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The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

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The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:27 pm

General Information

Name:  Kirimu 
Epithet: The revolutionary juicy
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Kuja island -Amazon lily-Grandline
Species: half Kuja half fish person(vertebrate-squid-
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: -
Occupation: unemployed
Rank: -
Bounty: 31,000,000
Crimes Committed: failure to comply, known property of the celestial dragons(slave)
Bounty Collected: Only applicable to characters who collect bounties.
Allegiance: Revolutionary
Dream(s): Find the world's best sake, bring the World government to its knees. Learn the stories of other revolutionary members.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.


-she is 6’6 in height she weighs 119 lbs. 
Her eyes are Hazel colored. 
She has long brown Hair that reaches down to her upper back. 
She's a D-cup in breast size. 
she wears a sort of chinese one piece that is fairly tight on her body with cleavage showing.  a very human skin color, one is not really able to tell that she is half fish person. 
Usually appears to be blushing as she is always drunk. 
Has a celestial dragon slave symbol on her right arm.


When Drunk(which nearly all the time) she can have all sorts of moods such as flirty or straight out obnoxious and enraged. when she has a hangover she seems to be great at dealing with it, capable of even fighting. When not drunk she seems very calm, seems to always be holding sake. Also when she is not drunk she seems to have a sort of depressing look on her face, as if a kitten drowned right in front of her. Out of combat she can be many different things. Towards pirates she does not engage, though she does not really avoid either. She mainly hates the world government but pirates are not exactly her cup of tea. Pirates will ultimately be refused if an alliance of any sort is offered if not for a REALLY important reason. She also does not kill nor turn in pirates for cash, she has no interest in outside factions well specifically the marines and pirates are out of her interest reach, besides wanting to take down the WG. As for marines she most of the time attempts to attack them on sight but this is not an every day thing. She enjoys to send messages to the marines by taking them on, she is not really a killer though, but she is not beyond the actions of murder if she must. Kirimu is also at heart, a good person if she see's a person in trouble, based on how the situation is going down she will probably spectate for a bit before deciding to hop in and do something. 

Character History 

Kirimu is a child of an illegal fishman and a Kuja. Both Fishman and Kuja were sold out by the inhabitants of the Kuja and fish people. Discriminated against for having a child with a man ON the Kuja island in secret AND for having a child with a human, as most fish people hate humans or think they are weaker. The two decided to not hide Kirimu from the world though. At birth her fishperson blood did not affect her visual appearance it seemed, right off the bat you would assume she is any ordinary Kuja. Though Kirimu was not hid from the world, her father was. He lived in secret, hid within the jungles of the Kuja island rather than open society with his family. day to day Kirimu's mother would go to the jungle, with her daughter to see her father. Just so that she knew who he was. At the age of 14 Her mother took her for a day out in the general Kuja town and took her to a bar keep. Upon conversing with others in said barkeep she noticed little Kirimu didn't have anything to drink, it seemed this particular bar didn't even serve water of all things! her mother decided there was no harm to be done and gave her a small shot of sake. After taking said sip something amazingly strange happened. Only taking it that small sip she had already seemed to be intoxicated as if she had been drinking for hours. The barkeep was torn to shreds by Kirimu in her drunk state. It took 2 Kuja warriors to restrain her and calm her down, they could have done it much easier but they did not want to hurt the poor girl. After this little incident one would be lead to believe that her mother would never let her drink sake or alcohol ever again...apparently that wasn't the case. From time to time Kirimu would manage to get her hands on some sake every now and then. by the time she was 18 she had been relieved of her, super sake rush, she would have to drink at least half a bottle to get drunk, we never said she became immune. One thing her mother took notice of was her father training her every time she had left her alone with him in the forest. Kirimu's mother was glad to see this, though Kirimu was not being trained the Kuja way, with a bow, her mother believed this to be a good use of time for her future. She didn't tell her husband nor Kirimu but she knew the time would come...when they were to be discovered. Kirimu was twenty one when she got her Salamander of her own which was quite big compared to the ones other Kuja seemed to have. It was not long before her father was discovered by the kuja, parents were discovered which is when they were sold out to the Celestial dragons. The kuja and the fish people had been the cause of this, separating the two due to discrimination and natural historical hatred. It is unknown how they got separated but Kirimu was overpowered by the slave drivers. Upon being restrained by the slave drivers, They marked her with the slave symbol on her left arm. . It is unknown how she escaped the celestial dragons she herself dodges the question...or perhaps she is just drunk, one of the two. She is not always getting drunk for the fun of it, she is of course, dealing with the pain of her past in which she does a very good job at it too. Being a Kuja she is also seen with a salamander that she had gotten after she escaped the hold of the celestial dragons.

