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Silva Cloud

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Silva Cloud

Post by Giorgio on Tue May 19, 2015 10:11 am

General Information

Name:  Silva Cloud
Epithet: N/A
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: None | Star Gazing Pirates (Formerly)
ShipThe Lonely Swan
Occupation: Fighter | Navigator | Amateur Shipwright
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: None as of yet
Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: Revolutionary

  • Reform the World Government
  • Destroy the World Nobles



Battle Theme


Character Information


Silva is a tall, lean young man at 6'3 and 173 pounds. Although he may seem to be of slight build, his body has been hardened and scuplted by many years of training. He has "messy" black hair that has a slight fringe that joins at the center of his face, and parts to the sides, leaving a sort of "M" shape. He has sharp, grey eyes, which he uses to intimidate those around him. His skin has a pale complexion, which compliments his fashion tendency of wearing dark clothes. Silva's preferred clothing is a black suit, with a purple shirt and black necktie. When he's not wearing his suit, he can be found wearing a black kimono. 


Silva is a stoic and aloof person, who is very adaptive of his surroundings and has a dry and deadpan sense of humor. He's not the talkative type and usually only speaks when spoken to. Silva is prone to making blunt and honest remarks, which may make him come off as a pretentious bastard from time to time, but his honesty also allows people to come to him as a voice of reason. Most strangers would believe Silva to be emotionless, but that's not quite true. Silva is just really good at controlling his emotion and looking past them. He actually gets annoyed easily and channels his annoyance by verbally retorting at whatever annoyed him.

He can come off as a bit cocky, but that's only because he believes in his own abilities as a combatant. Silva is most comfortable in a fight and can usually be found smirking during a fight. He typically prefers to end a fight as quickly as possible, but his curiosity tends to get the best of him and he wants to learn about his opponent's abilities. Silva is a very skeptical person and doesn't always believe what comes out of a stranger's mouth. Trust, like respect, must be earned. 

He prefers to be alone and doesn't like crowds too much. In his alone time, he can be found gazing at the sky or training. Also, he loves animals of all types, but especially cats. Silva thinks the only path to true happiness is through freedom. He can't stand corrupt manipulative individuals and plans to remove them from the World Government. He doesn't believe in hurting innocent people, no matter the circumstances. Silva dislikes being in debt to anyone and strives to pay them back as soon as possible. Although he may be aloof, he has a high since of loyalty and is like a roaming cloud that blocks the out the sun at the most opportune time.

Character History

Silva was born in the North Blue on Minion Island where he lived a relatively normal life for the first 6 years of his life. From birth, Silva had an interesting ability that made him a natural navigator, it was an internal map that allows him to memorize the layout of an area and find the best route. This ability also allowed him to know which way North was. His parents never had to worry about him getting lost because he could always find his way home. His mother, Mona, was a Navigator and spent most of her life drawing maps, studying weather and traversing the seas, while his father was a librarian who owned a book store. They lived a happy life, but sometimes life is more fragile than we realize. One day during his sixth year, a World Noble appeared on the island searching for slaves and whatever else he wanted. Silva and his family were out shopping when they saw the Noble and as is customary, they had to bow before him. As he walked by, he spotted Silva and pointed at him, saying "I want him." The Noble's guards went to go grab Silva, but his father jumped in front of them in protest. The World Noble shot him in the chest before he could even finish a sentence. His last words to his wife and child were "Run." And run they did. They were chased all around the island for a week, seemingly disappearing from existence. They had actually stowed away on a merchant boat same night death. This was a new saga that would adversely change the course of Silva's life. 

They wandered the sea for a couple of days until ultimately finding their own little boat and hooking up with a group of young pirates who happened to be looking for a navigator. They were called The Star Gazing Pirates and young Silva was there deck hand, cleaning up and helping around the ship. The crew's goal was to uncover the hidden mysteries and treasures of the World. The ship was primarily filled with historians, inventors, and doctors. While aboard the Star Gazing Pirate's ship, Silva was being taught how to navigate and predict the weather from his mother, Mona. After about 2 years, the crew recruited a fair amount of members across the Blues, but one member in particular affected Silva's life the most. His name was Gusto and he was a tonfa master, who ultimately became Silva's master as well and taught him the art of the tonfas over the next 10 years.

