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Angel's Haven

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Angel's Haven

Post by Enzeru Shichisei on Tue May 26, 2015 10:14 am

Ship's Name: Angel's Haven
Type: Frigrate
Crew: Angel's Advocates


This ship was once a beautiful ship with white light shining off of it. Well that was till Enzeru became captain, of which he later took the bones of creatures he slain and those he killed and covered the whole ship in it. This ship has a very erie like feeling to it as if it was haunted. At the very front of the ship is a cage with the bones of Enzeru's father in a cage, this was his symbolic way of saying that his father was still the leader he just simply followed. On one side of the ship it has four canons lined up and on the other side it has four canons lined up. The rest of the ship is coated in various different colors of purple, this is a remainder of the decorations of what once was on the ship that is now torn and ripped apart. Each Sail has holes in it of small variety however it still is able to move like any other ship, this is due to Enzeru getting bored and slicing holes into them, go figure.

Cannons: 9, four on each side and one in the front in the mouth of the skull
Rooms: five, Captain's Quarters, Bathroom, Kitchen Hall, Loading Room {left and right side canon room}, Main Canon Room {Room that leads to loading the skull canon}

Cost: 45,000
Enzeru Shichisei

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Re: Angel's Haven

Post by Vaetric on Sun May 31, 2015 9:31 pm

Approved, sorry about the wait

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