

'' Rae, right you must have a lot of questions don't you?''

Nodding Rae wanted to open her mouth but was cut by Maribelle

'' know that I can not answer everything but will do my best''

'' Okay, well Where are we, and what will I have to do?'' 

Maribelle was suprised by the directness of Rae, almost as she had disabled her emotions. she felt a little sad and said '' I can not tell you where we are, but I can tell you we will be going to teach you how to fight, so you can handle yourself, where we are is not the safest, especially not for women, but women like we are needed here and its actually a pretty good life after a while'' She added, confusing Rae a little

'' Fighting me, I can't fight, I am not strong'' She was scared and confused, who would make Rae fight, this was scary and hard and the hardest part was keeping her emotions out of the way, like she wanted to but she couldn't and bursted down in tears, she was weaker then she thought.

'' If your weak, then thats why you will train, don't worry you will get stronger soon, very soon'' Maribelle added and patted her head. '' Now eat up I will be off soon, your training will start in just a few days, untill then stay here get some rest and maybe read some books. Starting next week, we will be training daily and getting you ready for what is planned for you'' Leaving after that, Rae let herself collaps on the couch. Most of her questions had remained unanswered but she atleast knew that she would be alive for a while, and if she would get training then atleast she maybe had a place to stay, maybe things were not so bad at all. but one could not know for sure, this was something time had to tell and time, usually took its time in telling.

chapter 4 ~ Even in dispear she danced through the day.


It was 6 in the morning when a clock was beeping, did she have to wake up this early? She rolled on her side and stretched out. taking a deep breathe she tried to snooze for a little but her rolling around was soon welcomed by Maribelle sounding more strict then ever. " good morning Rae, get up we are starting your training soon" she said and walked to the kitchen to make some quick breakfast. getting up Rae nodded and thus everything began,

when sitting down for breakfast, Maribelle explained and said " look Rae, we are not the most nice people in the world. most would say we are bad people, but we just don't take rules so seriously, we own a lot of casinos but mostly deal in information of sorts, on the streets you will have to tail people, you will have basic combat training, and training on how to be quick on your feet and with your judgement. we also will have you do various tests to get you all ready for whatever Mich has planned with you" she explained as she stretched out and popped a sandwich in her mouth followed by some coffee.

After breakfast rae was lead into a training room. everything was pretty dark there was no sorts of light," we operate a lot at night, your job is getting used to the dark, ive hidden various objects in cupboards here or on tabled, theres knives and sharp objects around to, so be carefull, what i want you to do is find out where I have hidden a scroll, maybe you can find some clues to find this scroll"

Nodding she was left alone in the room and had to use her senses to find the scroll. she did not want to cut herself so threated carefully. once she saw how a chair was knocked a little over she found out where the cupboard was and then opened it up carefully, after a little searching she found the scroll and walked out of the room to read it. 

"good job rae, 100 pushups and then come to room 172" is what the scroll said making the young girl collapse after just 20, this was heavier then she thought, taking a deep breathe she calmed herself and took another shot at it, 48, she was getting better at it, she did not want to go without completing her tasks. after another small rest she reached the 100 and went off. collapsing halfway there it took her some energy but she got up and got to room 172. 

knocking on the door she was welcomed by a man. " rae, I suppose , you are early" he said a little suprised. " normally it takes 4 hours and a lot of blood before the scrolls are found. " i saw that one chair was a little off so she must have hit that, i then felt how much dust were on the handled, one was dustfree, i couldn't do the push up well though, I am sorry" she stated appologizing still out of breathe. 

the man rolled his eyes. and thought to himself "she had more issues with the push ups then finding the scroll, maybe we should focus more on physical training as that feels behind, but lets test her wits first. 

leading her into the room there was a candle, on the table and sat behind it. and told rae to sit in front of him, lighting the candle he said " we both watch this. when the candle goes out. you remove the coin under it, but I will also try this, you should be quicker then me 

it took hours, but rae lost no focus, she chatted a little with this man who tried to distract her, the man was impressed.

time passed

the fire got dim

she got focussed and it took minutes for it went out,  the man laughed evilly, she knew it would be hot,  she took a deep breathe and remained without air for the last 30 seconds,  when the flame went out she quickly moved in burning her fingers but showing no emotions, quickly removing the coin she placed it on her end of the table,  the man quickly tried to grab it but she put her hand on it, " so even when your done you keep cautious good job, now off to room 16 end of corridor you can get first aid there, I'll tell maribelle you got what it takes" the man said smiling.

