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The Carrius

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The Carrius

Post by Vaetric on Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:29 am

Ship's Name: The Carrius


Type: Personnel Carrier
Crew: Lake’s Prowlers

Appearance: Massive just about covers it. Clad mostly in wood with a metal frame to keep it together, this ship scale towers about ordinary ones. It’s too large to board using ordinary means, The front of the ship, when ready to dock, has a large gate at the front that swings open an  uses a retractable floor of wood that allows people and vehicles to come and go as they please. The ship is split into four floors, the main deck at the top, the crew deck, munitions/docking deck, and the engine deck.


At the top of the ship is the large masts and a mass of cannons and swivel guns. At the front are three bunkers that have four cannons coming out of them that rotate every time they’re fired. Protecting the siddes are ten normal cannons and forty eight swivel guns. The swivel guns are slightly downwards, with there being a small platform for people to stand on while firing so they could shoot what’s closer to the side of the ship. At the back are fivve normal cannons. There are huts around the top of the ship that store the cannonballs and gunpowder.


Beneath that, the crew deck lies. The hallways are long, and there are a fair amount of rooms that people can sleep in. Though there are two sets of bunker beds (4 beds each), there is usually a makeshift bed or two in there to increase the amount of crew members. Around the deck are makeshift beds as well for the mercs. The captain’s (Ravine’s) place is in the backstage, consisting of a mattress on the floor with blankets and pillows, much like the other makeshift beds except there are many den den mushis around it. She mostly picked that place due to people having to be quiet in it. Other people make their spot there, though there really isn’t enough room in it due to the need for props and the like. There are toilets here and there.


Below that is the Munitions deck, where most of the crafting is done as well as the garages. It also has the docking area where people can leave the ship. There are four gunboats that can hold around five or so people each. In the garage there are four tank-like vehicles that can move out of the docking area and onto an island.


Even further down than that is the engine room, where a large complex piece of machinery sits and rows the ship.


Imbetween the crew and main deck is the framework for another floor, however it doesn’t seem to have been created yet, with only a few planks suspended in the air.

Cannons: 66
Rooms: 47



Main Deck:

Rooms: 7. Cost: 70,000.

Small: Gunpowder/cannonball huts. They store many, a many cannonballs and gunpowder for the cannons.

Cannons: x15. Cost: 75,000.

Swivel Guns: 48. Cost: 21,600.

.x3 Pounder Cannons. Cost: 75,000.

Overall: 241,600


Crew Quarter:

Rooms: 32 COST: 320,000

.x24 = Sleeping rooms. Twelve bunkers in the crew quarter, each one contains two bunk beds that hold two people each, along with wardrobes.

.x4 Shower rooms, each with four lockers and ten nozzles per room.

.x2 Freezer rooms. Where the non-salted meat and so forth goes, not a very large room but it has a high ceiling and ladders.

.x2 Larders. Has lotsa preserved food in it usually. Although it’s a small room, it extends fairly high up.

Medium:  3 COST: 60,000

.x2 Kitchens. Has all the essentials a cook could wish for.

.x1 Backstage. Has costumes and so forth, on the off-chance some people wish for entertainment.

Large: 2 COST: 80,000

.x1 The dining room. It has enough tables for 24 or so people, with a large stage in the middle. Some cheeky sods have even put a retractable pole in the middle of it for some reason or another, but mostly it has a microphone and so forth.

.x1 Training Room. The largest on the floor, it has the facilities for training that anyone could ever want, it also doubles are the armoury, with guns and weapons and armour in the corners. From punching bags to bullseyes, it serves your needs unless you use grenades or something like that.

Overall: 37 rooms. 460,000


Munitions and Docking Quarter:

Rooms: 2. COST: 20,000.

.x2 Ship repair and restocking rooms. Holds spare gunpowder and cannonballs, as well as wood and so forth.

Medium 2 COST: 40,000.

.x2 Crafting rooms. Holds wood for island purposes, such as quick barricades and so forth. Also holds nails and the like.

Large: 3 COST: 120,000.

.x1 Main Room. Has four slots for the gunboats, in front of them is a bit that opens to let them out.

.x1 Tank Room. Has tanks and repair parts, much like a garage.

.x1 Boarding room. More of a “let-people-the-hell-out” room, the bit in front opens and a board extends with the people on it so they can move out of the ship during docking.

Overall: 180,000.


Gunboats (.x4): Very small ships with just one cannon and room each, they are mostly for peppering islands or ships. They are mostly mast-powered and fast. Their cannon is at the front. COST: (x4 Rooms: 40,000. .x4 Cannons: 20,000. Overall = 60,000)

Tanks (.x4) Made of metal with wheels and are fueled on the same substance as the ship, (mostly flammable things), the tank is fast in a direct line but slow in maneuverability, however it is strong and has a cannon at the front. (Same as gunboat in cost, 60,000)

Overall: 120,000


Overall Cost: 300,000.


Engine Room:

Rooms: COST: 50,000.

.x1 Supplies. Contains spare parts for the engine.

.x1 Large. The entirety of it is one large room. The ship’s propellers that allow it to move are powered by flammable things, such as wood, coal and others.


Overall: 40,000.

Full Overall cost: 1,231,600

Additional Weaponry
Weaponry Name: Pounder Cannon.
Weaponry Description: Three cannons stuck together with an automatic loading system, it’s devastation knows no bounds, at least, until a newer model of five cannons comes out. It’s base sort of functions as a bunker where people can aim. They cost 15,000 plus the base, which gives an extra 10,000. Overall: 25,000 each.

Cost: 1,231,600

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Re: The Carrius

Post by Docile on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:46 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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