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"Bleeding Heart" Hotaru

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"Bleeding Heart" Hotaru

Post by Sweet Dreams on Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:53 am

General Information

Name:  Hotaru/Rin
Theme:  You Are The Moon
Epithet: Bleeding Heart
Age: 29
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Mermaid-Crystal Jellyfish
Orientation:Left Handed

Ship: None
Occupation: Singer
Bounty: 20,000,000
Crimes Committed: The Drowning and death of multiple marines and slavers.
Destruction of Property
The Freeing of slaves from slavers and nobles

Dream(s): Bring the dark deeds of the world Government to light. 
Bring down the World Nobles and get them punished for their crimes.
End slavery
Make peace with the demons of her past
Visit Fishman Island
Find her Parents
Be able to trust again
Character Information


Hotaru as most mermaids has the pale pure upper body of  a young beautiful woman and the lower body being a fish like tail. But her tail is much longer and thinner then most mermaids due to the life time of being kept in a tank with little room to move, but in exchange its able to swim much fast in the water the if she were to have the normal shorter thicker tail.

 As she is a Crystal Jellyfish mermaid she has inherited the bio-luminescence they are famous for. Her hair a dark royal blue with what looks like glowing lighter blue highlights, but really these "highlights" are luminescent tentacles that cause a painful sting and is used as a defense mechanism Along with the other parts of her body that are luminescent the glow can become brighter or grow dull with her emotions.

Her long slender tail is a dark navy blue that blends into black near the end, circles of scales glow with a silvery white light that goes from the start of her tail to a few inches from the tip.

 Her tail fin her dorsal fin and the fins around her waist start off a dark blue that turns to a luminescent blue towards the ends. Her eyes are a light purple mixed with flecks of silver that glow. She covers her chest with a bright light blue top that looks as if it was made up of pebbles.This unknowingly shows her bust off well.

She often keeps her stomach covered with bandages to hide the branding that surrounds her naval and mark that will forever remind her of her haunting past She wears light blue finger-less gloves that cover her palms she does this because her palms have small holes in the center of them. 

Inside them she has these small needles made up of pure calcium. They are coated with a type of poison that can cause extreme pain in the part of they pierce or sometimes a parcel paralysis that takes a while to wear off. Her lips secret the antidote that she often bottles but there are sometimes she must kiss her victims to relive them of their pain.

 She avoids using this as the needles take days to reform and unless she eats foods high in calcium due that time her body will take the calcium from where it can leading her to have fragile bones that can break easy. Something normally easy for her to use as a way to defend herself instead causes her extreme pain grow more and more so with each use due to the forceful extraction over the years while in slaved. Around her necklace she wears a necklace with a single large golden scale the only thing she has left of her sister, this trinket is the most important thing to her and doesn't allow anyone else to touch it.

Hotaru would most likely go unnoticed if it wasn't for that fact that she as most mermaids is very beautiful and that she glows. It is due to these reasons she has a hard time trusting many who she feels only want to get close to her for those reasons. She feels someone should be judged not by how they look but how they act.

 Seeing all life as important she often tries to avoid killing others and will often be seen swimming the floating remains of sinking ships for survivors or singing the fatally injured as they slowly drift into their eternal slumber. She remembers every face of every person she has saved,killed and sung to in their final moments feeling that no one else might.

These actions have earned her the nickname "Bleeding Heart Hotaru" leading many to believe she is weak or easily  forgiving. This however is wrong as Hotaru is always willing to give a person a chance she never offers it twice. 

This is a hint towards her dark side a part of her soul that from years of torture and pain has created, a demon full of rage and a lust for killing that isn't often seen but sometimes late at night you may find Hotaru talking or arguing with herself her voice switching from her light tone to a deeper hash and commanding one.

This part of her she calls Rin but rarely comes out unless in battle. If in battle Rin often takes over and is much of the reason Hotaru is wanted for murders,because unlike Hotaru,Rin finding killing easy to do.

