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Gavin Vissidius WIP

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Gavin Vissidius WIP

Post by Colm on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:10 pm

General Information

Name:  Gavin Vissidius
Epithet: "The Volatile Armadillo Lizard"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Swordsman, Navigator
Rank: Seaman Recruit
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Marine

  • Get Himself under control
  • Become an Admiral

Character Information



Gavin stands as tall as he can at a whole 5'9" and weighs in at roughly 155 lbs. His skin is a pale white but no to the point where he looks sickly, it's just seems as if he doesn't spend much time outside. His features make him appear to be slightly younger than he is due to his fair skin and relatively small face. His silver hair is always in a mess, at times it can seem like it's actually giving off a small shine in the light. Most people would say he has a button nose and his mouth is also relatively small. His eyes are as blue as the ocean and seem to glimmer the way it does. As would be expected he appears extremely thin but actually has some muscle to him. For most circumstances Gavin wears the traditional marine attire for a Seaman Recruit and does so happily. When not technically on duty and leaning more towards a causal look Gavin will wear a dark blue and white shirt and jacket combination both of which have a gold trim. His pants are dark gray jeans that are slightly baggy allowing for easy movement. His shoes are dark blue and black combat boots that are strapped on and off with a gold band.


Flipping the coin we turn to Vissidius, although he does maintain the same overall appearance as Gavin there are certain small differences that give him away. Instead of silvery his hair appears a white that has somehow been darkened. Replacing the innocent sparkle there is now a soullessness and evil in his eyes, the kindness that once inhabited his smile is gone, instead there is a sinister and wicked feeling to the grin that creeps across his face. It may seem impossible but a darkness seems to materialize around his person, causing his appearance to be darker including the shades of his clothing.

Personality: Gavin is by all means a kind and caring person, he always strives to do as much as he can to help people and to be the best person and marine he can be. He is also a rather timid individual, being easily startled and quick to lose his nerve when faced with danger or opposition. Even though it may not seem like it Gavin does in fact try his best to be brave, he just doesn't have enough confidence in himself to be able to do so. Gavin is a rather intelligent individual, he is quite knowledgeable about things and enjoys learning about pretty much anything and everything, sometimes even the smallest bit of information can be helpful and all he really wants to do is help. He is also extremely observant, allowing him to be able to come up with excellent plans of actions and see through people's plans, this would normally make it hard to catch him off guard but even if he knows exactly what's coming he'll still lost heart simply because he lacks a backbone. Gavin enjoys making friends and meeting people but since many seem to only think of him as a coward and dissociate with him he's learned to enjoy himself quite a lot in solitude. This makes him seem like a loner but he only does so because most people want nothing to do with him. Gavin is not unaware of Vissidius, he knows that he exists and although he doesn't particularly hate him he doesn't like the way he acts sometimes and the fact he has to rely on him so much. Gavin looks forward to the day where he can finally get himself under control and be a more courageous person, that way he won't need Vissidius and will be able to accomplish just about anything on his own.

Vissidius is practically the polar opposite of Gavin, instead of being so good-natured he is much rougher and harsher when dealing with people. When speaking he tends to give off an arrogant demeanor, he actually despises arrogance however, seeming like this because of an immeasurable amount of confidence in himself and his abilities. Vissidius loves a challenge and will meet it with open arms, never backing down despite the odds or the consequences resulting from his actions. Instead of being a mindless animal only fixated on violence Vissidius is actually more intelligent than Gavin, most likely due to his darker nature and lack of cowardice. This makes him a formidable opponent because unlike Gavin he is able to fully act out the plans he comes up with and efficiently react to the observations he makes. Despite the fact Vissidius can be rather violent and enjoys fighting as well as severely beating people he is not overly sadistic, meaning he will not continue if his opponent is unable to continue fighting although he will at times toy with them to get them to that point. Vissidius will not deliver the killing blow unless he deems it necessary, mostly because he knows Gavin doesn't handle the trauma of having spilled blood very well. Vissidius for the most part doesn't like people, he's never really out much except for when he's needed so he doesn't see the need to befriend people or share experiences with him. He does however have a certain fondness for Gavin, acting defensive when it comes to his counterpart at times, more than anything though he sees Gavin as an endless source of entertainment. Vissidius wonders if the day will ever come where two will become one and Gavin will be a braver person, the thought is rather interesting to him even though he knows if it ever happens it won't be for a while.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.