At the infirmary her hand got treated and she was send off to see Maribelle. Coming in her room rae landed om the couch waiting for maribelle to come home she was hurt but things were going fine. she showed her skills and the man said she did well,  she could not stay awake though. and was woken up at 6 in the morning by maribelle. " morning sleepy head, you did well eh yesterday?" she said smiling as she ate breakfast with rae like they would always do.

" today you will be having physical training, as will you on fridays and wednesdays, tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays are classes and working with some of us, also  you need to study the laws in your free time, sunday you can rest if you feel like it, weapon training starts next week too" maribelle explained. this was all one big plan for Rae, but she knew she could do it, nompm,ing her breakfast a busy life had started to begin

chapter 5 ~ Enjoyment out of the little things


It been a few weeks since Rae her training started and she was talk of the day, she was very sharp and did great on the mental aspect, and okay on the physical aspects where she lacked a little but made up with it, by a lot of effort, Maribelle was proud of Rae and things were going good, days were heavy but Rae was actually enjoying it.

for the training she had been having weapon trainings, she handled small melee weaponry well and also had a great aim. but the heavier weapons got the harder it would be for her to keep her speed and strength, hammers or axes were not for her, nor were heavy gunnery, but her skill with daggers and smaller swords was great and better for most her age.

Training was long and she had various teachers, history teachers, teacher in laws and how to avoid these, she was taught math, geography and how to intimidate people and get on nerves, she had learned so much and was doing awesome slowly she had exceeded everyones expectations and even mich got word of her, Maribelle wanted to teach her more because of Rae her lack in strength. Maribelle wondered what she could do,

she talked to her boss and wondered if he would work along with her plans to stall Rae her training because she might be better then mich who had so many things going on, at first disliking the idea he gave her the agreement. he said he would stall for one year and then she had to go to work for Mich. agreeing Maribelle returned to Rae and said they were going out for a while, she was going to learn techniques only a few knew and mostly marine officers. 

Rae wondered if this was okay for her to learn, maribelle nodded she was proud of her little pet project.

After three days of traveling the two arived on a small island. it was cold, snowy and she was lead into a building. a big lodge, " this was once a small village, but after it was abandoned it now is our little resort/ training island. " we are here because most of the people on our organisation they mostly support other branches, and do not know of this technique, we will teach you this because we think you are gifted. " she stated

After a long explanation of rokishiku Maribelle started talking about her past. " when I was your age, I was already enlisted in special training at the marines. my dad had a high position and I was put to work for ciber pohl, where I learned of the navy's dark secrets. I worked there till my 32th until the ship me and my father were ambushed and he passed away in it, they thought i died aswell but our boss took me in as I wanted nothing to do with the governement when they send us in to death. " she told

leaving  Rae stunned. she had not expected that and got very suprised. " I am sorry mari, the governements never do much do they " nodding Mari had hugged Rae and started her training.

Rokishiku was something hard to learn, and in the year they had she could not learn all the 6 in this. but mari decided she needed mobility speed and a weapon. so soru, geppou, and shigan it were. It took months before she understood the basics and thr young Rae turned into an ambitious little fighter, growing faster and stronger by the day.

when the year ended, rae and maribelle left the area and had two months left to prepare for going to Mich, meanwhile some things were prepared for her, her own set of weaponry, because of her great aim she could use a gun while moving, thats why they had her a gunblade made, along with a set of sharp daggers for assasinations, " the gun is a little loud but shoots with force. and the blades strong, just keep the gun part as a suprise" maribelle told her and her last preperation began

Chapter 6 ~ Sheep will always follow, hoarders won't always lead


Chapter 7 ~ dealing the cards


Chapter 8 ~ many cards well played


chapter 9 ~ A jig is just a little dance


Cold Reading - Rae has studied humans and can read a lot of information by just seeing them 
Way with words - Rae knows what to say and when, and can play in on peoples emotion doing this
Keen Eyes - Rae has a great sight, which is slightly better then avarage
Acrobatics - Nimble body and movements.
High IQ - Rae is very inteligent, and has an above average IQ
Rokishiku - Learned geppou, Kami-e, shigan 



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Dangerous
Character Speed:  Professional
Character Resilience:  Lethal
Character Dexterity:  Lethal

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression
Level 1 -2: 6 threads

Level 2 -3  6 Threads
Current Devil fruit Level: 2

Devil Fruit Mastery Level
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Heel kick: Using her high heels and a good portion of force she plants her heel right into someones stomach or head, if they are not too big.

Pressure point poke : Finding where someones weak spots lay she aims two fingers, at quick speed to this point, mostly in shoulder or back, locking some movement and causing a lot of pain.

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:

Beginner observation Haki
RP Sample:

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