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Military vs Monsters

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Military vs Monsters

Post by Docile on Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:24 pm

North Blue, Cibopat City::.
Summer Season::.

Cibpat City a city of dreams, horror and run entirely by the Octopus Reach Organisation. Sitting at the head of the island was the second in command, a real nightmare of a man. With a golden ring on each finger and a monocle in his right eye which was a deep purple shade he sipped on the wine which he swirled in a crystal glass he'd liberated from a few high class chaps who thought they were the epitome of high class wining & dining.

"Sir?" Blanchard called out from the door. A butler dressed to fit the title as well as one could approached with a news paper in hand. Handing it over to the extended reach Blanchard made a quick exit knowing full well the reaction that would follow. Closing the door behind him he took a deep breath and recounted the articles he'd read himself before handing it over. Not only did it seem that the Octopus Reach was being brought down one bit at a time, but it also seemed that every attempt to banish themselves of the little egotistical twat with red was a failure. Scarecrow had failed and now so had Maximoff.

Things weren't looking good for them. With the glass still in hand seconds later it was no longer anything but shattered and scattered all over the floor along with a deep red stain of the wine he'd been drinking. Standing up from his comfortable mauve armchair the second in command of Octopus Reach tossed the news paper into the fire. Tearing it to shreds and ripping it to pieces he felt his head begin to ache. These nuisances needed to be put down and removed. From the sounds of it this little band of bounty hunters could put an end to them if they continued down this route.

Lifting a den den mushi he decided it was time to make a quick call.

A call to discover where these bounty hunters were headed and if he could put a large rock in their way or step on them with the foot of a giant. He wasn't about to let himself be brought down by some no name fool and his merry band of bounty hunters.

The storm had subsided from the previous night allowing the sun shine of a beautiful day to spring forth and showering the day with all of its beauty the sun did a good job of revealing all the damage their ship had gained from the previous night's battle with Maximoff some crazy devil fruit user who used animals to fight for him. Koto had no idea what his fruit power had been but he was pretty certain it was animal based. As he'd finished working on his next weapon he decided to sport it that morning on the deck of the ship. Connected to his bag he pressed the button on his belt and the barrels came down fast and steady. Slowly gripping the handles and placing a thumb on the buttons on top he grinned. It felt good to be in power.

Taking aim over board he fired a quick burst. The sudden shock nearly knocked him off his feet. He'd not accounted for the sudden kick back but taking this into account he fired another quick burst taking into account the kick back and smirked. It worked! It really really worked! He could feel his wounds which were now patched up from the previous night aching a bit and pressed the button on his belt. The barrels withdrew and Koto quickly made his way towards the head of the ship. A new day was dawning, a new adventure to be found and maybe if he was lucky a chance to show off his new toy.

Koto collected up all of his navigational toys from the deck where the wheel was and placed them into his bag quickly. Zipping up and looking out over the sea then towards the island Koto noticed it was a clear calm day and nothing could ruin this day for him. Beside them at the docks were dozens of ships. They all looked as if they were for the same organisation. Large ships with what appeared to be men in military clothing and the occasional one in smart attire of a shirt or waistcoat. But every one of them was armed with rifles, swords & even a few throwing knives.

The ships appeared to be full of military gear. As much as Koto would've loved to raid the ships it would simply bring too much trouble and he wasn't looking for trouble. Not yet anyway. He wanted to find a cook and possibly more supplies. They needed them.

Eye Patch had brought Miki and Sisteen into the Octopus Reach dungeon where they kept all of their girls. Well all of their product. From what Sisteen had seen she was to be sold into sex slavery along with Miki. It disgusted her and she wasn't to be part of it. But seeing as she'd been stripped off all of her weapons as had Miki and pretty much every woman down here they were screwed. Sisteen was left wearing her own clothing and now she was chained to the wall by her ankles. She wasn't going anywhere.

Looking over towards Miki with fury in her eyes Sisteen felt bad that she'd not been able to stop Eye Patch from dragging them into this putrid dungeon.

