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Mirella Mortara

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Mirella Mortara

Post by Izu on Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:53 am

General Information
"What are you talking about? Clearly I am a princess, see the crown?"

Name: Mirella "Mira" Mortara
Epithet: "Princess"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidexterous

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Rank: Petty Officer
Bounty: N/A
Crimes Committed: N/A
Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: Marine
- Become stronger and get over her own fragile body
- Become a vice admiral
- Find out if fairies are real or not/prove their existance
- Become a real life princess

Character Information
"See it? I am wearing a crown; therefore, I am a princess. Now tell me what you know about fairies!"



Mira is one small and fragile girl. With a petite body frame, Mira only stands at 4'5" and weighs in at 89 pounds. Porcelain white skin that bruises easily adds to the delicate looks Mira has. She has long strawberry blonde hair that holds a slight waviness to it. Her bangs part down the center, pulled back like the curtains on a stage revealing two large faded blue eyes and freckle splattered cheeks. Some of her hair is pulled up in a pair of braided buns while the rest is left to hang freely down her back.

Mira likes to where what she calls princess attire. Lovely dresses, sandals and a crown. That's what she considers princess attire. the only thing she'd dare change, is the dresses skirt length. She finds it hard to move around when they go all the way down to the floor, so Mira has them tailor-made to only go to about her mid-thigh. Mira's favorite dress is a peach colored dress, with white, gold and floral print accents. With this she wears a white cape that falls to about her waist and is held in place by a dark pink ribbon. With this she wear the only exception to the sandals, a pair of laced ankle boots that are a faded gold color.

Of all her fancy attire, the most notable thing is Mira's crown. Her father had it custom-made when she was little, and Mira never goes anywhere without it. It's also the thing that stands out and attracts thieves. Due to this, a golden belt has attached to it a sheathed rapier. Her choice in sword stems from the same reasoning as her clothing, it was the most princess like.

Personality: Mira is a major brat, has a huge temper, and doesn't know when to quit. Temper tantrums are quite frequent when Mira doesn't get what she wants. She has this idea that whatever she wants she'll get, which is why when she joined the marines she expected to be made Vice-Admiral right away, but evidently that didn't happen. This bratty behavior of Mira's may stem from her upbringing, where as an only child of a wealthy family, she got what she wanted.

Also based in her upbringing, is Mira's self-centered attitude. According to her, no one could possibly be better than Mira herself. This led Mira to some of her worst tantrums, though that's another story entirely. She hates to admit she's wrong about something, and hates it even more when she's wrong and someone else is right. According to her it is unacceptable. This also leads her to be rather disrespectful towards others, she only grudgingly respects people if they've proven themselves to deserve her respect.

Another personality trait Mira has is her fiery temper. Say one wrong thing and she will start screaming and yelling. That's not all she does either, Mira will also kick, punch, slap, scratch and pretty much any other form of bodily harm that she can think of. This violent phase usually lasts until Mira gets tired, then she'll go and pout somewhere. When Mira is mad, it takes her a long time to get it out of her system, hours, days sometimes even weeks. This leaves her looking like a rude little girl. When she needs to, Mira can act very ladylike, being polite and nice to others. This is a rare occurrence at best.

Mira firmly believes in the fairy tales she was told as a child, and has a tendency to get extremely angry when this fact is made fun of. Mira loves those stories, and wants to prove once and for all that the fairies she so strongly believe in really do exist. It's not only that, Mira has a habit of believing almost anything she's told, even if its complete nonsense and couldn't possibly be true.

Character History
"Well you see, about 17 years ago I was born, and that's all you need to know."

In the West Blue there lies an island with rolling hills and grassy plains. At the top of one of the hills, surrounded by the tall grasses is a large estate owned by a rather rich family. Their home was very similar to a castle, and had several people working inside caring for and serving the family. For generations then men in the family had been members of the marines, and the current man of the house was no different. Vice Admiral Mortara loved his family more than anything, and wanted nothing more than to rid the world of pirates and all forms of injustice just to protect this family. The Mortara's only ever had one child, a daughter they named Mirella. More children might have been possible had the Vice Admiral's wife not died three days after giving birth. The newborn baby girl was sickly and fragile. Doctors told the newborn's father that she would likely always be a little on the sickly, fragile, side of things.

With her father being in the marines and always out at sea, and no mother to raise her, Mira was left to her own devices most of the time. The only real parental figure in her life for a long time was Mira's nurse maid Amedea. Amedea was an older woman who loved to tell the young Mira stories. The little girl especially seemed to love the stories centered around princesses and fairies. Mira loved them so much, that she would force Amedea, the cook and a few of the others working at the house to play castle with her. Mira of course was the princess. Soon enough the game she so loved became a little more than a game. At around age 5 is when sweet little Mira became the bratty Mira people know and don't really love. It was a gradual transition, but it still happened. The one thing that never changed, was her belief in fairies. When other children laughed at her, Mira would grow angry. She became hellbent on proving that fairies really did exist.