  • Perception - Gavin was never really a popular kid, as such he spent quite a deal of time either being along or just kind of sitting on the sidelines. All he could really do was just watch, because of this he became a really observant child. He didn't really have people skills so he wasn't able to tell very much about a person by looking at them, but what he was able to do was spot inconsistencies. When something just didn't seem right to Gavin he'd be able to come up with a logical explanation for it, this allowed him to be able to tell when danger was eminent. Gavin won't be able to tell what a person is thinking but he will have a pretty damn good idea of whether or not he's walking into a trap or heading into the way of danger.

  • Sword & Shield - Due to the nature of his weapons Gavin is able to fight both offensively and defensively, this taught him the value of both fighting styles. When in battle he can not only maximize his offensive output but also protect himself from injury. Being able to switch from "Sword" to "Shield" allows Gavin to perform a variety of attacks at a moment's notice, it also allows him to throw his opponents off since they are unsure of what his motives are.

  • Photographic Memory - Gavin would be considered a form of genius by most, this is because of his ability to only see or read something once and be able to store it in his mind to call upon whenever he needs to or feels like it. When pairing this with how naturally observant he is Gavin is capable of learning a great deal of things to use to his advantage, whether it's recalling the appearance of a target or even seeing something he shouldn't have like a corrupt official taking a bribe it will all always be fresh in his mind in an instance. Because of this however he can be seen as dangerous sometimes which only causes trouble for himself.


Weapon: Sulpher

Weapon Description: Sulpher is a custom made silver broadsword with gold and black markings in the center of it. Down at the base of the weapon is a large gold and black hilt and armguard combination designed to be used as a shield to protect the wielder's hand from being targeted in order to prevent harm and being disarmed. The blade itself is an even 40 inches long while the armguard extends 8 inches up the arm.

Weapon Special Abilities: Due to it's particular blend of substances the blade and armguard are extremely durable. The two are composed of reinforced steel, obsidian, and actual gold making it very expensive. Besides being overall strong and incredibly sharp there isn't much else special about Sulpher.

Weapon History: Sulpher had been originally forged by a famous blacksmith, he wished to make something a little out of the ordinary that would be both beautiful, deadly, and even somewhat innovative. Although he was a master as making weapons he himself was a pacifist by nature and as such was never very skilled in fighting. A while before entering the marine academy Gavin met the renowned individual, he was in the middle of being assaulted by bandits and his very life was in danger simply because he refused to just hand over the creations he had worked so hard to make. Getting caught in the crossfire Gavin was in danger as well, things started to escalate and when all seemed lost Vissidius took the wheel. Wielding the weapon he was able to cut the bandits down despite not having any training with a blade, upon returning control to Gavin and everything getting squared away the blacksmith was kind enough to give him Sulpher as thanks for saving his life.

Weapon: Einzelkampf

Weapon Description: Just like it's twin Einzelkampf is custom made, however instead of being an interestingly designed sword it is a bladed gauntlet with medium sized knives extending from the fingertips. The glove portion is gold and black akin to Sulpher but it also contains a diamond shape ruby purely for show, the most peculiar part of it however is the circular amber in the center of it that resembles the eye of a monster or demon. The knives extending from the tips are roughly 10 inches in length with the blades from the pinky to the index being straight while the thumb blade is curved.

Weapon Special Abilities: Due to the different substances making up it's composition the gauntlet itself and the blades are extremely durable. Just like it's counterpart Einzelkampf is composed of reinforced steel, obsidian, and actual gold as well as a portion being made of ruby and the center of it being an ancient amber. As would be expected the weapon is rather expensive as well as rare due to it's design. Besides being overall strong and incredibly sharp there isn't much else special about Einzelkampf.

Weapon History: A short while after entering the Marine Academy Gavin was hard at work in order to improve himself and be the best he could be. Although he was capable he still felt like he was missing a certain something, he wasn't much for marksmanship but charging in with a lone weapon just didn't seem like a very smart idea to him. What he needed was another weapon in order to further his abilities and become stronger. Not knowing where else to go he decided to pay the blacksmith a visit again, he received a warm reception from the man who was kind enough to hear the young boy out. Seeing a certain something in his eyes and believing he still somewhat owed him for saving his life he decided to craft another weapon for him, it would resemble his original gift but be special in it's own way. What the genius creator came up with was Einzelkampf, at first Gavin felt like he couldn't accept such a beautiful crafted creation, but the blacksmith pressed on and he accepted it graciously. On that day a promise was made to the blacksmith, he would become the greatest marine he could possibly be, he didn't want to dishonor the man that had shown him a great kindness not once but twice.

