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Rotating Mantis

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Rotating Mantis

Post by Vaetric on Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:23 am

Fighting Style Name: Rotating Mantis

Hui-Lang, one of the masters of the Temple of Four Arms had been obsessed with strength, rather than form. He challenged one of his students to fight against him, to show his superiority. He was strong, but the opponent was quick, he swung, and kicked, but he could not touch him. He eventually lost. He trained in the mountains, toughening his body before he fought against the student once again, and lost once more. He trained his body to even higher extremes, returning to the temple, the earth cracking beneath his weight. He challenged the student once more, whom had taken his place. He had lost for the third time. He fell to his knees, begging his successor of his secret. The man replied “Even the sturdiest oak will break from the wind in time. Like the bamboo, one must bend with its flow.” For, Hui-Lang had not taken a single blow during any of his fights, he himself tired underneath his bulk trying to punch the man, missing every time. He turned his own weaknesses against him, and therefore won all three times.

Soon, his style had incorporated itself into the temple, origianlly it was almost pacifistic, but soon it was noticed for its flaws. For dodging a slow opponent was easy, yet a quick one is a different matter altogether. It soon gained offensive power, though was never perfected, for the master Ku-Oran, it’s creator had died peacefully in his sleep, as well as his closest student, Hui-Lang.


Rotating Mantis focuses heavily on footwork. The practitioner generally spins themselves and around their opponents while dealing punches and kicks. The style is best used against a widespread multitude of opponents, rather than having them bunched up. It is also effective against singular targets as well. The aim of the technique is to gain momentum, and strike from all directions like a spinning top with a fist.

Generally, the spinning stops once the practitioner has found a suitable blind-spot against the opponent, to which he or she would then conduct a series of quick punches and kicks, before going back to spinning again. This is usually based upon the senses, as you have to close your eyes while doing this technique, otherwise you’d get dizzy, though that’s only a minor “excuse” if someone asks about the style. The actual reason is because the practitioners hone their senses for hearing. It is believed that one’s reflexes are increased if you cannot see. Also,

~Zero State~

Technique Name: Dance of the Green Mantis
State: Zero State
Type: Hand-to-Hand.
Description & After effect: The practitioner spaces their legs apart, depending on size. Taking one step, they lean upon that leg and then move the other to the exact distance, while turning around. In order to turn, the foot must be twisted toward that direction, therefore you must use the opposite foot. Then after it has safely twisted in that certain direction, use the muscles in the legs to straighten up, thus propelling into that direction quickly, and then repeat with the other foot.

Due to the nature of the spinning, one must keep his or her eyes closed, to stop them from getting dizzy. Therefore, they must rely on their sense of hearing to avoid damage. This technique is, of course, mostly centered around dodging, flanking and punching weak spots.

Side Effect(s): Increased chance of not getting hit. (Though, not impossible if one finds the weakness.)
Stat Requirement(s): Proficient Dexterity. (Expert for having eyes closed.)

~First State~

Technique Name: Put the name of the technique in here.
State: Put the state in which the user can use this technique.
Type: Hand-to-Hand.
Description & After effect: Explain what the technique does here.
Side Effect(s): Explain what side effect(s) this technique has if any. Optional.
Stat Requirement(s): Put in here what stats needed to use this technique if indeed any are.

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