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Yetu, Taka

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Yetu, Taka

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:03 am

General Information

Name:  Yetu, Taka
Age:  19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human. (Has bluespotted angelfish mermaid blood)
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: What is their job?
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: N/A
To become the world’s most renowned cook.
To cook for the most notorious pirates and the highest world government officials.
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N36Ya2zvPZE

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Appearance: Having had traces of merfolk DNA in him thanks to his ancestry, the thing that most stands out about him is his natural light blue hair. Other than his fingers and toes being slightly webbed, there’s nothing else that betrays his merness. He’s rather short, standing at five feet and two inches, and weighing in at 122 pounds.
He usually wears headphones, even when there’s no music playing.  Though it tends to hurt his ears a bit if he wears them on for too long, he only blazes music when he’s cooking. He wears some kind of a sleeveless shirt that reaches down to his very short.. Shorts. He also has sleeves that aren’t connected to his shirt that are just under the shoulder. He also wears a tie for whatever reason. He tends to wear platform shoes, though only about a couple of centimetres high.
He likes to dance while cooking and listening to music, though as his hands are usually full it amounts to swinging his hips left and right, left and right and the like.

Personality: Taka is fairly hard to anger, though being ignored is generally what sends his teeth on edge. However, he IS fairly easy to upset. People not liking his food would likely cause him to burst into tears. Furthermore, he doesn’t like getting hurt and would often avoid fights like the plague, preferring a run-away strategy instead.
He has a very large passion for cooking, often trying to figure out new recipes and swapping ones with other chefs. His other favourite passion is card games, from poker (which he isn’t good at) to trading cards (which he IS good at), he’d like to sit down and have a play.
He also always keeps a bounty book on his person whenever he’s exploring or found himself a temporary job. The higher the bounty he’s found, the more excited he is to cook for them, the same with the world government and marines.
Taka isn’t the brightest bulb, he can fall for scams and liars, such as when they claim his food is bad and demand a refund he would apologise profusely and give them what they want. Even if the food really is bad, he wouldn’t want to insult another chef, and would say that any food coming from them is nice. He is also quite oblivious to personal space among other things, innuendos and such flying right over his head and touchers just being friendly people.

Character History

Born in a town in the Southern reaches of the Blues, Taka’s family had descended from a mermaid and human, and so most of the lineage have been blessed (or cursed) with fish-like qualities as well as the beauty of a mermaid. However, as the line went down, more and more human DNA took over the mermaid, so the features began to die down. However they still retained their natural blue hair and some webbing, though it wouldn’t be long before they lose the fishy features altogether.
Taka’s parents weren’t the nicest around, they were usually grumpy, his father being part of the line, was considered to be a real ‘beauty’, however with that, his mother had some insecurity issues. His father genuinely loved her but she was always suspicious as to whether he was cheating on her, and always used private investigators to spy on him. His father was a professional model while his mother worked in business, thus most of the time when his father wasn’t in he had the house to himself.
As a hobby, he got into card games while he was at school with the most popular being Juhao. He soon found a passion in cooking when he started making his own dinner at the age of ten, with his father being called away more and more while his mother was as busy as ever. Soon, cards and cooking were his main hobbies. After a couple of years, he was pressured into having a job. He had to choose between two childhood dreams, become a master Juhao player, or become a chef. He decided to become a chef, as most of the tournaments were held in his town, as it wasn’t as popular in the rest of the world.
He joined a restaurant as a dishwasher for a year, before becoming old enough to move on to being an apprentice chef. He soon yearned to explore, take up jobs around the world and capture as many flavours as possible. When he was nineteen, his parents divorced. His father couldn’t take the constant jealousy from his mother, before they could begin fighting over custody, he left to find his fortune as a chef, to become the greatest one ever.


Bounty Book.
A tin of Juhao Cards. (Four hundred) Rules: You randomly select twenty “creature cards” and twenty “aid cards” and shuffle them into a forty card deck. The person whose turn it is first gets three cards in their hand, while the next person gets to draw to four cards. The winner is determined by destroying all of the opponents’ creature cards.
Spare clothes.
Cooking utensils.
A wallet, found.. Somewhere.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:   Expert
Character Resilience:   Average
Character Dexterity:   Expert

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Devil Fruit Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: N/A


RP Sample:

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Re: Yetu, Taka

Post by Docile on Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:01 am

Unless stated otherwise

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