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Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:11 pm

General Information

Name:  Bianca DonStar
Epithet: Queeny
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous 

Crew: N/A
Occupation: Martial Artist/Singer
Rank: Lieutenant.
Bounty: -
Crimes Committed:-
Bounty Collected: Only applicable to characters who collect bounties.

Allegiance: Marine

Dream(s): To become an Admiral of the marines.

Character Information

Marines flag.


Bianca has blue eyes and is 6'3 in height she doesn't tell anyone her weight but it is 114 lbs. She is a brunette and has a french braid hair style. She has a very light skin tone and often seen with scarlet lipstick. She wears what seems to be a one piece with two pieces of fabric, The main fabric appears to be military material cloth, made to look like a sweater. the other piece of fabric is black leather that is the bottom of the one piece she wears. On the back of the one piece on her back is JUSTICE in japanese. She also wears a holster on her chest that seems to perk up her breasts. She wears stockings that reach up just to the middle of her thighs along with tactical boots. The most noticeable pieces would be the small crown she wears on her head. She also has a necklace with a golden star in the middle of the circlet it is attached to. She also wears an eye patch on her left eye to cover the scar she has. 

Bianca seems to be calm minded by default. Her personality doesn't seem to be too unique at first glance. 

She is very combat in orientated and claims to not like fighting but she simply 'must' even if the case happens to not be a life or death situation, when it is a life or death situation however she can be deadly in personality she claims that 'even if you try your best, I will still crush you' as she puts it. 

Bianca seems to HATE all criminals this seems to even include the revolutionaries that want to see the world government fall. It is speculated that she feels lied to about the reason pirates are pirates all based on her mother's death by criminals such as pirates.

She is seems to be incredibly loyal to the world government for someone who hates celestial dragons. In comparison she still seems to hate criminals over the celestial dragons. 

She says that she will 'never forgive evil' seeming to have a huge grudge against mainly pirates but she includes any type of criminal in her hatred, petty theft isn't even excluded. 

She has the lower ranking marines in command her repeat a quote 'Grave crimes deserve...GRAVE PUNISHMENT, Petty crimes deserve...GRAVE PUNISHMENT' and then she follows up by saying 'That is right, and only the deliverers of Justice may pardon! ((will add more upon conversing with other characters)

Bianca does not loathe weaponry or anything but her view on combat is fighting with what you are comfortable with, she doesn't feel that she will always fight with hand to hand combat she simply has not found the right one yet, and she refuses to use a sword as she does not like swordsmanship as a skill. 

Bianca is neutral towards other marines in a way, she looks down on lower ranks to give them something to work towards. 

During training she has a very strict feeling towards her subordinates, on days where she is either off duty, or on an island she still keeps some form of military formality with marines, looking up to higher ranks, meeting eye to eye with similar ranks, and purposely looking down on lower ranks in attempt to harden them, though in general she is not always formal when outside of combat and seems like any other person who would converse with another, people get a vibe that she is the anti social type but she seems to be able to hold a conversation when she wants to.

Character History
                                                                                           "The Dream....is dead"


As a child Bianca had two sisters. One of them was her legitimate, biological sister, the other was brought as her sister after drinking ceremonial sake at the age of 13. Bianca had spent her whole life up to the age of 13 with her biological sister. With her biological sister She had been an underground singer and only sung to her sister. Her sister was about 4 years older than she was, but seemed to looked up to Bianca because of her amazing talent, not in a form of jealousy but more like a very calm envy. The two grew up in a marine household but seemed to have dreams of becoming pirates apparently, but they kept this a secret. The two had a secret place where they would go to every now and then in the afternoon, but they did not have much time as Bianca was always training in martial arts with a trainer her Mother had hired. Bianca didn't have the dream like other kids that wanted to be pirates, she simply did not want to support the celestial dragons, and she had not known about the revolutionary army so as a child a pirate was basically the only other faction besides a marine and the many divisions that marines had held.

Everything seemed to go well for those few years for Bianca, then came her thirteenth birthday. For Bianca's thirteenth birthday she was not given any gifts after she cut her cake...well...she was given one thing, but she didn't really consider it a gift or rather...she didn't consider HER a gift. Her mother had brought in a girl, about 2 years younger than Bianca. Bianca seemed to not be all that thrilled about her new friend, why? because she seemed to be a natural born marine, which made her instantly not like her after her mother told her that she had a dream of becoming a marine. Her mother had then went on a trip she said she would be gone for a long time, not expanding on the reason why for and Bianca's trainer had been put in charge of the household who had been a strict marine. Bianca had been basically forced to hang out and train with her as well as hang out with her during her time spent with her bigger sister hoping that the marine...ness would rub off on Bianca. One day she decided she couldn't shrug off the girl to some unknown activity. She had brought the little marine girl into her little sanctum with her bigger sister. And there it went. When the girl had saw the flag Bianca and her sister had made she instantly gasped. Bianca's bigger sister asked if she liked it, but Bianca knew why she gasped. The little marine girl couldn't stand the sight of the criminal emblem, so much to the point where she had tried to grab it for some reason. Bianca had seen this coming but wasn't able to stop the girl from grabbing onto it they had tugged on it pinning their strengths against each other, Bianca and the girl had gotten into an argument.

