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A Demon In The Mirror (Solo)

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A Demon In The Mirror (Solo)

Post by Sweet Dreams on Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:07 pm

Darkness, no matter what Hotaru did she her dreams was always a place of darkness,because in darkness demons thrive. Further and further into her dreams she swam,something pulling her towards the darkness as it grew more and more until it was completely surrounding her,not even the natural glow she gave off could light it up. Yet still she carried on,that was when the bodies started appearing. An old man,a large gaping hole through his chest,a women missing an arm and a leg, a tall thin man half burnt black from fire,the bodies spanned out for what seemed like miles but still she recalled all of them.

They all died in one way or another but Hotaru had been with them in their last moments,but yet she couldn't look at the faces,so real the faces had burned deep into her memory long ago but she still couldn't look...at lest not until she came across the young boy,the first human she had comforted as they died she could not help but look at his face,the pale skin,light blue eyes and blonde hair. It was while she was staring that the boy's head slowly turned his glassy eyes blinking at her his mouth slowly turning up into a smile.

 But this one was so different then the one he had when he died,this one was spread wide,and the longer she stared the wider it got,until with the sickening sound of flesh tearing  his cheeks torn  wide open black clotted blood spilled from his mouth as his body changed becoming half rotted and bloated. "Nee-chan...help me.."  He says reaching out a maggot covered hand out to her. "It hurts, It hurts so much"

But Hotrau could only scream pulling away from the talking corpse,her heart pounded in her chest as her eyes filled with tears.
It was then she heard it the dragging sound,the footsteps that slowly closed in,turning she saw that all the people she had pasted were slowly making their way towards her some crawling others slowly stumbling towards her as if their legs wouldn't work quite right.

All of them the same as the boy,half rotted and bloated all begging her to help them,to stop the pain. Hotaru tried to run,to get away as fast as her tail could carry her. But no matter how fast she went the rotting corpses were right behind her and closing in fast. She let out a painful cry as she fell suddenly the boy had grabbed onto her tail,his fingers cut into the flesh of her tail digging deep and ripping at it. 

"Please Nee-chan we need flesh...we want to live!" He screamed out his voice distorted as if it couldn't make up its mind on how he should sound.Then suddenly hands were garbing her,on her arms making the red liquid drip from the wounds they left. On her stomach raking over the branding peeling the skin away to reveal the muscles underneath. 

Some even grabbed her hair but the stingers in it did nothing,after all the dead feel no pain. They pulled her to them ripping and biting hungrily at her body trying to get at as much of her flesh as they could,all the while Hotaru screamed,as they ripped her skin and muscles,she screamed as they dug out her organs and bit into them,tearing and fighting over them. Why hadn't she lost consciousness? Why was she being forced to endure every second of this pain? 

She couldn't take it,soon it would drive her mad,shatter the small bit of sanity she had left. She reached up a hand,now striped of all skin and much of the muscle,with white bone shining underneath and begged right before her eyes were ripped out "Please someone,anyone make it stop!!"

Then suddenly everything froze the hands greedy for flesh stopped,their pleas became silent,and then a laughter sounded out ,a crazed insane laugh that was followed by a voice  so very much like her own only much colder. "Well since you asked so nicely.."
Then suddenly she could see again,her organs were back where they belonged her skin and muscle was back and repaired. It was like she hadn't just been ripped apart by rotting corpses at all. But the damage to her sanity had been done,the angel grew weaker and the demon grew stronger.

"You are supposed to say thank you when someone saves you.." Said the voice and Hotaru looked up to see...Herself..Well what she figured would be what she looked like if she had pure black eyes and a body full of scars and covered in blood splatters.The demon of her past,the resulting creation of her torture and pain while she was enslaved, Rin smiled at her but there was no true happiness of sincerity behind it."What are you doing here?! You aren't real!."

Rin pouted softly and for a moment looked like her feelings were actually hurt,but them her lips turned up in a sinister smile. "Oh I am as real as you are my dear" and she laughed that same insane cold laugh from before."All that you are is a face in the mirror. I close my eyes and will you disappear!" 

She says before closing her eyes and counted back from ten. When she reach zero she opened them and sighed happily upon seeing her no longer in front of her. But that happiness was crushed when a hand warped around her neck from behind and a calm cold voice whispered in her ear. "  I'm what you face when you face the mirror. Long as you live I will still be here."

Hotaru pulled away, "Stop this! Why must you torture me so?!"

"Torture? I only want what all those poor souls want, I want to live, I want this body!"She says before dodging suddenly as Hotaru swung a punch at her,before slamming her tail into the normally gentle mermaids stomach sending her falling back coughing and holding her stomach as she coughed up a warm red liquid that was quickly sucked up by the darkness.

Rin shook her head disappointed, as she stared at her counterparts pitiful form. "Come now dear,don't I have a right to live as much as you?" She was shocked at the harshness in the response she got "A demon,like you deserves no life at all! You would kill to your hearts content if I let you free!" and when that she launched forward again trying to attack,this time with her whip,lashing over and over at her demon counterpart,spilling blood each time that vanished almost as soon as it touched the darkness. But as Rin cried out,it wasn't cries of pain but cries of pleasure. "Such hatred~ Such anger! You and I are more alike then you think!"

"I am nothing like you!" Hotaru screamed out and swung her whip but was shocked when Rin caught it and pulled her forward,warping an arm around Hotaru's waist and took her chin in her other hand leaning forward as she does so only to stop when Hotrau spit in her face. Her eyes harden and she spoke,her voice a soft whisper.

 "You are right...you are nothing like me..." She says as she releases her grip on Hotaru before suddenly backhanded the young mermaid making her fall back before once again slamming her tail into her stomach,causing more blood to leave her mouth. "You don't put your heart into it! You lack the blood lust!" With each word, hit her harder and harder the pure rage could be seen on her face before suddenly she stopped and stared down at the cowering tearful mermaid. "It seems you have yet to learn your lesson...no matter...we will just have to beat it into you.."

Then suddenly the darkness started to cover Hotaru sticking to her like tar as it slowly crawled up her body. "No please not again! Don't do this!" Hotaru begged right before she became completely covered,Rin watching in silence her eyes cold and unforgiving.

Hotaru sat up with a gasp, and looked around,darkness surrounded her,how had she gotten here? She got up and started to swim forwards. Soon corpses started to appear,An old man,a large gaping hole through his chest,a women missing an arm and a leg, a tall thin man half burnt black from fire,the bodies spanned out for what seemed like miles. Then ahead of her she saw the body of a young boy move and turn towards her,his skin rotted and bloated. "Nee-chan.."

As the air was filled with pained terror filled screams and the sound of tearing flesh Rin looked down unseen on the scene a soft smile on her face. "Scream all you want my dear..." She shoved some popcorn in her mouth,chewed and swallowed "We have all night...and what a long night it will be."
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