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Clemond, Iggarius T.

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Clemond, Iggarius T.

Post by Ser Random on Mon May 11, 2015 7:01 pm

General Information

Iggy // Clemond, Iggarius T.
 Ekibyō // Pestilence
 North Blue
Crimes Committed
None Currently
Bounty Collected: 

  • Iggy wishes to travel the world and study all of the pathogens and diseases that he can find and create a cure for them.

  • Another wild hope for him would be to create a "universal solvent" that will cure any disease that a person could name off.

  • To find a little pirate crew that has strong aspirations to be something great, and aid them on their adventure. 

Character Information


There isn't much when it comes to looks from Iggy. He usually likes to keep things simple and avoid drawing too much attention to his persons. His hair is very long and dark light the night, upkeep really doesn't happen regularly. His eyes on a good day are a pale yellow similar in color to a tulip, but on a bad day they're a dull shade of grey. His normal attire is rough bare feet and a long black hooded cloak that stops just around the ankles. Under this cloak you would find out that Iggy is wrapped from just under the eyes to his ankles. If you were to ask why it, the answer you would get is for medical purposes. His exposed skin is a very deathly looking pale. The rest of it is scared from many medical procedures preformed on him by his father as a child for the betterment of medicine.  

When Iggy comes to mind nothing really pops up as striking, other than the bandages but you won't get much out of him about them. He really doesn't care to share at all and prefers to keep things simple so he can just pass through the background like a shadow. Only taking brief pauses in time to help those in need as that is what a doctor does. He has spent all of his life traveling around with his father from island to island attempting to cure people of their ailments. His father's ambition was to cure every disease in the world and you could say he passed that onto Iggy. 

Iggy isn't one to jump straight for combat. He has learned from his travels though that sometimes you must defend yourself and all that you hold. A gift was given to him while traveling with his father as a thank you for their services. It was a spear and a book on the history & techniques of the spear. Religiously Iggy spent time reading the book word for word, practicing when time presented itself eventually becoming adept with it. 

Money is worthless to a man who's only dream is to cure all the diseases in the world with a single dose of medicine. Its pretty crazy if you really think about it, but Iggy isn't exactly the most sound person in the world. His father used him as a child for all of his prototype experiments and developmental medicines. Iggy believe that since his father did this to him that he would be eternally sick with just something as simple as the common cold, never advancing any farther than that. He prioritizes curing people of the world over himself. 

Character History

Iggy's father was a basically a traveling doctor. He birthed Iggy himself, losing his other in the process. Always on the road it would be just a small trivial thing that he would learn in his life. A small ship with a vast collection of both medical texts and supplies were all they had to their name. Iggy's father's dream was kind of pushed upon Iggy considering the place that they were in a small ship with all their things. The life would eventually devour his father's being whole. 

As a young child Iggy would end up forced to watch his father as he experimented or operated exposed to his father's problems. Conversing back and forth "what if we use this for that, and that for this." until finally deciding upon a solution to cure everything by itself. Day after day young Iggy was subjected to things like this, especially when his father went a bit off the deep end. Choosing to use the poor child as a test subject. His late childhood was spent confined to a makeshift hospital bed wrapped in some bandages. Most people wouldn't think this would be such a very good thing or an appropriate way to treat a child.

While the years passed and they both progressed in age not really anything had changed. Iggy was in his teens now and had began to progress as an intelligent lad. At one point they received a gift, but it was nothing of use to his father...a spear..what would he do with that? So he just let Iggy have it. Understanding more of the world and his fathers world they began to mesh in his mind. It all became clear, you could see the gleam of ambition in his eyes similar to that of the one found in his fathers. He began to put more time into studying medical issues of the world. It consumed him every bit the same it had his father, but there was one thing that Iggy was rich in time. It was something that his father had lacked. When it became the end of his time, Iggy made sure to repay the off things his father had done to him...donating his body to medical purposes. It turns out there was nothing really special about Iggy in the end, he jsut turned into a clone of his father. 

 Alchemy - Iggy's father had a vast knowledge of alchemy due to his want to cure people. Together they would spend hours in the lab creating ailments, making medicines for them, and then testing them. 

Medical Knowledge - Another thing Iggy's father had past onto him. A fountain of knowledge all from a well kept library of any medical book you could think off ranging from basic to advanced procedures. 

Deft Hands - Being a doctor and preforming surgeries requires that you have excellent hand maneuverability. Moving at high speeds with deadly accuracy is a blessing. Not only is this skill for medical purposes, but it has other uses like combat, lock picking, etc creativity is the only boundary.  


Weapon Description:
Its not really the best fashioned spear you've ever seen, but it gets the job done. An all metal spear totaling 7 feet in length with a 6 inch blade on the top and a 3 inch weighted ball on the end.  
Weapon Special Abilities:
Weapon History:
There's just a small bland story of how this weapon was a gift in return of the service that Iggy and his father provided.

Power Level Information

Character Strength:
Character Speed
Character Resilience:
Character Dexterity

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Ito Ito no Mi
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 to Level 2 requires 2 threads.
Level 2 to Level 3 requires 3 threads. 
Current Devil fruit Level:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
 Level 1 - The user can create up to three strings at a time on either hand controlling them with his fingers. Can easily manipulate basic npcs as if they were puppets without alerting them that they were being controlled. With the users knowledge of medical purposes he can easily use the strings to sew up a patients wounds externally. Wounds caused by the strings are mostly shallow but can cut straight through skin with no problem.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:
The Ito Ito no mi is a paramecia type devil fruit that gives the eater the ability to create and manipulate strings at will making the user a string human. 
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Default Devil Fruit Weaknesses.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:
Sweep - Swinging the spear in a horizontal motion the user hopes to strike the enemies head and knock them off balance, then quickly spins to strike the enemies knees buckling them.

Pin - The user shoves the spear down into the opponent's foot with all his might piercing the foot and pinning the opponent with the spear through his foot into the ground.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Restriction - Connecting 3 strings from a single hand to the spine of an enemy(npc) it allows the user to control the enemy as if they were a puppet.
Stitch - The user with his medical knowledge uses the strings from a single hand to sew up an external wound.
Mesh - With all strings the user intertwines them to create a mesh to stop things in place and prevent them from touching him or anything else.
Lacerate - Swinging his hand towards an enemy the user brings forth all the strings in an attempt to slash his opponent.
Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Clemond, Iggarius T.

Post by Ser Random on Thu May 14, 2015 7:28 am


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Re: Clemond, Iggarius T.

Post by Vaetric on Thu May 14, 2015 8:19 am

Just a few things,

The universal solvent dream isn't explained in the bio, just having the bright idea to get one should do

He dressed so he doesn't stand out, but that doesn't really help for a man who wears bandages all over, does he wear something to cover the bandages on his face? Wear a cloak?

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Re: Clemond, Iggarius T.

Post by Ser Random on Thu May 14, 2015 8:30 am


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Re: Clemond, Iggarius T.

Post by Vaetric on Thu May 14, 2015 8:31 am

Aight, approved

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Re: Clemond, Iggarius T.

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