 Just one of the few things that a life time of pain and suffering  has brought her. Growing up the way she did Hotaru came to truly believe that she was filth and as such shows great distress at being touched or touching others feeling she is tainting their very souls. The only exception to this is when she is helping to save someone or comforting someone who is dying.
Due to the trauma of that day Hotaru only eats things she catches or makes herself afraid of what she might find at the bottom of a plate or bowl next time. If offered food from someone she will decline even if she were to be starving.
Character History

Born into slavery is something no human, merfolk or giant has experienced in over 200 years. But that is just what the world government wants you to think covering up the dark underbelly of the world. But in reality many races young and old are living a nightmare day to day. One such victim is the focus of this this story so sit back grab a snack and let us begin shall we?

Our story starts inside one of the warehouses for the Sabaody Archipelago Auctioning House a place of darkness and despair a place where you await for your life as a living being ends and your life as an object begins. So this would be the last place you would think to hear something so pure echo among the rows of darkened cells.

The newborn cry of a baby. Something you would never think to hear in the darkness of such place. A Bottlenose Dolphin mermaid had just given birth her eyes full of tears both of joy and sorrow. To think that this child so tiny and pure would be subjected to the world evil and would most likely know only the life of a slave. 

She held up the child to the bars showing her to her father a lionfish man who with tears in his eyes reached through the bars of his own cell to touch his child his fingers barely brushing the child's cheek. At his touch the child stopped crying and reached her tiny hands through the bars warping them around her fathers finger and let out a laugh. 

As the sound of happiness rang out the child started to glow bright.The parents were shocked at first but quickly relaxed realizing that the glow came from the fact she was a Crystal Jellyfish Mermaid. As she held her newborn she called over towards a corner before another mermaid still only a child, named Haru around the age of ten appeared from the darkness of the corner Her scales spotted gold and white showing her Koi Fish heritage. 

Showing the tiny figure to her she softly asked if she had a name in mind. The young child thought for a moment before she spoke softly one word, "Hotaru". The mother smiled but that smile faded as the sound of keys jingled and locks clicked open before the mother was grabbed just seconds before the mother shoves her newborn into the older daughters arms just moments before her and her father were dragged away planing to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Haru quickly became not only Hotaru's older sister but mother and caretaker. As years past Hotaru grew she learned songs and tunes from the other races being held here the innocence of the child giving the other prisoners a small spark of hope. But as the child grew that innocence slowly started to be stamped out.

Starting when her captors discovers the needles that formed in her hands making sure to pull them forcefully from her hands with small plier like instruments as she would cry and scream as they ripped them forcefully from her small palms often splitting the skin surrounding the tiny holes then after her sister often comforting her and using small bits of cloth were ever she could find and wrap her hands in them.

 This became a weekly tradition the pain of pulls and twists, screams of pain tearing of flesh and then her sister tending to her wounds and trying to stop her tears.

Then one day the similar jiggle of keys and clicking of locks sounded in the darkness and they were roughly dragged from the cells to only end up being shoved into tanks and being wheeled onto a stage the lights blinding them but still able to make out shapes in the distance.

 A human holding a strange stick in his hand shouted something into it what the sisters couldn't tell due to the muffling of the water.

After a few minutes of muffled shouting from the shapes in the distance before they were wheeled away. Later that day Hotaru had learned they had been bought and were now slaved to a vile disgusting excuse for a human, and as that night as they were branded the hot iron pressed into their tender flesh and striped of the ability to be called a living being.

It was then that their torture started being forced to sing for hours at a time volts of electricity sent through the small tanks  if they stopped but sometimes just for fun of for the entertainment of guests. 

Then one night in a drunken state the owner displeased at Hotaru's singing. She was thrown to his feet even from so far away could smell the alcohol that smelt like he had bathed in it rather then just heavy drinking. She shields her head as much as she can as the man whips her the flesh being split and torn the blood running down her back slowly.

 In the anger he griped her hair as if to pull her head out from under her arms and instinctively the stingers in her hair gave him a painful sting. As he throws her away whipping her cowering form he orders that the two sisters be separated and Hotaru go with out food. With lack of food and the weekly ripping the needles from her hands Hotaru grew weaker and weaker with each passing day. 