Power Level Information

Character Strength : Proficient
Character Speed: Proficient
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity: Proficient

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Bari Bari No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:

Level 1 (Current Level)
The user is able to form barriers to protect themselves but only up to a certain size, the largest they are capable of making is 25 ft by 25 ft with a 5 ft width. As far as protection goes the user is able to block standards things like bullets and even stop cannonballs. In physical terms however the barriers are only a level ahead of the users Resilience, as such the barriers can be destroyed if their opponent/enemies Strength is higher. Attacks launched at the barriers will be reflected back at the attacker, meaning bullets and cannonballs will be shot back to where they were fired from. Physical attacks such as a punch or a kick will return the force to the attackers body, usually resulting in a broken arm or leg/foot although it really depends on the amount of force used. The return damage is equal to the amount of force used. The only shapes that can be made at this level are 2 dimensional shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. The type of shape formed doesn't affect the power of the barriers, it is merely for show or to better block an attack.

Level 2 (7 Threads)
The user is able to form barriers to protect themselves but only up to a certain size, the largest they are capable of making is 50 ft by 50 ft with a 10 ft width. As far as protection goes the user is able to block standards things like bullets and even stop cannonballs. In physical terms however the barriers are only 2 levels ahead of the users Resilience, as such the barriers can be destroyed if their opponent/enemies Strength is higher. Attacks launched at the barriers will be reflected back at the attacker, meaning bullets and cannonballs will be shot back to where they were fired from. Physical attacks such as a punch or a kick will return the force to the attackers body, usually resulting in a broken arm or leg/foot although it really depends on the amount of force used. The return damage is equal to the amount of force used. At this level the user is now able to form 3 dimensional shapes like spheres, cones, pyramids and other such shapes. Not the user is also able to project the barriers and move them in order to crush his target, if using a point like from a cone or pyramid the user could also pierce them as if using a sharp blade.

Devil Fruit Abilities: The user of the Bari Bari No Mi is turned into a Barrier Human, allowing them to generate barriers for defending or striking at will. The barriers formed are invisible although they can be solidified to become visibly transparent. This protects the user from attacks from either front or back. The barriers appear to be immovable by any outside force. The barriers formed can also be used for offensive purposes, being able to be launched forward to create powerful forces to strike targets.  Even if the user isn't facing the direction of the attack coming for them so long as they know it is coming they are still able to block it. Meaning if they had their back turned but knew someone was coming to punch them they could still form a barrier to protect themselves. The barriers react to the strength of the incoming force, meaning the more powerful the attack the more damage will be caused to the attacker.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

  • Sea Stone
  • Water
  • Haki

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat:

  • Feint & Lunge - Taking a step forward and swinging Einzelkampf so as to come just short of his target Gavin pushes himself forward with his back leg in a lunge to try and pierce his target with Sulpher.

  • Armored Charge - Holding Einzelkampf in front of him as a shield to cover his chest and stomach Gavin extends Sulpher forward and charges at his target to try and skewer them. In this stance Gavin is able to protect himself using Einzelkampf while using Sulpher to attack. Meaning if his target launched a counter-attack Gavin could easily block it and still land his initial blow.

  • Meeting Of Points - Getting within range of his target Gavin is careful to avoid being hit while launching two attacks, an uppercut with Einzelkampf and a downward slash with Sulpher. This is done in an attempt to slice his target in half. A variation of this attack could also be done to cleave his target in half horizontally instead of vertically.

  • Be Still - Reaching out with Einzelkampf Gavin attempts to grab his target by their head and pierce his claws into their head or neck, either killing them or causing such extreme discomfort and instilling the fear of death that their target refuses to act or move. This also impairs the targets vision which just adds to the fear.

  • Now Rest - While maintaining his grip with Einzelkampf Gavin raises Sulpher and stabs his target through the heart, killing them.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

  • Protect - Using his powers Gavin creates a barrier in order to protect himself and even people around him granted they are within his range.

Haki: N/A

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