Kirimu clearly has a great reason for hating the world government. Kirimu was one of the slaves of the celestial dragons, she and many others that have had the same history as kirimu. Rather than becoming a pirate she wanted to target the world government DIRECTLY. She has no interest in becoming king or queen of the pirates nor does she have any interest in becoming a literal criminal. She herself does not particularly like pirates though she does not target them like she targets the marines and those affiliated with them. This of course, includes the shicibushi.
One would notice that it is rare to see her sober, at all. This is because of her past with the celestial dragons. she does her absolute best to stay drunk so that she never has to deal with the pain of losing her parents and being marked, labeled with that damned slave symbol. She is known in mock town, in her first days in mock town she was discriminated against by all the pirates. 100 broken arms later the population of Mock town knows not to bring up anything about her past, if they know what's good for them.
When Kirimu is not druk she is not very active. She usually is seen holding her sake in between her breasts rather than lazily holding it in one hand when she is drunk. When she is not drunk she has a much more stable technique in fighting, in hand to hand combat. Kirimu also makes great use of her salamander which is actually pretty big compared to most kuja, most people that see her with it think it rather odd as it is humongous compared to other amazons salamanders. Her salamander was given a hat that she bout that has a very cow like pattern. This hat seems to mean a lot to the salamander and he is very protective of it, it seems to never fall off his head either.
Though she had made sure that no one had been "talking too much" about her past it seems someone had said something. Kirimu had always spent her time in the bars of said Mock town where she was encountered by someone. A person approached her, noted in her drunk state bringing up events of her past, not just that but things that people in mock town could not have possibly known. She instantly sent an attack to the man though he dodged it she still pressed on, asking him how he knew so much and why. Though he seemed to be smart enough to not try and converse with a drunk person. upon being ignored of course she went to attack him even more, he managed to get a sharp hit on her and even drew some blood, which broke her intoxication. When she realized her situation she had spoken to the man that she had been fighting, normally he insisted that he follow her in which she had no real reason not to...or at least not one that she cared about at the moment. they had walked through a jungle for hours, longer than she thought it should have taken, most likely to hide the location of where he was bringing her to it was then, they finally made it to a cave like entrance of some sort. Kirimu had been greeted by the few at the entrance upon entering the said cave. when they made it inside she couldn't wait any longer...she went to the nearest bathroom after asking for directions. Then upon returning to her escort she wanted to ask something that she had been wondering "who are you people?" she asked them. He of course explained everything to her "we are apart of the revolutionary army" he told her then he began to explain the goal of the revolutionaries and the many the many types of people that join the revolutionaries...he told Kirimu that she was perfect for the revs. She blatantly agreed to follow them, under the condition that she got to know everyone to see how truly welcomed she was. Of course she had met every single person in the hideout. One day the man that recruited her caught her drinking 3 bottles of sake. He shook his head and approached her stabbing her in her side out of nowhere sending confusion into a few people around them, on the ground, out of her intoxication she looked up to him and he spoke "you think you can drown yourself and wash /it/ all away?" he said to her. Of course she knew what he meant by /it/ her past, he though that she was staying drunk to forget about her past, though it seemed like it that was not her initial goal upon drinking "N-no! not to forget!....to deal with it...idiot..." she said cringing on the ground. the two stayed like that for a few moments until he walked away...with a smile? she was surely confused but two other revolutionaries helped her to the infirmary of the place where she thought to herself..."was that...a test?" 

Abilities: List any abilities the character has such as acrobatics, photographic memory etc etc…
Drunken fist martial arts: Master
Martial arts-non drunken-
As a master of the drunken fist her moves are unpredictable...well when she is drunk any way.  Moves being unpredictable this overrides Observation haki as it is impossible to read her moves because the drunken fist is totally randomized, Though the drunken fist only lasts as long as she is drunk and the intoxication can be stopped if she bleeds At all.

Salamander!- Being an Amazon, Juicy has a snake that is always with her.


Weapon: N/A

Weapon Description: -

Weapon Special Abilities: -

Weapon History: -

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Lethal
Character Speed:  Dangerous
Character Resilience:  Expert
Character Dexterity:  Dangerous

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:-
Devil Fruit Type:-
Devil Fruit Progression:-
Current Devil fruit Level: -
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: -
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Vortex kick- Spinning around at a great speed with her leg extended out like a ballerina, affecting a large amount of enemies in the vicinity of the vortex kick basically the vicinity of people closest to her then the bodies of those who were kicked hitting other said enemies or objects. 

Strict palm- A powerful palm thrust most effective to the forehead.

Break Kick- multiple kicks that are sent upward to the opponent sending both the attacker and victim in the air then the large downward kick to send the victim hurdling into the ground

Kick barrage- A series of fast frontal kicks, most effective to the torso of the opponent, finishes off with a strong  front kick, sending the enemy into a spiral.

beautiful kick- She sends a very powerful frontal kick while leaning backwards and moving her hair from in front of her eyes.

Salamander slammer- the salamander moves around on the ground like a snake and sends a head bud to the enemy from under Kirimu.

Iron tail- the Salamander hops up and does a somersault near the enemy sending its body across the top of its opponent with an over head attack.

Salamander!- the salamander of hers comes across in front of her and either, protects her from an attack or deal a quick one in synergy to a regular attack 

salamander grab- Her salamander wraps itself around the opponent allowing for her to deal uninterrupted attacks.

3 snake punch combo!- She deals two attacks and the salamander comes in for a final hit from the second attack either swinging itself to attack the opponent, head budding the opponent etc. 
Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by Docile on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:04 pm


Crimes Committed

• Please avoid having huge crimes in your character sheet from the creation


• Please write more

History | Bio

• Please elaborate much more the important facts of her history instead of elaborating on ones which don't have much importance.

• No mention of her joining a revolutionary group.


• None of these are explained in the history | bio

Power Level

• These make no sense


• If she knows martial arts shouldn't he have some fighting techniques?


• Why does it say armament Haki then none as of yet?

Please highlight all of these changes or state the changes made to allow quicker approval. Also not the first revolutionary.

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Re: The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:59 am

highlighted modified sections.

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Re: The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:21 am

Err thang is ready, I'm sho' of it.

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Re: The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

Post by Vaetric on Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:47 am


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Re: The revolutionary Juicy READY FOR APPROVAL

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