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The Fleeting Fox

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The Fleeting Fox

Post by Giorgio on Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:10 pm

Ship's Name: The Fleeting Fox
Type: Caravel (Speed Demon Class)
Crew:The Volcanic Pirates

The Fleeting Fox is a unique caravel made with sturdy wood and painted black with red trims. The ship has three masts with burnt orange battened sails that allows maneuvering through the ocean to be a breeze because of the way the sails slice through the air, which has caused Giorgio to nickname it the fastest ship in the Blues. Despite it being a caravel class ship, it has enough power on it to pack moderate damage with six cannons: two on each side, one on the stern, and one at the bow above the fox figurehead. On the stern of the boat is a life raft that can hold 25 people. Life vests can also be found abundantly on the ship with at least one in each room.

In total, there are 15 rooms on the Fleeting Fox:
Main Deck

  • Kitchen: Like any kitchen, there is an oven, stove, refrigerator, and a pantry filled with spices and herbs. There is a bathroom on either side of the kitchen (doesn't lead into the kitchen, but to outside).

  • Navigation Room: A small room between the kitchen and the dining/living room complete with the wheelhouse, the wheel, a den den mushi, survey equipment and tons of maps. There are two bunk beds in this room.

  • Dining/Living Room: This is where the crew wines and dines. In this room can be found an aquarium that can be used to store fish, two large tables, and a green sofa that nearly runs around the entire room. Meetings are usually held here.

Lower Deck

  • Library: A small library with books on a plethora of subjects including health, navigation, history, etc and maps. Research usually conducted in here.

  • Sick Bay: Your run of the mill sick bay with various health instruments and a small fridge for medicine. A comfortable queen sized bed found in here.

  • Engine Room: The literal heart of the ship. In the engine room is the engine (obviously), two water filterers (filters the salt out of the water), two diesel fuel containers, two water containers and two diesel generators. Tools and the like can be found here.

  • Crew's Quarters: The crew's quarters is composed of six rooms. The first set of rooms has two bunk beds in each, second set has one bunk bed and a normal bed, and in the last set each contain queen sized beds. Each room comes equipped with a closet and a bathroom with a hot shower. In the hallway, a den den mushi can be found on the pillar.

  • Storage Room: The storage rooms stores... stuff. Weapons, cannonballs, ammo, and booty is what ends up in here.

The Ship:
Ship Layout:
Ship's Figurehead:

Cannons: 6
Rooms: 15

Additional Weaponry
Weaponry Name: N/A
Weaponry Description: N/A

Cost: 165,000 (If I did the math correctly)

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Re: The Fleeting Fox

Post by Vaetric on Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:58 am


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