This went on for a month until one night Hotaru was dragged into the mans dining room at first she thought he was just going to make her watch as he ate from the fest that lined the long table but instead she was seated into a chair as she listened to the man explain that he may of been a tad harsh to her and her sister saying how he missed the two of them singing together for him, how they as his greatest treasures shined brighter together then apart. It was then that a large bowl of soup was placed in front of her. 

He told her as an apology he would allow her to eat again and when returned to her tank her sister would be there safe and sound.

 Hotaru nearly cried then as she put the bowl to her lips drinking the broth not caring as it burnt her mouth and throat and chewing on the large chunks of fish, her hunger clouding her mind as she paid no attention at the warning bells going off in her head. At the strange taste and at the sinister smile the man had stretched across his face.

 It wasn't until the last drops of soup were swallowed that she noticed something shining at the bottom of the bowl. A koi fish scale...to large to belong to one though...Koi Fish..Hotaru's heart quickened her breath became ragged as she started to heave desperately trying to throw up the meal upon realizing what she had just eaten, but her body would not allow herself to throw up the only food it had in a month. 

Her head shot up at the sound of laughter as the man stabbed his fork into a chuck of meat the similar looking scales lined the plate in decoration "What wrong my dear not good enough for you? Or perhaps you want more?"

He asks before pushing another bowl towards her "There is plenty to go around" he said before tearing into the meat the juices rolling down his chin dripping onto a bib,a picture of a lobster in the center. It was then Hotaru screamed, a pure heart breaking mind shattering scream that shook the windows and shattered the cup of whine soaking any nearby food red making it look like the meat was bleeding.

 The man called for her to be taken away, put inside a dark room inside her small tank. For three days Hotaru stayed in pure darkness and for three days she screamed, making anyone who heard it blood run cold all the while clutching the Koi scale in her hand tightly. 

Then on the third day after her voice gave out and her tears ran dry the door to the dark room opened blinding her before she could see the figure, instead of her owner she saw instead a human girl around her age in the door way. She quickly ran over undoing the locks on the lid and helped her climb out before quickly explaining what was happening.

It turned out the slaves were lashing out sicken by the act of cruelty the owner had committed the sicking act he made her unknowingly do had caused the man's downfall. As the girl shoved a small pink shape into her hand, Hotaru recognized it as bubbly coral, on days were the man wanted to rest in his garden wanting to hear her and her sister singing as he bathed in the sunlight.

They ran though the hallways bodies laid crushed under the rubble or laid on the floor or against the walls burnt slightly, most likely died trying to put out the flames that had clung to their skin and clothes.

They held tightly onto each others hand as they ran coughing smoke that rolled down the hall from a fire that slowly was taking over the house.

Suddenly they are stop by a sudden bang. Looking over they see the man, the source of their torture, the source of all their pain laid half buried under ruble a golden gun smoking in his hands "Help me!" "I order you to help me!"

 The man smiled wide as Hotaru made her way towards him but then the smile faded at the look in the normal timid and tearful mermaid's eyes. Full of hatred and anger,so much so her body was shaking but yet she just simply bent forward and picks up the fallen whip that laid near him,the same whip that had struck her and her sister countless times over the years.

 Then without a word she turns and made her way back to the human girl and together they both escaped the hell they had living in for years.

Days turned into weeks that turned into months as they sailed on the waters of the Grand Line,slowly at first because how quickly Hotaru had tired from all the swimming she had to do,but that what happens when you send your entire life in tanks with very little tail room.

But with each day she could swim a little farther and a little faster. To pass the days whenever they took a break she would try to do Fishman Karate,something she heard about from other Merfolk and Fishmen.

But no matter what she did she couldn't get it,until one day she was taking a break,the anger sent the stingers in her hair crackling and did what she did when ever she got angry,she danced,spins and twirls and it was when she saw it,it was barely there but it was something. When she had tucked in and spun forwards her tail had straightened out and she watched a school of fish scatter slightly from the tiny wave she had sent forward. 

It might not be Fishman Karate but it was something. So every day she trained,finding new ways to make the waves and with each day that wave got a little stronger and a little bigger. Every thing was doing fine until one day a strange storm hit the sea hard,the water was black as night and the waves stood tall. 

