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Post by Vaetric on Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:27 am

General Information

Name:  Yuke-Lien
Epithet: The White Palm
Age: 16
Gender: Girl.
Birthplace: North Blue.
Species: Human.
Orientation: Ambidextrous. (Practiced, originally right-handed.)  

Crew: ~
Ship: A basic raft. (Square, made of  many layers of bamboo shoots)
Occupation: ~
Rank: ~
Bounty: ~
Bounty Collected:  ~
Allegiance: Neutral.
Dream(s): To refine her Rotating Mantis style.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.


Yuke is quite a short character, standing at around five foot one.  She’s so thin people could mistake her for anorexia, though that may just be due to her smaller bone structure  Her hair is jet black, and braided into two small ponytails on each end just behind the ear. If the braids were to be cut off, you’d have trouble figuring if  she was a male or female. Her clothes consists of trousers that seem just a little too large for her, but they are fastened with a sash. In fact, her clothing is exactly as seen above.  In terms of certain female parts size, they’re next-to-nothing.


She is a very soft-spoken kind of person, in fact, she is almost universally polite. Even if she beats someone down the to ground (in self defence) she would still bow and apologise. She does not eat a lot. In fact, she eats as little as possible, probably due to her life at the temple. Something larger than a small bowlful of rice would seem like a feast for her. In fact, her favourite food is rice, and usually is seen eating it if anything.

She doesn’t really seem to want to use her logia powers for fighting, except perhaps making an environment to her advantage, such as filling up a bumpy terrain.  Although she doesn’t quite use it for combat, she does quite like her powers. She usually makes mittens out of snow, hence her epithet. She uses them for sculpting snowmen, or banzai trees in her spare time. She even occasionally uses it for training. She’s not particularly a cook, but she does know how to make pretty nice boiled rice.

She doesn’t seem to be able to cope with stress very well, or many other negative emotions. Either bursting into tears or straight-up blanking out. This is generally achieved when she comes across something she can’t figure out. Though, losing in combat is excluded. She often seeks people for friendly spars into order to hone her skills and to become stronger.  When fighting, she practically shouts and screams incomprehensible noises, though this is to get her adrenaline up.

She can be quite gullible, often taking other peoples’ words for granted. Probably, once again, from her sheltered life in the temple. If she finds out someone had been decieving her, she either tries to forgive him or her, or encase them in snow until they apologise.

Character History


Yuke was born from a rather wealthy family, a rather wealthy one indeed. In fact, her mother was a commodore in the Marines. Shame she was orphaned there after birth, because she had no father. The mother wasn’t even married, she got captured by one of the stronger pirates of the time, and she was rescued after a week. After giving birth, she found that she wouldn’t have enough time dealing with pirates and parenting at the same time, she didn’t even want the child, thoug the obligation was still there. In the end, she thought it would be better to leave her in one of the temples of her homeland. They had been known to take in orphaned children and treat them fairly and relatively well. However, once a person was left in the temple, all ties were cut.

The region was called Hui-Mong. It was a mountainous place, it’s peaks were so large, snow collected upon the tips. The baby was given the name Yuke-Lien by the monks. She grew up to be one of the countless monks that inhabited the many temples within the region. Each one upon it’s own respective mountain. Some temples shared, however. Here, she was taught in the ways of the Rotating Mantis. She was taught how to boil rice properly before it became soggy, and steam buns. But really, that’s all on the food side. She learned how to pick Suai Leaves.  Extremely potent, and used for tea, they came in abundance and could be used many times over.

At the age of eight, her studies moved on to fighting with a quarterstaff, while refining her forms. Acrobatics and being able to use both hands without fault was fairly important as well. She meditated, earned her sense of balance just like every other child in the temple. She didn’t excel nor fail, she learned to appreciate art in most of its forms. She sculpted and painted in her free time, At the age of fifteen, she, grouped with seven others were teamed to climb the mountain. Of course, there were other teams, but they usually were usually in other groups. They were tasked to climb the mountain, and meditate upon the five ledges upon its peak. Of course, they were given gear to help them get up, for only the most seasoned of monks could manage it wearing only a robe.

They trekked up the mountain, with the gear they had, they gained only minor injuries as they made it to the top of the peak. There were eight ledges, facing outwards to which they were supposed to sit upon and meditate for one hour. As she sat down, Yuke realized that earlier she had scraped herself on a sharp rock, and it had cut through the clothes’ insulation. Like the rest of the monks, she was quite skinny, and therefore didn’t have much to protect her against the cold. However, she sat down anyway and meditated.

