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Sango Boss

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Sango Boss

Post by Giorgio on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:17 pm

General Information

Name: Sango Boss
Epithet: "Tsunami Sango"
Theme Tune: Lazy Days
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace:Fishman Island
Species: Catfish Man
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Navigator
Bounty: 0
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: N/A
• Explore the world
• Meet humans
• Stop his dreams

Character Information



Standing at a height of 8 feet with pale blue skin and a catfish's face Sango has large fins jetting from the top of his head reaching down the back along with two brown eyes and two small thin whiskers which dangle down from either side of him face. Bald with no hair at all Sango has a small circular silver ear ring hanging from his ear. His torso is incredibly muscular fitted with a six pack and all the same pale blue colour as the rest of his body. On the back of his right shoulder Sango has a tattoo of a compass pointing upwards above the compass in stylish font the is the word 'Dreams' below the compass is another word written in a slightly different creepier font saying 'Unkown'. 

From the waist Sango wears a beige sash and covering his legs from that down he wears rather light brown trousers just darker than his sash. These trousers end just before his ankles with a red print on the outside of the left leg. The print is that of a half of a large red sun with 5 smaller red dots darted around it.  On each of his limbs Sango has webbed fingers & feet which aid him in swimming and fishman combat. Unfortunately the webbing on his right foot is torn up and tattered which makes swimming for him slightly more difficult as he cannot propel himself as well.


All around a nice friendly person Sango loves spending time with his friends and family, but as an overwhelming desire to get away. He often finds himself staring at the water's surface thinking that he could just easily swim away and start a new life. He is a dreamer and often tries to picture what his life would be like if he did this or that. He has no real reason to run away from his own life though other than the fact that its boring. He craves adventure and because of this he tends to day dream allot. If he were to go out and find that adventure though the day dreaming would come to a stop as he would be living the life he dreams of living. 

Sango has never encountered humans and thus doesn't know much about their hatred for fishmen first hand but has heard the tales, he thinks that allot of these tales are just exaggerated and wants to see for himself, but is a little worried that the stories might just be true, but its not as if he can't defend himself. Sango hasn't really got much of a love life nor cared much for one due to his constant desire to adventure getting in the way, he would often wind up on a first date just talking about his desire to ditch them and explore, which doesn't really make the heart grow fonder for another viewing knowing they'll be hearing the same story all over again. 

In situations which would enrage one Sango always manages to keep himself calm and collect, but becomes very quiet, he will barely say anything, but this is mainly so he can focus on the situation at hand. He isn't dumb, but he's not a smart guy either, but he does tend to miss the big glaring facts allot of the time. The best example of this has been when he came home one day to find the house had been burgled. He tried hard to focus on the situation and come up with something useful to say, but instead his major concern was if there was still any food in the house as opposed to if anyone was harmed or what was taken. 

All in all Sango tries hard but doesn't always deliver, its reasons like this he is worried of heading to the surface to explore and discovering he's just made a fool out of himself or just missed something huge. However this doesn't shake his confidence as he has far too much of it. Pushing Sango over the edge is something very few people have managed but there seems to be one trait that people have noticed about him when he does fall over the edge. Sango tends to tighten the sash around his waist and take on a much more hunched over posture allowing him the chance to propel himself with greater ease.

Character History


Twenty Eight years ago in Fishman Island's poor district Sango Boss was born into the family of the Boss's a family who ran an old small family business. Having barely any time to look after him Sango spent allot of his time day dreaming as he found a sense of comfort there he didn't in reality. With his parents never able to comfort him he needed to find something and this was his answer. Escaping into a world of fantasy within his own head where he was god, he felt safe. Growing up often inside his own head dreaming of far away lands where whatever he wanted to happen happened, Sango was shocked when he finally was woken from these dreams and brought into the real world forced to work for the family business and help out. 

At the age of 16 he was working and struggling as he couldn't escape into his dreams enough. Doing it in his free time he managed to adjust and started to make friends with the customers and grow closer to his parents, this caused his day dreams to cease as the connection was established. During working however Sango once encountered pirates who spoke of the world above and their kills when encountering them. Inquiring about these men of whom they murdered Sango heard stories of how retched humans treated fishmen like second class citizens or worse and this made him feel angry, but since he'd never met a human and the human's he'd seen in fishman island didn't seem all too terrifying he disregarded this simple act of hearsay as exactly that, hearsay. 

Continuing to work at the shop his family owned, Sango started to think about the surface world and each day his curiosity grew and grew a little more. He started to read books about the surface, but there simply wasn't enough. During his lunch breaks he started to swim towards it before realizing he couldn't go much further and had to head back for work. His day dreams begun once more and he started to dream night  day during work and even when he wasn't working about what really awaited above the reaches of water to be discovered.