Around the time Silva was 13 years old, the crew was caught in a huge storm that put all of their lives at risk. Silva's mother was weak with fever and could hardly stand, so the person who had to lead the crew to shelter was Silva. It was a treacherous night, but they managed to anchor down on some random island in the East Blue. While searching for food and water on the island with Gusto, Silva happened upon a odd looking fruit that was fuzzy to the touch. The most distinguishable feature of the fruit were its bright swirls, which tipped Gusto off to what it was. He told Silva they would have to take it back to the captain, so that he could decide what to do with it. Silva had learned about Devil Fruits from some of the crew members, as a couple were fruit users themselves, but he had never seen one. The captain declared that since Silva found the fruit, it was his to do as he pleases. He ate the fruit, noted the bad taste, and then became a Vacuum Man. They were able to leave the next morning and his mother recovered from the fever in a week's time.

When Silva was 18, the crew attempted to go into the Grand Line, but their ship could barely handle the harsh waters and they shipwrecked before they could ever reach the Grand Line. His mother decided to retire soon after on the Gecko Islands in East Blue. Silva also said his goodbyes to his mother and his crew, he decided he needed to find his own way to change the World. He bought a small little boat and has been sailing the Blues ever since, occasionally staying in East Blue with his mother for time to time. He has met many interesting along his journey and has seen how corrupt this world could be firsthand, which has inspired him to reform the Government. 

At 21, Silva can usually be found drifting around the seas on his boat searching for adventures and opportunities.

Internal Compass & Map: Silva has a special ability that allows him to memorize and create mental maps of an area to prevent getting lost and find the best route to and from an area. This ability also allows him to know which way north is. It's a very useful ability that helped Silva become an excellent navigator.


Weapon: Tonfas

Weapon Description: These are simply a set of tonfas created from steel with a black taped grip. Along the 18 inch shaft of the tonfas are 3 little notches. He usually holds the tonfas in his jacket.


Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: This set of tonfas was brought from a blacksmith in Loguetown. Silva's previous tonfas were made of wood and they were broken by a sword, so he figured it was time to get an upgrade in durability. The blacksmith made the weapon using some of the finest steel in East Blue. 

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Trained
Character Dexterity:  Proficient 

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Shinkū Shinkū no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression
Level 1 - Level 2 Requires 3 Threads
Level 2 - Level 3 Requires 5 Threads
Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
1st Level
At this stage, the user's body is granted immunity to the effects natural/artificial vacuums such as vacuum cleaners, tornadoes, and space as well as the effects of wind and asphyxiation. The user's body is not immune to the effects of air replacements such as gases and water. In fact, irregular consumption of gases and water will cause the user to succumb to their effects faster than would a normal person. At this stage, the user is able to create vacuum circles on any part of their body. These circles are 3 inches in radius, transparent, lack a physical presence, and possess the ability to draw objects toward the user. The strength of these will be determined by the user's strength. Whilst using the vacuums created on their own body, the user may create a simple vacuum leading to one specific object or a certain area on the object such as the hilt of a blade and draw it towards them to avoid getting harmed via the blade. The user can not actually store the sucked objects into his body and so is not immune to the movements of the objects being drawn toward them.

*A free object is one that is not directly connected to a permanent fixture or is not actively trying  to resist the suction.

2nd Level
At this stage, the user is granted all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the first stage. The user is now able to create vacuum spheres from his hands. These spheres are 3 inches in radius, transparent, lack a physical presence,  and contain a vacuum inside. Anything except the user that the sphere touches suffers from explosive decompression** and fluid attacks are disrupted. The user can throw these spheres or freely enter his body into them to augment physical attacks.

**In simplest terms, to suffer from explosive decompression means to be suddenly sucked in a direction with explosive force.

3rd Level 
At the final stage, the user is granted all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the second stage. Vacuum spheres are now much more mallable than before and can be used to create larger objects such as walls or if all spheres are combined the user may even create a tornado due to the massive pulling force in the air.

Devil Fruit Abilities:The Shinku Shinku no Mi turns its user into a Vacuum Man/Woman. The user is able to create controlled regions of airlessness outside of their body and are immune to a lack of air (space) but not a substitution of air (gases, liquids, etc). The effect of any vacuum depends on the user-controlled shape.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat: (Will be added in RP)

Devil Fruit Based Combat: (Will be added in RP)

Combo Combat:

Haki: N/A

RP Sample:

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Re: Silva Cloud

Post by Vaetric on Thu May 21, 2015 7:27 am

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