The last thing Hotaru saw was the girl she had befriended being pulled away with her boat,as it was rocked by the raging sea. She tried to swim after her but a large wave,much bigger then the others came crashing down on her and sent her crashing into a reef,cutting her up and making her pass out. She woke up the next day to a clam sea,her friend and the boat nowhere to be seen.But she refused to give up,and started to search for her,believing she would do the same if the roles were reverse.

A year later she still is looking for her,her determination stronger then ever.It was on her search one day when she ran into a flaming wreck,it was a pirate ship that seem to of lost the battle but for some reason something called to her.

While she avoided the flaming pieces that floated in the water and was about to turn away when she saw him,a young boy pinned to a large part of what must of been a part of the ships deck,large pieces of wood through his stomach and a shoulder,it was already clear there was no way to save him.

 But still she swam up to him and comforted him as she could see he was scared,she even tried to ease his pain with her needles for once showing none of the pain she had as she shot them into his skin,the relief that followed as his body went numb and the smile he gave her even though she had touched him with her bare hands shocked her.

Right before he pasted he gave her a hand harp chocked out how it was now hers before the light faded from his eyes. Hotaru kept that harp and still has it and keeps it inside a bubble from her bubbly coral when she swims. Now a days she can be seen searching wreaks for anyone who doesn't want to die alone all the while looking for that human girl she lost. As of now her search has now lead her to look into the blues,perhaps her friend fled there to get away,she heard that the Blues weren't as tough as the Grand Line.

Abilities: Water Ballet- Due to her training over the last few years Hotaru has developed a love of Water Dancing but what most don't know is that this can be used in fighting,the spins and flips can help dodge attacks while she can use the force of her tail and airs to send waves and shock waves at enemies.

Pain Tolerance- From all the years of painful shocking and whippings Hotaru can withstand pain rather well,sometimes even showing little or no pain at being stabbed. But this doesn't mean some things can't hurt such as if she were to break a bone.

Photographic Memory-Hotaru can remember the faces and names of every person she has met before without fail,the ones she has comforted before they died that most.

Musician- Hotaru has a beautiful voice and has developed a natural talent with her harp,something she loved to do even after the years of slavery.
Help or Harm- Having the ability to make poisons have come in handy as her left hand can inject needles coated in a numbing poison that can numb the area of injection,while her right injects a poison that feels like a fire under the skin. The antidote for both is secreted from her lips but can also be bottled.


Pair of blue finger-less gloves
A hand harp
A necklace with a large golden scale on it
A pouch containing:
Bubbly Coral
Small bottles of her poisons antidote

Past's Demon:

Weapon Description:
A golden colored whip that belonged to Hotaru's old master who often used it on Hotaru and her sister along with many other slaves
Weapon Special Abilities:
Is extremely strong even after years of being exposed to saltwater 

Weapon History:
Belonged to her old master,and used to whip and beat slaves many of which see it as an unspoken symbol of power,Hotaru sees it as a chain that will forever link her to her past.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:Average
Character Speed:Expert
Character Resilience:Expert
Character Dexterity:Average

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Ocean Wave-Hotaru/Rin will move forwards before tucking in and swinging her heavy tail straight down cutting through the water/air creating a wave/shock wave that will be sent speeding towards the enemy.

Tsunami Wave- A more powerful version of Ocean Wave that calls for more speed but results in a bigger stronger attack.

Poison's Lullaby- Upon touching the enemy and being able to pierce their skin she uses the needles from her hands to inject poison paralyzing and or cause extreme pain to the inflicted part of the body. But doesn't use this ability often as it causes her pain to shoot the needles and the fact that she does not wish to be see anyone cursed with such pain, she also only has a limit amount of shots to fire and it can take a few days to produce more.

Weapon Based Combat:

Hell's Gate- When battling in or around deep water Hotaru/Rin will swing her whip out to wrap around their necks and she will try to pull them under the water and drown them

Surprise!- Swinging the whip to wrap around a persons leg or ankle and then tugging making them lose their balance and fall

Demons Bite: Swinging her whip Hotaru/Rin will hit the enemy over and over.

Combo Combat:


RP Sample: N/A
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Re: "Bleeding Heart" Hotaru

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