"I'm sorry Miki. I didn't mean for something like this to happen to us." slamming her fist into the ground she grunted a little. "I didn't want something like this for us and it sucks. But I promise you we will get out of here. We'll find a way."

Looking around for anyway out all she could see was a bared window that looked out to where people's feet were walking by. No one would know they were there though as the only people who walked past were those of the Octopus Reach and even if they did hear them. They'd just ignore them or toss dirt or some other rubbish in through the barred windows. Life was seeming pretty shitty right now.

"I promise all of you girls. I won't let us get sold on, we're going to get out of here one way or another." Sisteen announced as she looked over at every other girl in the cell. She didn't like the idea of being sold and was pretty sure they didn't either. So it was her mission to free them and save them from a life that would bring them closer to death with each torture filled day.

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Re: Military vs Monsters

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:27 am

Bura had recovered from her electrocuting, and had gotten to work in redoing Taki’s bandages, since she managed to lose them in the last battle. Taki sat a little a ways from the mast in order to give
You know, you should wear more.” Bura noted as she walked around Taki’s large frame with the bandages.
..What?” Taki said as she was awoken from her slight snooze as she waited for Bura to get it over and done with. She peered at the goat-legged woman as she passed another lap around. She felt relatively fine, though. She didn’t know why Bura insisted on more bandages.
You know, like a bra or something.2 Bura said as she walked around, holding her hands up with the palms facing toward her chest as she drew them out. “Don’t you get back pain?” She asked, placing a hand upon Taki’s back. “Huh, not as hard as I thought.” she mumbled at the blubbery back, causing Taki to reach behind herself, grab Bura, and place her down in front of her.
What of it?” Taki asked, feeling a twinge of irritation at the girl as she leaned forward.
Don’t you think they’re uh.. Distracting? They look like someone stuck two melons on you and painted them grey.” she asked as the tied up the bandages and stepped away from the fishwoman, tilting her head.
I don’t do clothes.” she grunted, crossing her arms. Though, it was a bit suprising that the first person to actually call her out on it was the one wearing a low cut dress.
Yeeeeah, but isn’t it embarrassing to walk around with like, one article of clothing?
Taki frowned at her, before moving a hand toward her. Bura felt a bit of dread as a person with arms almost as big and thicker than her reached toward her face. However, Taki’s arm then moved toward Bura’s left, fiddling with her shoulder.
Hey, what’re yo-” Bura said, before the words dried up in her mouth as her chiton fell down, with the pin in Taki’s hand.
You’re one to talk.” Taki said mildly, before offering the pin back. Accepting it, Bura’s face became red as a tomato with sweat dribbling down her face.
Y..You didn’-…” Bura said, before she looked down at the pin in her hands. “Takiwe’rerightnexttoanislanddon’tdothistome!” Bura squealed, bundling the long piece of cloth that usually made up her chiton and pressed it toward herself. She ran toward the girls’ room to redress.
Taki sighed and picked at the bandages, she hated the claustrophobic feeling that they gave her, the same with clothes. It was why she preferred to nap when she had them on, but they were close to an island, so she’d have to hide her discomfort. Still, Bura was a little right on one part of the conversation, her chest did give her some serious back pain. She looked around for Koto, before noticing him walking toward the front of the ship. “Where are we?” she asked as she walked toward him, noticing the ships belonged to some group or another.

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Re: Military vs Monsters

Post by Izu on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:57 am

Miki had grown extremely silent after she and Sisteen had been taken by Eye Patch and his associates. She hadn't lifted a finger to protest her sword being taken. Now sitting in the room with Sisteen and all the other women, she barely even registered that there were others with her. Miki was upset and questioning what she'd done to deserve this.

It surprised her when Sisteen started talking, "Y-You really think we can get out of here?" she asked, turning to Sisteen. A glimmer of hope had sparked in her eyes. "I-if you think we can get out, I'll help."

"I'm not very good at fighting, and I'm really clumsy too, but if there is something I can do, I'll help." Her face held a look of determination as she made the vow to help in any way she could.

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Re: Military vs Monsters

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