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FR- Staff

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FR- Staff

Post by Roku-Sama on Wed May 13, 2015 2:22 pm

Ship's Name: Freedom Rhythm Staff
Type: Marine Frigate
Crew: Rhythm Pirates

Ship Original Appearance :

Currently gold and black, the colors they originally stole the ship in, the Freedom Rhythm Staff, as named by Sid to be painted by Annabelle, is the ship and home of the Rhythm Pirates. With multiple sails, the FR Staff is able maneuver through violent seas and rough winds with much ease. Originally design as a flag ship for Marine Captain, Chambers fleet, the ship contains a training room in the form of a dojo of sorts. A custom log system, where the log can be inserted tilting the ship in the compass direction of the island, it's perfect for crews who have yet to obtain a navigator of sorts. The ship is fairly new and has yet to be in battle but with this young bustling crew aboard, that's about to change. An addition later, is the mount is change to a figurine of a bear with a note in it's mouth. As the crew grows, the figurine changes and becomes different with an identifier for each member. 

Cannons: 12 Canons with the ability to hold one canon ball at a time. Five canon's on each side of the ship, one at starboard and one at the hind side of the ship.
Rooms: 6. Four rooms for crew members, one these room's being the Captain's Quarter. One room for training. One room for the kitchen.

Additional Weaponry
Weaponry Name: N/A
Weaponry Description: N/A

Cost: 1,000,000

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