They had both gone back and forth about their reasons for the factions they aligned themselves with until..the flag ripped, Bianca's big sister gasped and the marine girl had stood there blank. Bianca had looked to the ripped flag in her and before slowly looking up to the marine girl and shouting to her "Stupid girl I wish you stayed where you were and never came into the life of me and my REAL sister!" it was so sudden and struck personal to the heart of the marine girl, after being flabbergasted by the outburst she ran out of the small place and into the house she had been in. Bianca didn't feel bad at all for what she said but her big sister seemed to be worried about the situation, the marine girl seemed to have told the guardian about what Bianca had said. the marine guardian had approached Bianca later on and had stood next to her and asked her why she said what she said, Bianca had told him the situation, afterwards the man had sighed and explained the girls reason for being there. He had told Bianca how the girl had lost her family to criminals and had no where else to go, that her mother had found her at the end of all the trouble. Bianca had felt bad for the girl but didn't really understand why she had to really know the specific details, the guardian had looked to Bianca and told her "You should know the past...of your little sister" she said with a gasp before looking over to where the marine girl had been, her face buried in her arms on a table. Bianca had a sad look on her face, feeling bad for the girl but didn't really consider her on the same level as her...yet. By this day Bianca had been about 15 years old and had been far in her training, not mastery far but fa for her age.

One day Bianca had decided to give the girl a chance as she was about to approach the girl, Bianca the marine girl and Bianca's older sister had been called by the guardian. The guardian seemed to be shaking and seemed to stutter when he talked. When he lifted his head the three girls noticed that he was crying, the all rushed to his side wondering why, and then he told them. Their mother had been killed...by pirates during her trip. at this news the three girls were frozen until all three of them had their eyes filled with tears. and the three of them began to cry, calling out their mother's name. The guardian held the three close as they crumbled in sorrow, in a way Bianca could see that the marine girl was hurting just as much as she was, which really touched Bianca given their situation. a few days later the tears had stopped dropping. Bianca and her older sister had sat in their secret place, without the marine girl, Bianca decided it was time. She went into her house to confront the girl. tears fell from her eyes as she looked to her. When Bianca fully approached her, the marine girl looked to her who also had tears in her eyes, Bianca sniffled "My little sister..." she said hugging the marine girl. Another two days the three girls had smiles on their faces, they were in a circle and had 3 cups and a bottle of sake. each one of them had a cup of sake in their hand, with this they would officially become sisters, the three of them as a whole instead of two sisters and an add on. the three of them stuck out their tongues after taking in the sake. they all put their hands together with each other and upon learning about the criminals that killed their mother was a pirate had given them all the sworn goal of preventing things like this as much as they could, with dark justice of course the three of them made the vow to become Admirals when they grew older and would do what they could to protect the things they love and to help rid the world of evil, they would bring these words to their graves. they had placed the ripped up flag on the wall with a font above it titled "The Dream is dead" Bianca posted the quote herself, the three of them all got somewhat matching necklaces, they are not the same emblem but they are all connected in a way, Bianca's is a star, and so began her life as a marine. Day after day as she grew older she soon achieved the rank of lieutenant which is her current rank today.

Abilities: List any abilities the character has such as acrobatics, photographic memory etc etc...

Military Martial Arts. She has trained in regular martial arts fighting and one special marine martial arts known as Rokushiki, specifically Geppo, also known as Moon step. Which she had been trained by the Marine guardian as a child.

Singing voice. Bianca had been  a singer ever since she was 8 and had always sung to her older sister.


Weapon: -

Weapon Description:-

Weapon Special Abilities:-

Weapon History:-

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Proficient
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Average

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:-
Devil Fruit Type:-
Devil Fruit Progression: Please write up the progression levels here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:-

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:-

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Divekick- An aerial based move, Whilst Bianca in the air she can send a kick downward to her enemy.

Great punch- Bianca sends a very powerful punch her opponent, which could send her enemy flying.

Flying spear kicks!- Bianca sends a powerful 3 frontal kick barrage while moving forward which hit the enemy's body like spears.

Close counter action!: A counter move that is prepared before the enemy makes a move which can parry any physical attack by a person. (takes one post and to activate.

(will think up more during rp)

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Queeny

Post by FroYo on Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:56 pm


I feel that this personality is a bit too short. It only touches on your character's views and feelings, I say that you expand more on your character's view on combat and how your character communicates with her subordinates. I would like to know how she communicates (e.g: In a caring manner, a strict manner etc) not what she actually says when talking. Also a little expansion on her hate for criminals would be nice.


She's a lieutenant but in her background, it says nothing about her moving up in the ranks. I would like that in there. Also, her goal is to be an Admiral and again, there is no mention about her goal in her history. I would like to know why she wants to be an Admiral in her backstory. What were her mother's reasons for going on such a trip?

Also there is no mention of her father, is he dead, busy with work? Please add it into the history.

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Re: Queeny

Post by FroYo on Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:38 am

Since the changes have been made, I'll now approve this app.

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Re: Queeny

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