Her side became colder and colder. She could feel it going numb, after the hour had finished, it hurt to move it. She inspected it, her skin was a light blue. She tried desperately to cover it up, but to no avail. The others returned to the middle of the peak, not noticing her predicament, she too walked over, but she was so worried, she didn’t notice the tricky footing and slipped. She rolled down the mountain, she became covered with snow, making it harder for the others to find her. They had fasted for a several days, and she began to get hungry, she was cut off from the rest of the team, and she was starting to feel faint. After a couple of hours crawling, trying to find shelter upon the large mountain, she needed nourishment. She felt her consciousness beginning to slip. However, she soon found a cave.  She couldn’t stand, and her legs were numb so she didn’t know why, but after entering it using her arms, she found two things. A skeleton, and a bag. She looked inside it, there was nothing but black, foul smelling mush. Must’ve been rotten fruit. She desperately dug into it, hoping to find SOMETHING, and found some kind of strange fruit, it didn’t look rotten like the rest, so she bit into it. It tasted FOUL. It must’ve rotted from the inside, but she managed to swallow it. Her survival instincts kicked in, and she ate the whole thing.

Suddenly, she didn’t feel all that cold anymore. She passed out.

She awoke in the cave. Looking around, there was still snow. She looked to her side, it wasn’t blue anymore? She couldn’t even feel the wind bellowing through the cavern. Confused, she stood up, and came to unimaginable waves of pain. Her right leg must’ve been broken. She crawled out of the cave, and shouted for help. The only response she got was an avalanche. It came down on her from above, she squealed and hoped for something, anything to save her. She wasn’t saved, but something did happen, she felt herself… Mingle with the snow. She could travel through it. Did she turn into the white substance? She practically swam down the mountain, soon finding the temple. She leapt towards it, and fell unconscious in the middle of the yard, her waist above human, and below, snow.

She awoke once more, being tended to by the monks, if it wasn’t for her breathing and pulse, they swore they would’ve mistaken her for being dead. Her skin had next to no warmth to it, though she felt… Fine?  Though her leg was stil broken. After a couple of weeks waiting for it to heal, she returned to her training. Every now and then, she’d return outside, and test out what she had done before.

Soon, she was old enough to be given the choice (at sixteen) to leave the temple, and travel the outside world. She accepted, she wanted to perfect the technique in which they had taught her, and decided that experience was better than staying and training. They gave her Suai Leaves, a boiler for rice and so forth, to which she wrapped up in a bag and placed on her staff, and she went to the outside world.


Things she got from the temple:

Acrobatics – Yuke is extremely flexible and acrobatic. She could lift up her leg and create a straight line with it pointing toward the sky, while keeping her other one stationary. She could do back and front flips into the air.

Great sense of balance: A requirement of the style she uses, she can balance herself onto her quarterstaff with one foot, and keep herself there for about ten minutes. She occasionally does this while meditating.

Ambidexterity through training – She can use both hands without bias, which allows her to be quite quick in terms of cooking, fighting or sculpturing.

Tea-making – She learned how to make tea at the temple, and knows the measurements for the Suai-Leaves, she likes to occasionally experiment, though she usually stays the course.

Process: 1. After harvesting, wither the leaves. (Pre-done with the Suai leaves). 2. The leaves are then torn, due to their potent nature, it is ill advised to cut more than a one centimeter square. 3. Leaves are “fermented” (oxidized).  Then left to dry. She keeps the whole leaves, though cuts them up when used.

Basic first-aid: She can dress a wound and stop a person from bleeding out. (Tightening some cloth around the wound).

Cooking: She can cook fairly well with what she knows, but foreign foods confuse her.

Sculpturing – She is actually pretty good at sculpturing, although she’s used to clay, she has begun to make life-like snow people, and enjoys making them look as realistic as possible. This was one of her favourite pastimes in the temple.

Meditation: One of the most important things she did in the temple, she can calm her body and mind to relax. This is especially useful at sea on her raft, as she can survive for longer than average without food in this state. About a record high number would be two weeks, though she would be seriously malnourished afterwards.


30 Suai-Leaves: Grown in the mountains of Hui-Mong, they grow in abundance, though the Monks collect as little as possible. They have soothing properties, and relaxes the muscles. However, caution is advised as one could easily be caught off guard after drinking it. The full leaf has a much stronger effect. It is common that people only boil one bit of the leaf at a time.

