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The Ignatius

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The Ignatius

Post by Docile on Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:21 pm

Behemoth Pirates
"Just wait till you get a load of us"

Ship's Name: The Ignatius
Flag: Behemoth Pirates Jolly Roger
Type: Frigate
Crew: The Behemoth Pirates

Appearance & Weaponry
"Sailing through shipwrecks one ship at a time"

The Behemoth's Ship
The Ignatius is a large frigate with a simple wooden base & blood red trims which reach the entire length of the ship. With the Behemoth flag flying high the Ignatius has a figure head of a stone demon screaming with horns eight cannons three on either side stretching the width of the ship whilst two sit directly beneath the figure head side by side. These two cannons have a a wide range in front of the ship. Each cannon has a Demonic head with an open mouth on the end so it looks as if the ship's cannons are demons spitting out cannon balls. The crow's nest is much like a lift and has a small bike cycle which is used to raise the crow's nest. There is a series of locks around the mast and the crow's nest to lock it firmly in place and the further down the mast the wider it gets to slow it down upon descent. Sitting on the edge of the crow's nest which is reinforced with steel is a small swivel gun which is perfectly capable of sliding around the crow's nest. The five rooms in the ship are a dinning room which is the opening & entrance to the ship to which you must walk through to get to. After that there is a hallway in which there is a room for the men & a room for the women. The room for the women is a large room with three beds & a wardrobe whilst the boy's room has hammocks a single bed & a wardrobe. There is a bathroom at the end of the hallway and the kitchen is beside the dining room. The front is out in the open on the deck allowing the cook to view the open sea with a small curved counter for them to cook on. Behind the counter is another counter where the oven, fridge & other cabinets are along with sink. The Ignatius has a large anchor in the shape of a skull.

Cannons: Eight Cannons (Six on either side, Two on front)
Rooms: Five Rooms (Male Room, Female Room, Bathroom, Dinning Room & Kitchen)

Additional Weaponry
Weaponry Name: Swivel Gun
Weaponry Description: The swivel gun is a small cannon with incredible amount of maneuverability.
Swivel Gun:

Cost: 40,750

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Re: The Ignatius

Post by Vaetric on Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:11 am


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