As the dreams begun to distract him whilst working Sango took a class in fishman karate thinking it would free him of his desire to explore by mentally exhausting his brain. Spending months learning in his spare time between work, Sango proved to be a strong martial artist and learnt quickly. He grew stronger throughout the training and his day dreams slowed down. Now as part of his weekly routine Sango took part in lessons and worked which seemed to be enough to knacker him, but over time the body & mind adjusted to this new schedule. 

After 6 months without a dream Sango was shocked to find himself doing it again screaming at him to explore the world above. One night when he should've been sleeping Sango headed to the surface to see what it was like. He could hear laughter and screaming in the distance and even see some bright lights, it sounded amazing, hearing the sounds of children laughing, people screaming and various other new sounds he couldn't help but laugh himself, a curiosity dragged him to the shore before the fear of seeing people scared him back. Swimming back down to a land he knew Sango tried desperately to get to sleep. He couldn't do this, his family needed him down here to help run the business. 

Sadly sleep eluded him. The next day as it was a day off for him Sango decided he would do it. He was going to explore the world like his brain continued to tell him to. He took out books from the local library to see if he could find anything about navigation as he knew he would need ways to find out if he was going somewhere or nowhere. 

Reaching through a few books he managed to learn techniques to tell the currents, weather size and various other traits about the islands. These would come in handy and he knew it. Spending weeks learning everything he could about navigation the dreams became much more persistent he leave. The night before his next shift Sango knew his family and friends didn't want him to leave, but he couldn't say no. Heading out after leaving a note Sango swam up towards the water's surface. 

In the morning his parents would find a note reading:

Dear Mother & Father, I am deeply sorry for my leave, but as you know my dreams for exploration have become more and more persistent and I feel these visions shall not leave me alone until I fulfill my desire. I have left for the surface world, I do not expect you to understand, but I hope you'll accept my decision to explore and see the world. I'm sorry, your loving son Sango.


Fishman Karate
Attempting to satisfy his desire for adventure Sango signed up to learn Fishman Karate, he took a great interest to it and loved every second of it as it allowed him to put his energy and any aggression bottled up into each attack as well as learn how to harm others if need be and defend himself. Unfortunately this didn't quench his thirst for adventure, but it did help him feel more confident in his desire to explore as he could now look after himself.

Navigational Prowess
Reading books about navigation so he could find his way Sango started to learn how to read water currents, weather patterns and even navigational equipment to decipher if land was near, what type of island it would be, the size of the island and if it would be accessible by ships or not due to the strength of the currents as some ships simply wouldn't survive it.

Fishman Physiology
Due to being born a fishman, Sango has the attributes of a fishman such as increased strength from birth, the ability to breathe under water without problem and greater swimming capabilities over humans. This aids him the ability to best any other species in the water due to his birth right.



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Professional
Character Speed: Intense
Character Resilience: Intense
Character Dexterity: Skilled

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
Devil Fruit Abilities

Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Tsunami
Sango delivers a hard punch that can send an opponent flying given there is enough force.

Fishman Karate: Sea Dart
Whilst underwater, Sango darts forward and uses the momentum to deliver a brutal side kick to the opponent's stomach.

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Whirlwind
Performed underwater, Sango spins and hits his opponent with the heel of his foot using the momentum of his spin.

Fishman Karate: 1000 Ton Tsunami
This is a much stronger version of 100 Ton Tsunami in which the user increases the strength behind the punch, it has been rumored these punches are strong enough to break through 1000 tiles and even kill a human with a single shot.

Fishman Karate: 4000 Ton Tsunami
This technique is a much stronger version of 100 Ton Tsunami. It is a very powerful straight punch that may only be performed when Sango's feet are in the right stance to make him an immovable object and depending on the strength depends weather or not it is stronger enough to send an opponent much bigger than themself into the air.

Fishman Karate: Parting of the waves
Using a karate chop this technique depends on the strength of the user, but the user gains the ability to displace the water momentarily by using the karate chop to push water to either side.

Fishman Karate: 5000 Ton Tsunami
This is an ever greater version of the 100 Ton Tsunami in which Sango upper cuts his opponent using his own momentum & weight to attack the opponent causing even greater damage.

Fishman Karate: Speed Drip
Using water droplets which hang from his body Sango can launch these as if they were bullets by using his strength to throw them, these droplets act like bullets due to the tremendous speed, however depending on the strength depends on how much damage these droplets are able to cause.

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


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Re: Sango Boss

Post by Docile on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:20 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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