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Art Redmond

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Art Redmond

Post by Guest on Thu May 07, 2015 6:17 am

Name : Art Redmond
Epithet : "Dead Man Walking"
Age : 45
Gender : Male
Birthplace : South Blue
Species : Human
Orientation : Ambi-Dextrous

Crew : None
Ship : None
Occupation : Doctor/Swordsman
Bounty : 0
Allegiance : Pirates
Dream(s) :

  • Rewrite the Wrongs of his previous life

Appearance : Art is a fairly tall man standing at roughly 6’4 and has a relatively muscular physique and definition and weighs around 195lbs. His hair is quite short and wiry and incredibly thick which makes brushing it near impossible along with this Art’s dark skin is marred by the bullet hole located on the right temple located on the side of his face which was how he ended his previous life, Art also has a goatee that is rounded and quite unkempt and gruff looking. As for attire Art still wears the same clothes that he wore when he took his life which includes a long sleeved crisply ironed white shirt and a khaki coloured tie and a grey blazer with twead elbow patches which is often worn underneath a beige raincoat. Art also wears full length black suit trousers and shoes which are fastened with a leather belt with a silver buckle.

Personality :
In his previous life Art was a deeply depressed and proud man which soon led to his downfall as he was too proud to make his illness aware to his family and loved ones which eventually led to him committing suicide via gunshot. However this was never made aware to other people as Art used to mask how he truly felt and was a well-respected and likeable person. However due to his revival from his devil fruit abilities Art has been reborn he has made it his mission and goal to rewrite all of the wrongs he committed in his previous life such as abandoning his family and most notably his daughter who has suffered immeasurably because of his actions. With his age Art has developed into a mature adult and this is often reflected in his pragmatic decisions that he takes and his sensible behaviour that he exerts to other people as he is bound by honour and a desire to help people which comes from his occupation as a Doctor/Surgeon. Along with this Art is a very stern person that believes in old school traditional values such as Respect and will enforce these values onto the younger generation whom he feels needs some discipline in their lifes, like the discipline he had when he was younger.

Art was born and raised in the South Blue, to Daniel and Patricia Redmond whom were both doctors who owned their own practice that treated the villagers on the island that they lived on, as was the tradition of the Redmond Family Art also trained to become a doctor during his schooling years and eventually would also begin working at the practice to help cover the workload placed on his parents. One day, a pirate had visited the surgery having sustained wounds during fighting on the seas Art was placed in charge of healing his injuries as he did he developed somewhat of a friendship with the Captain who was known as Gold Smile Johnson who would inform him of his adventures on the seas.

This would eventually inspire and motivate Art to become a pirate in the first place which he did at the age of 20 when he left the Redmond Family Surgery and joined Gold Smile Johnson on his crew the Smiling Pirates after his wounds had healed. To thank him for saving his life Gold Smile Johnson had gifted Art with a devil fruit which Art did not realise what a Devil Fruit was or what powers it bestowed to the user, unwillingly eating it and the behest of Johnson. The young pirate thought it was simply a joke played on his part due to the horrid and rancid taste of the Devil Fruit however once Gold Smile and his crew had informed him of what a devil fruit was it was made clear that Art had received no mystical powers at all.

Because of this he simply thought it was all a simple joke that had been played on him whereas in reality he had consumed the Yomi-Yomi No Mi which allows the user to turn into a reviving human however it required the death of the user to be activated something Art was not realise until a lot later on in life. Art would spend the next 10 years with the Smiling Pirates building somewhat of a reputation as a small time pirate around the blues most notably the South and West Blues he would also grow to become a proficient swordman training under Gold Smile Johnson who was a skilled swordsman that had been fighting with a sword for well over 25 years . As Gold Smile Johnson approached his elder years he became less and less involved with the crew until the point he retired from piracy leaving the reigns of his crew in the hands of Art who had grown through the ranks to become his First Mate as a final gift he gave him his own sword The Smiler.

Leading the crew and expanding the Pirates acitivity to all four blues for another 5 years as Captain, Art eventually met a woman in the North Blue whom he gradually grew closer and closer to before marrying. Opting to settle down in peace before his enemies killed him Art retired at the Age of 35 from being a pirate he purchased a small practice in the North Blue with his Wife, Galina. The couple would remain married for two more years before they conceived a child a girl named Joelle at the Age of 37. As the years progressed and Joelle grew older and his wife grew distant from repeated arguments that were mainly caused from his stressful life as a Doctor trying to provide care for far too many people at a time.

Art grew into a depression which he refused to tell anyone much to his own detriment and not wanting to be a burden to his family particularly his wife and young daughter. Finding himself to be too much of a burden to his family as his judgment and sense of self-worth was drastically warped Art left his wife and child one day without leaving a note where he would travel away from the family home purchase a gun and shoot himself in the head to end what he thought was his miserable life. As he collapsed on the floor blood pouring from the right side of his head into a pool on the floor he felt himself floating in the air in a green cloud.

Completely baffled and befuddled by this Art eventually after a while of piecing things together he finally realised this was the power of his devil fruit and returned to his body, giving a second chance at life as the old Arthur Redmond was dead. He had been given another chance to correct the wrongs that he made in his life.

Character Strength :
Character Speed : Trained
Character Resilience : Trained
Character Dexterity : Trained

Devil Fruit Name : Yomi-Yomi No Mi
Devil Fruit Type : Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery :
Level 2 - Requires 3 Threads
Level 3 - Requires 5 Threads

Devil Fruit Abilities : The Yomi-Yomi No Mi (ヨミヨミの実) or the Revive-Revive Fruit  grants the eater the power to enhance their own soul to the point at which they can be brought back from death once, making them a Reviving Human (復活人間 ).

Level 1 : At this level of Mastery the user is able to be brought back from death a single time on top of this they are no longer affected by things such as cold climates which would usually affect those with living flesh and tissue. Finally, the user can leave their body and assume a soul form which is a cloud like object that is capable of phasing through objects and people however when in this form the user's body is vulnerable and falls into a trance like state leaving them succeptible to attack.

Level 2 : At this level of Mastery the user gains all of the abilities of Level 1 Mastery as well as the ability to use their own soul to augment their attacks such as transferring their energy to weapons such as swords and staffs in the form of ice.

Level 3 :
At this level of mastery the user gains all of the previous abilities as well as the ability to reattach bones to his body through the use of his soul however he will still feel the pain of the injury that has been afflicted to him.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses :  Seastone, Water, Haki

Devil Fruit Based Combat : Will Be Added During RP

Weapon Combat : Will Be Added During RP

Unarmed Combat : Will Be Added During RP

Combo Combat : Will Be Added During RP

Inventory :
The Smiler
Surgical Supplies

Haki : N/A

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Re: Art Redmond

Post by Vaetric on Sat May 09, 2015 8:06 pm

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Re: Art Redmond

Post by Guest on Sat May 09, 2015 8:08 pm

3D1T3D IVI8.


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Re: Art Redmond

Post by Vaetric on Sat May 09, 2015 8:15 pm

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Re: Art Redmond

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