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Hakken Hayley

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Hakken Hayley

Post by Coyote on Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:27 am

General Information

Name: Hakken Hayley
Epithet: Treasure Dragon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: None.
Ship: One-Mast Sloop, decorated ornately with fine engravings and flashy silver pieces. 
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Bounty:  4,000,000
Crimes Committed: Larceny: ransacked a small village in the Briss Kingdom.
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Become the Richest Man in the World by finding the One Piece.

Character Information



Fair-haired, blue-eyed, and vain, Hakken does well to keep himself presentable and without blemish despite a small scar near his right eye. He's somewhat taller than an average height, with a toned body that isn't bulging with muscles. Wears a fur-lined vest and black gloves that doesn't keep much of his torso covered up. Interchanges the earring in his left ear often with studs of precious metals and gems, but his favorite is a dangling gold piece. Dons long grey pants, covered over by black suspenders that reach straight up over his shoulders, and has a pair of boots to match their color.

Hakken is rather vain and arrogant, he thinks he's better than most and he's not afraid to say so and back it up with his actions. Also is selfish, if he hears of something he wants, he'll do what he can to take it no matter who it is that already owns it. Loves to open treasure chests, and will hardly be able to sleep out of giddiness when he gets his hands on treasure maps. Despite his pride, Hakken isn't above working with others on a job he knows he can't handle on his own, as long as he gets a cut of the prize. Ruthless in the name of treasure, whether it's murder, kidnapping, or just plain thievery, Hakken will do it all for Beli. Tries to have his twisted version of fun and enjoyment in what he does, one of his favorite games being to try and bring out the innate greed he believes exists in all people, by making them decide between lives of others and their wealth. Loves to fight, but is scared to ever see his dream cut short, and will be less antagonistic when marines are around. Can't really stand a lot of people, as he claims that most are liars, living as if money isn't everything in this world that they treasure. He's the kind of person to watch fights play out only to be entertained and then afterwards move in to claim what he wants from weakened combatants. Isn't one to commit stealthy petty theft, but instead prefers flashy grand heists or forceful raids. He's intelligent to some degree, but his ego often gets the better of him, sometimes convincing him to ignore what he knows to be the smart move. Finds it humorous to joke about the misfortune of others and prey on that weakness, both are especially true when the cause of that misfortune is himself.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.

Grew up as the spoiled brat of a wealthy family in the South Blue. As a child, he had anything he could have asked for, and he got it. Not only did he enjoy the privilege of his wealth, but he made sure to hold it over the heads of as many people as he could. The only heir to his parent's fortune, he was right in line to have the perfect life. Sure enough though, this way of living was cut short. A group of Pirates ransacked the island, their primary target being the Hayley family estate. Hakken was kept safe by his parents and a hidden cellar, but the mansion he had lived in all his life was all but completely destroyed and robbed dry.

Upon re-entering the world, Hakken had become an orphan, but even worse, he had become poor. Unable to understand his new situation, at the age of eleven, he returned to the town his parents had practically ruled over and tried to exert his influence like he had in the past, only to realize it had disappeared. Along with his wealth, his power had been destroyed with the attack of the pirates. Nothing left to his name, he struggled to survive on an island of people who all too vividly remembered what Hakken himself and his family had done to them. But all the while, a sick sort of resilience allowed the boy to trudge through labor, repeating the mantra in his head that he was still better than these people.

For seven years, Hakken worked like this, kept barely alive by whatever pay he could manage to get out of the people that he still felt superior to. Working at a small restaurant cleaning the floor he overheard a soft conversation spoken between two members of the family owners, talking about a strange fruit found while they were collecting ingredients. Eavesdropping even more, his suspicions were confirmed, and from their description, he knew it was a Devil Fruit. Dropping the mop, he attacked them both wildly, forcing the location of the fruit out. He found it and ate it, receiving his powers. 

This attack however, was the last straw for the people, and they mobbed together to throw out the arrogant kid from their island. Before they could get a chance however, Hakken had already left them. Ship stolen, and more empowered than ever, Hakken took it as a sign that it was he should become the most powerful person in the world, by becoming the wealthiest. Following a number of months he spent getting acquainted with his powers and struggling to navigate, his most recent pirating action has earned him a nominal bounty, the first step on his journey.

