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Midnight Academy

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Midnight Academy

Post by Enzeru Shichisei on Mon May 25, 2015 8:16 pm


Years ago a priest who was known as Izaki had beliefs that all races could live together in harmony. After a war in the year of 2012, everything was reduced to ruble and death. The only country that survived was Japan due to being so far away from most the countries. In the place of most countries became terraces for the races that the priest would soon learn would exist. Decided to go by his beliefs he formed a school known as Midnight School, this school would be encased in a magical binding barrier that was made to protect the members of the school. If the barrier was broken so too would the school --- it will fall and crumble.  First the school became infested with humans unknown to the creatures of the new terraces that formed, in fact they had no knowledge of the war in the first place.

Three years passed, the doors opened to all sorts of races, from down below, up above, and in middle earth as well. The terraces began to form, angels got United Kingdom, Demons United States, and so on and so forth. The countries became the homelands of the races which now co-existed with the humans. After the exposure to all the races, the humans became hostile and rude. They suggested a second holocaust on the new creatures, but that idea was  put to rest by the priest. Due to the fact that the Priest and the school were one, the priest never dies, but as of such he can never leave the school building or the school will crumble. 

Many more years have passed, and still Japan stays as the remaining country of the world. After surviving such a war, how will you go about things to choose your path? Will you be the best or the worst? Only you can tell.


Hello Guest, this is where you will find the available races of the site that you can use, enjoy!! Note: Some races have upgrades which are limited to some grade students as well as limited to a limited amount of users, if you wish to apply for the spot message an admin.

    001 Humans:Humans are weak frail creatures that are highly intelligent and often are great with technology. With their intense knowledge they are able to create weapons through forging them and are often great with swords or bows, this in turn helps them fend against the other races with their intense abilities.

    002 Mages:Mages are human like creatures that harness the ability of an element through spells which are often done through incantation. These creatures are not to be confused with witches which harness their spells and elements through a median.

    003 Witches:Witches are human like creatures that harness the ability of casting spells and controlling elements with a median, staff or magical object. These creatures are not to be confused with mages which harness their magic through spells of incantation.

    004 Angels:These a creatures that have the ability of flight and purity. These creatures base themselves off of perfection, and are calm and peaceful. These creatures have no free will. There is one upgrade for this class for now.

    005 Gods: These are perfect creatures that harness the ability to their purest potential. Often the angels follow the orders of the Gods due to the fact they have no free will. These are limited to 4 users for now. 0/4 (Note: this race is not invincible it just adds more power to an element of your choosing)

    006 Demon:These are creatures who harness the ability of flight and chaos. These creatures believe in hatred and often hold temptations humans cannot resist. 

    007 Arch demons: These are creatures that hold dark nature, and are like that of the God Race. These are limited to 4 users for now 0/4 (Note: this race is not invincible it just adds more power to an element of your choosing) 

    008 Vampire:Vampires are creatures of the night which are weak against sunlight. They hold great strength and don't really age. This race has been alive for years and will remain that way for many more years.

    009 Werewolf:Werewolves are creatures of the night that as weak against silver. They hold great superhuman strength and are strongest on the night of a full moon.  This race can harness the ability of darkness or no element. This race has been alive for years and will remain that way for many more years.

    010 Animal Like Beings:Animal like beings are creatures that have their DNA mixed with an animal, these creatures harness the ability to shape shift into their animal form as well as human form.  These creatures also harness the ability of the said animal that their DNA infused with. (Note: the animals must actually exist!)

    011 Elementals:These creatures are the manifestation of their elements aspect. Fire=Anger, Earth and Nature=Peace, Water=Calm, Wind=Free Will, Lightning=Power, Light=Tranquility, Dark=Chaos. These creatures also harness the ability to their appointed element. This is a limited race of 8 users(note: the element are limited to one user each)

    012 Hybrid:These are humans mixed into a different creature {Singular} giving them various abilities.

    • Human/Mages, this hybrid simply gives the human the ability to have elements, however due to being a mix race the magic is weaker than the magic of that of a pure Mage. Like the Mages they have to use incantations to create their spells.


{Note: I did not make human/gods, humans/arch demons, humans/elementals because those are limited races thus it wouldn't be fair, I also did not make a human/animal like beings because in a sense that race is a hybrid between human and animal}


Due to the fact that it has been a couple years since Midnight Academy decided to revamp We are allowing new coming users to gain access to certain ranks as well as races that are limited without permission, first come first serve.

Ranks That are Open for people to Take {limited}

Teachers: 0/4

Seniors 0/8

Juniors 0/10

Sophomores 0/12

Races that are Open for people to take without permission {Limited}

Any race that is limited so long as you follow the rules behind them.


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