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Enano Máscara [WIP]

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Enano Máscara [WIP]

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:01 am

Enano Máscara

Basic Information
'I would prefer even to fail with honour than win by the devil's hand'

Name : Enano Máscara (Dwarf Mask)
Epithet : El Pájaro Altísimo de Justicia[ (The Soaring Bird Of Justice)
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Birthplace : South Blue
Species : Human
Orientation : Right Handed

Crew : N/A
Ship :
Occupation : Musician/Entertainer
Rank : Seaman Recruit
Bounty Collected : 0
Allegiance : Marines
Dreams :


Appearance And Characteristics
'Never forget what you are, because the world will not.. Wear it like armour and it can never hurt you.'

The most obvious and striking aspect of Enano's appearance is his height standing at a measly height of 3'0 and weighing only 150 lbs, Enano is a midget . The Young Man bases his appearance heavily off of the Mexican and Luchador cultures which he grew up around the pint sized brawler wears a crimson coloured mask which features two small but visible bull horns and a silver trim around the eye holes and moutholes. Enano has never been seen without his mask of asit is shown as a great disrespect and dishonour to have your mask removed or to be seen without the mask on in the Lifestyle of a Luchador.

Enano Máscara however has dark blue eyes and a well grown and groomed light brown goatee. Despite his size, the Luchador has a well defined and muscular physique which makes him appear taller than what he actually is which he has acquired through heavy and intense training since he came of age. Enano wears a dark grey tape wrapped around his wrists as well as red and dark grey striped wrestling trunks along with shin high black biker boots before finally finishing his appearance of with his trademark red cape which he wears tied around his neck.

Personality :
Enano is a proud  and honourable man with a pure heart that seeks to serve good for the world. He is resilient in terms of adversity which he has experienced much of his life via predjudice and discrimination because of his size which he has grown to accept and be proud of. Going as far as to name himself what many people would assume a mocking name "Enano Mascara" or Dwarf Mask.

He does this so that the words Dwarf or Imp can't hurt him, if he embraces and accepts it for himself. Enano is also a musician playing the Guitar every now and then as some what of a pass time whihch he grew accustomed to in the Luchador Culture and has fully a ccepted and embraced. Mascara is a tradionalist and believes in hard work ratherthan cheating to gain in life, he believes that a dishonourable man is no man at all.  

Enano was brought up to be a gentleman by his trainers and so treats women with the uptmost respect and care however he realises this is a significant flaw in his personal character and ahs had to learn teh hardway that many woman with tainted or villainous hearts will abuse this flaw for their persinal benefit and so Enano has begun to use as little force as possible and only use violence towards women when absolutely necessary, to retain his honour as a Disciple of Lucha Libre.

Character Biography
'Meet the people, who made the man I am today.'

'The tools of the trade'


A heavily warned guitar made from maple wood, the Guitar is roughly 10 - 15 years old and the strings have been replaced a number of times and the back and neck of the instrument have been decorated in scratches and chips however the guitar is still fully functional just isn't the best of condition. Making it more or less worhtless however to Enano it's priceless due to sentimental value. He received the Guitar for his 15th Birthday by his trainer and adoptive father and was his guitar before him.

Combat Information
'Allow me to introduce you to Lucha Libre.. '

Power Levels :

Strength : Proficient
Speed : Proficient
Resilience : Proficient
Dexterity : Proficient

Abilities :

  • Flexible Body
    Enano is naturally flexible which was most likely augmented further by the training he recieved onwards form the age of 10 in Luchador Style Lucha Libre. As a result Enano is able to bend his body furhter and for longer at tighter angles than most can without any real power.

  • Acrobatics
    Enano's Luchador training also included gymnastics which is mostly were he gained his muscular physique because of this Enano can easily do a number of  somersaults or flips witheasre even going as far to implement this knowledge into urban situations which has evolved into Parkour
  • Acrobatics
    Enano's Luchador training also included gymnastics which is mostly were he gained his muscular physique because of this Enano can easily do a number of  somersaults or flips witheasre even going as far to implement this knowledge into urban situations which has evolved into Parkour
  • Luchador Style
    Enano's was trained  from  the age of 10 to be a Luchador which is a style of Wrestling that focuses mainly on Aerial Manoeuvres however is not exclusive to only those type of techniques. Enano has near enough a total mastery over all of the techniques that he has discovered, but routinely tries to improve his arsenal.
  • Guitar
    Enano has also been playing the guitar for nearly 6 years, and has developed a high level of skill in playing the instrument.


Battle Techniques
'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.


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