Abilities: Expert eye for precious metals, and gems. In both identifying them and discovering fakes.

Weapon: Shark Gun

Weapon Description: Abnormally heavy cannon, unattached from any sort of wheels or support build, the only thing Hakken carries is the long metal barrel. Fires standard cannonballs with an absurd amount of speed. It's about three feet long and a couple of inches wide, with an ornate shark head on the side which it fires out of. The head's teeth aren't just for show however, and can deliver nasty gashes to foes who get in range.

Weapon Special Abilities: Fires standard cannonballs at a speed greater than that of standard cannon, though the actual damage caused by it doesn't change much.

Heavy mass also makes for a frightening close range weapon, that nasty metal maw doesn't hurt either.

Weapon History: Originally fitted as the only weapon of the sloop which Hakken stole in his most recent raid, its ornate nature complimenting the expensive aesthetics of the vessel. But Hakken deemed too heavy, and instead took the weapon for himself, using his powers to nullify the weight and keep it on his person.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Trained
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Numa Numa no Mi (Swamp Swamp Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Progression: Five Levels
Level 1-2: One Thread
Level 2-3: Three Threads
Level 3-4: Four Threads
Level 4-5: Six Threads

Current Devil fruit Level: Level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
Level 1: Can hold up to one weapon at a time, as well as up to 500 lbs of miscellaneous (gold, beli notes, ammunition etc.) items. Can create pits ranging 10 feet from his body.
Level 2: Can hold up to one weapon at a time, up to one person, as well as up to 1500 lbs of miscellaneous items. Can create pits and freely control swamp up to 15 feet from his body.
Level 3: Can hold up to two weapons at a time, up to three people,  as well as up to 2500 lbs of miscellaneous items. Can create pits and freely control swamp up to 20 feet from his body.
Level 4: Can hold up to two weapons at a time, up to four people, as well as up to 3500 lbs of miscellaneous items. Can create pits and freely control swamp up to 25 feet from his body.
Level 5: Can hold up to three weapons at a time, up to six people, as well as up to 5000 lbs of miscellaneous items. Can create pits and freely control swamp up to 35 feet from his body.

Devil Fruit Abilities: Consumer can create, control, and turn his body into the element of swamp. Also gives the user the ability to hold a huge amount of items, people, and weapons inside of his body, drawing them out at will. 

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Unlike other Logias, the Numa Numa doesn't let attacks phase through Hakken's body, but instead must absorb them. Can also be hurt by enemies with the ability to manipulate water. Aside from that, consumer is susceptible to standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, Haki, Seastone, and Seawater.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat

Shark Ball- Cannonball fired from the Shark Gun, pointed from any direction from Hakken's body.

Cannon Chewing- Cannon protrudes suddenly from Hakken's body, clubbing or stabbing targets.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Mud Trapper- Swamp pours from Hakken's body, and foes standing on it will sink into pits created by the mud.

Popping- Mud bubbles from Hakken, bursting outwards and covering foes in mud that slows and can blind momentarily.

Grapple Palm- Large hand is fired out, tether by a strand of mud, hitting a target or person, and then retracting them into Hakken's body.

Stifle Palm- Hakken grows a large hand over his real one, then attacks the head of foes to suffocate them.

Shot Palm- Throws his fist out as a sort of ranged punch, tethered to Hakken's own body, which can be used to retract the fist.

Combo Combat:


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Re: Hakken Hayley

Post by FroYo on Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:51 am

Welcome to the site!~

Alright, here is a list of things you'll need to change before you're approved:

- That bounty is a bit too high for the crime Hakken has commited, let's drop it to 1,500,000 for now.

- You'll need to make the weapon in the weapon section of the site, also include how he obtained the weapon in his history

- Add the part about him raiding the village in his history, I know you mentioned it vaguely, but go into more detail please.

- Add how he got used to his devil fruit power in his history

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