Mira began to act like a princess all the time, and demanded to be treated like one too. The few times her father would be home between long trips, he just laughed it off and thought she was still being adorable, plus she was daddies little girl, so how could he say no? When Mira decided she, as a princess, needed a pony, her father bought her three ponies. This pattern continued for years, whatever Mira wanted she got.

When she decided she had to be stronger as a princess, so she wanted to learn how to use a sword, but not just any sword, a rapier like her fathers. When she showed this interest, her father jumped on the opportunity to have Mira join the marines. At first, Mira refused whole heartedly, as she was a 'princess' and would not dare not dabble in the things of a commoner. But she still wanted to get stronger, so after a year of going back and forth, Mira finally agreed and joined the marines. She'd been under the impression she'd join as an Admiral or something, because she was a princess, but she really wasn't a princess so she started off as Chore Girl and being taught by a teacher. 11-year-old Mira was livid, she spent two years as the chore girl, her teacher reluctant to let her get a promotion due to her fragile body. When she was promoted to seaman recruit finally, Mira was happy, but still not satisfied.

For the same reasoning behind her two-year delay, it took twice as long for her to make the rank of petty officer. Through all this her wish to prove fairies existed never left, it just took a back seat as she focused on rising through the ranks. She really couldn't wait for this to be over. She had promised her father she'd keep going till she reached the rank of captain, but this was just taking so long. She began wishing she really were a princess, and not a girl pretending to be one. If she were a princess, she wouldn't have to do this. So Mira decided she has to meet a prince, marry him and become a real princess. That was of course, another secondary goal, seeing as she hated being such a lowly petty officer. She wanted to be like her dad, a Vice Admiral. If only her weak body wasn't a concern.

Now, Mira is just waiting for her crew assignment from the higher-ups. Once she gets that, Mira can continue trying to rise through the ranks of the marines and getting stronger.

Tantrum Queen - Mira is very good at throwing temper tantrums. It seems to be what she does best, though most people feel she should have grown out of that phase years ago.

Princess Behavior - When it is required of her, Mira can act like a polite little girl, a princess. This occurrence is rare, and only comes about when Mira absolutely needs to act like a good girl.

"The Rapier is a very princess like weapon, therefore I shall always carry one with me."

- Trusty Rapier
Weapon Description:
The Hilt:
A long, thin pointed steal blade extends from a hilt with intricate black and gold designs. The sword's sheath is simply black, and has no designs or anything fancy to it. It's just a black sheath that hangs from Mira's belt.
Weapon Special Abilities:
This weapon is specially designed for thrusting attacks. Other than this, it has no special abilities.
Weapon History:
This weapon was forged by her fathers best friend. The sword was given as a congratulatory gift when Mira rose from a seaman recruit to a petty officer. It was designed to match her deceased fathers weapon. At first, Mira couldn't stand the sight of it, now it goes with her everywhere.

Power Level Information
"Pfft, I'm strong, and fast too. I don't know what your talking about!"

Character Strength: Proficient
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity: Trained

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression: Please write up the progression levels here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information
"I'll fight you, and I'll win too!"

Unarmed Combat:
Princess Punch - While close to an opponent, the user pulls back their fist, before flinging it forward not using full force and aiming for the target of the attack. The user's chances of success are usually very small, because it's unlady like to use full force while punching.
Princess Kick - The user bends leg back at the knee, and proceeds to kick the opponent in the shins without full force, this is because it is unlady like to kick hard or high.
Princess Scratch - Using finely manicured nails, the user attacks the opponent, digging the fingernails into the skin and aim for the opponents face. This attack is recommended only as a last resort, as it seems to upset enemies more than anything else.

Weapon Based Combat:
Rapier Thrust - Placing the hilt over the users heart with the blade facing the opponent, the user steps forward quickly thrusting the blade of the sword at the opponent. This is a great attack for rapier users in the learning stages of how to wield the weapon in question.
Rapier Slash - Grasping the rapiers hilt with both hands, the user holds the blade high above their head and slashes downward at their opponent. This attack isn't very effective due to a rapier being meant for thrusting attacks.
Rapier Jabs - Placing the hilt over the users heart with the blade facing the opponent, the user steps forward quickly thrusting the blade of the sword at the opponent multiple times in a row (3-5 times) taking another step with each thrust.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


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Re: Mirella Mortara

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