1 leaf: 1/10 boiled: Relaxes the muscles slightly, which can be shaken off. Other than that, it tastes like a bit of a stronger version of green tea leaves. The effect lasts for about thirty seconds, unless moving.
5/10 boiled:  The relaxing effect lasts for two minutes and fifteen seconds, and the taste is near-overwhelming. It is much harder to move after drinking, unless the muscles are well-seasoned. The drinker is nearly docile in this state.
10/10 boiled/eaten raw: The effect now lasts for a full five minutes, the mind is nearly blank. The flavour could be so strong, they could still feel the aftertaste for weeks afterwards. In fact, for an hour afterwards you’d feel like your tongue is burning. The mind and body is just completely numb, nearly impossible to break out of for the five minutes, no matter how strong your muscles are, they are next to useless.

Rice boiler: Pretty much a pan with a lid. Also used to boil tea.
Her clothes.
Cup and small bowl with chopsticks.
50 beli.

Weapon: Quarterstaff.

Weapon Description:

It is a long staff made of wax wood. It is around a foot taller than Yuke herself, therefore about six feet.  She generally doesn’t use it much for combat, unless there are a lot of opponents or they have a weapon which would require her to have a longer reach.

Weapon Special Abilities:

It can carry Yuke’s belongings, which don’t really amount to much. She stick a bag on the staff and rests it on her shoulder.

Weapon History:

It’s a standard staff, she was given it from the Temple armoury.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:  Average.
Character Speed:   Average.
Character Resilience:  Average.
Character Dexterity:   Expert.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Yuki Yuki no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:

1st Level The user becomes the element of snow and is able to generate unlimited amounts of snow that can be manipulated to their will, the user can cause stiffness within a short period of time to foes when in contact. The user can condense the snow to create large walls which are as tough as brick.

2nd Level The user becomes the element of snow and is able to generate unlimited amounts of snow that can be manipulated to their will, the user can cause stiffness within a short period of time to foes when in contact along with making the foe drowsy. The user can condense the snow to create large walls which are as tough as steel and even create more complex structures such as animals or even weaponry.

3rd Level The user becomes the element of snow and is able to generate unlimited amounts of snow that can be manipulated to their will, the user can cause stiffness within a short period of time to foes when in contact along with making the foe fall asleep quickly. The user can condense the snow to create large walls which are as tough as titanium and even create more complex structures such as animals, weaponry or even ships.

Devil Fruit Abilities: The Yuki Yuki is a logia that allows the user to turn into snow. From sapping the opponents’ body heat to escaping from a tricky situation, the snow fruit is more for defending rather than attacking, however, weapons can be made from the hardened snow.

Land of Purity: Yuki walks around, leaving snow in her wake. After walking in a circle, she creates a large mound of snow and starts creating sculptures.

Most others would be improvised.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

The Sea.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Rotating Mantis.  http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t76-rotating-mantis

Shi-Hai-Cho: On “Shi”, she sends a punch to the solar plexus. “Hai”, when they double up due to the punch, she sends an upper cutting kick toward their jaw. “Cho”, more of a judo move, she grabs them by their torso clothing and steps forward, placing her right foot behind their left, toward the back of their knees. She would then try to pull towards him with her foot against his knee, causing a misbalance, and then push with her arms, causing the opponent to fall over.

Han-Kai-Pan: “Han”, she spins around the opponent and try to roundhouse kick them in the back. “Kai”: Yuke then attempts to wrap her arms around the opponents’ neck, jumping up and kick them in the back of the knee, which would cause them to fall to their knees. “Pan”, she slaps both of their ears at the same time with force, giving a discombobulating effect.

(More will be improvised during RP, then added to the list.)

Weapon Based Combat:

Sho-Chu-Min: She holds the staff at one of its ends with both hands, sweeping it toward the opponent. If she manages to sweep him or her off the floor, “Chu”, she swings it around, though this time moving it so that it ends up swinging downwards around half-way toward their torso. “Min”, she slides it up their body and attempts to smack their jaw multiple times.

Sho-Sho-Sho: She makes a (figuratively speaking) whirlwind of spinning with her staff. It’s range of six feet would make it quite hard to get to her without ranged weapons.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

(Thought of during RP, but she rarely uses it for combat.)

Haki: ~

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Re: Yuke-Lien

Post by Vaetric on Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:51 am

This character is now ready to be marked.

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Re: Yuke-Lien

Post by Docile on Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:32 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Yuke-Lien

Post by Vaetric on Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:03 am

Deleted due to a lack of inspiration for carrying on the character.

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Re: Yuke-Lien

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