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Emery Monroe is a WIP

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Emery Monroe is a WIP

Post by Argent on Sun May 31, 2015 9:27 am

General Information
Name:  Emery Monroe
Age: 24
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed
Occupation: marksmen
Rank: n/a
Bounty: None
Crimes Committed:
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Number one marksmen in the world. OOC goal to learn to understand emotional ties to symbols/objects (broaden emotional depth)
Character Information
Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.
Stands at 7'1 with an ectomorph build.  His eye color is white and very long, also straight, going just past his bum.  His eye color is grey and there a dark shadowing around them that carries a mysterious sullen appearance. White turtle neck dark blue pants with a light blue haramaki. He wears brown moccasins. Beaked nose with an angular chin. hIs hands have various nicks and burns they certainly the hands of one who does manual labor. He has no facial hairs but his eyebrows naturally grow in way that migh lead someone to believe he gets them waxed.
Personality: An enigmatic recluse who initially comes off a slow witted, gullible, and shy.  He will often take the advice of others even if they wish him harm. This doesn’t go to extreme of causing harm to himself or others just because he told.  But if some says something like look there is a dog riding a bike… he will look.  When like this he uses honorifics and or titles doesn’t make eye contact and is clumsy.
In reality he conniving, merciless, loud and boisterous (the opposite of what he conveys).  Allowing people think lowly of him is merely a tactic.  In battle he can be quite talkative and patronizing.  He gets highly annoyed by stubborn opponents that don’t last long.  He will freely give the enemies advice or answer questions.  Opting to leave out essential details he will conduct his own survey of the opponent’s objectives or strategies.  His typical speech pattern will designate an animal association for those he speaks to, he rarely will use just someone’s names if at all.  He is practical in the sense he doesn’t want for much items are only as valuable as what they can do for you tools.  He has no emotional ties to objects/symbols and he finds those who do to be foolish.
Character History
Emery eldest offspring of Sebastian and Mikayla Matheson. His father and met mother met on an island in west blue.  Sebas the brilliant young mind looking to change to world with his designs. Mikalya an incredibly strong woman known through the sea as famous bounty hunter.  It wasn't love at first sight the two were highly annoyed with one another. Sebas stubbornly sought info from her because she was the type of customer he had in mind and would get mad when he disagreed with any insight she did care to share. Mikayla had grandiose ideas that mostly didn't seem possible.  Eventually she fell in love with him a man not intimidated by her and wanted nothing more than conversation. Eventually she would get to talk about more than just his work... Over the course a year she would periodically visit before going off on another adventure. Until one day she came back after having been gone for the longest period yet. After and intimate night she was gone and he would see again for four years.

Emery would spend these years moving from place with his mom never in a spot that they could call their own.  But it was okay Mikayla was wealthy so occasionally they would get luxury accommodations not that child his age would know the difference. slingshots, toy guns, games of marksmanship this is what he was raised on in the years with his mom before s he could walk she would take as she hunted bounties. It wasn't like she was a bad mother it wasn't all shoot or danger sometimes being a mother wit child was enough to get close enough to end things with out conflict. It wasn't until receiving the moniker Mother Hunter that she decided to flee NB before someone could target her child
Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.
Abilities:acrobatics, lock picking, stealing, marksmanship
Inventory rifle, ammo, lock pick set, googles.
Weapon: Musket rifle
Weapon Description: silver plated Rifle musket with obsidian black finish
Weapon Special Abilities:None
Weapon History:
Power Level Information
Character Strength: advance
Character Speed:  proficient
Character Resilience:  average
Character Dexterity:  Expert
Devil Fruit Information
Devil Fruit Name:Bari Bari no mi
Devil Fruit Type:Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Current Devil fruit Level: Level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Lvl one user can create simple shape barriers that are almost 2D because their width is in significant.  These barriers can be moved in liner fashion. With difficulty he can open holes to let people or objects pass.
Surface area 582ft^2
Lvl two user can create more dynamic shapes and can change shape and the fly.  the user can now casually create openings.
WIP Awakening turns existing non-living solids to barriers.  This allows the user to dramatically increase the surface area of what they can protect. Objects don’t change coloring but they can be manipulated by user.  For examples a buildings defense would be akin to a barrier and could be reshape and moved .
Devil Fruit Abilities : User can create invisible and opaque barriers that resemble glass cannot be broken. However a significant force can move it. These barriers can be shaped into a variety of structures/constructs.   Barriers hold up to two stages higher than users own resilience.  When used offensively it is equal to users strength and speed
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Barrier cannot be made sound proof user is limited to one barrier. If hands are full barriers can’t be used.  Standard DF weaknesses.
Combat Information
Unarmed Combat:
Weapon Based Combat:
Pop fly. Using his rifle like a bat with the muzzle acting as the handle he will swing the targes upper body
Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Baria the user will create rectangular barrier with varying dimensions.
               Baria Surprise. the wall move quickly in a straight path towards target without moving surface underneath
Combo Combat:
RP Sample:


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