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Sticky Shoru

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Sticky Shoru

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:21 pm

General Information

Name:  Shoru Mushi
Epithet: "Mellow Mu"
Age: 16
Gender:  Female
Birthplace: North Blue.
Species: Human
Orientation: Left handed 

Crew: The Dog Ears
Ship: Playful Griffin
Occupation: Navigator
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• To make someone king of the pirates
• Discover all secrets of the new world upon exploration with a pirate crew.

Character Information



Shoru is a very short girl especially for her age.  Shoru appears to always have a lolipop in her mouth. Shoru appears to be a young girl standing at 5'1 feet and weighing only 60 lbs. 

Shoru seems to have a seemingly light skin tone and her eyes never seem to sparkle. 

Shoru appears with sleeping Pajamas including a hat with an S on the front of it, most likely standing for the S in her name and a sleeping gown that appears to have sleeves too long for her and has some sinister bear on the front of it. Shoru also wears bear slippers to match the bear on her gown.  She also appears to wear stockings with blue-ish type colors.  Shoru seems to always have a not drop from her nose, most likely a side affect from her devil fruit.  Shoru never seems to leave any place without her Koro sensei rubbery plush doll that is yellow and has a dark toned gown.  Shoru's hair seems to be a turquoise type of color. The doll is seemingly heavier than it looks, due to the bricks she carries in them, using her doll as a weapon.

Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know what your character is like in various situations and why too.
Shoru appears to be a naturally happy in general situations. Even in certain situations she seems to keep a somewhat not worried expression on her face. Shoru has a very distinct laugh not like other peoples, "Mellalalalalala" is the sound and tone of her laugh. Shoru treats those she is acquainted with general respect. Even if she is acquainted with someone, if she generally doesn't like them she will be somewhat rude and has a special way of showing it, without being hostile for the most part. Shoru likes sticking close to people she likes, usually next to them or behind them, this also goes for people she trusts. Shoru herself has not been in many DIRE situations so she herself has yet to even know how she would react in a situation where she could die, specifically with pain and not a quick death. This is specified because Shoru is often keeping out the range of danger unless she must approach danger whether she likes it or not it has also yet to be seen if she would sacrifice her life for another individual. 

Character History


Shoru seemed to always be sick. Shoru at a young age loved /experimenting/ and such with bugs and dirt. She has spent a majority of her life either in bed or messing with a lot of gross stuff. Because of this as she got older she developed an immunity of some sort to getting sick. The more she played and ate dirt, the less it affected her body and her immune system seemed to only get stronger. Due to this she was even less cautious about putting any other weird things in her mouth. This is where her story REALLY comes in. Shoru lived in a somewhat big house with only her grandfather. Her grandfather was incredibly irresponsible thus why Shoru had gotten away or have been exposed to so much stuff. Because of this Shoru had developed seemingly permanent immaturity to things around her. 

Her grandfather may have been a perv, scumbag and unimaginably irresponsible but he loved his grand daughter and Shoru herself seemed indifferent about the old coot. Of course her grandfather was many things but there was one thing he never saw coming. Upon another one of Shoru's adventures she had wondered into town, note around people and places she had no business being around she wondered into a very small casino. She wondered to a man at a table who had been betting with his friends. She kept pestering him about what he was betting and how he knew he would win. He ignored the kid for the most part half answering her questions. While he wasn't looking she went and snooped around in a big pile of stuff he had won and found a bag...a circular shaped bag. She would usually find dirty magazines and things like that in these bags, so she decided to open it to see if it had been a mag her grandfather had looked at or read before. She found no mags but she did find something an oddly looking fruit, it looked pretty weird and not only that but Shoru was getting pretty hungry just by looking at it. The gambler finally turned around to see the little brat going through his stuff, by the time he had made it to her, it was too late. She had nearly eaten the entire fruit leaving a bit of the stem left, she still had a few chunks left in her cheeks. 

The man was ready to about kill the girl but then...he saw what it had done to her. She had what looked like a droplet of snot from her nose she tried to sniffle it back into her nose but it seemed as if it would never go away. She had seemingly also had some type of sticky mucus radiating off her clothing and skin, it wasn't long before she was sitting in a pile of it. She didn't turn into the sticky mucus she was just covered in it, infinitely. The girl herself seemed  pretty indifferent about the situation as a whole but the man and a few other patrons just laughed, for some reason the man had figured he hadn't lost much, but still she was going through his stuff. He had grabbed the girl by the back of her pajamas and tried to throw her out of the casino but she was so...sticky no matter how hard he tried it was like she was the stickiest thing in the world. 

By her own will she had let herself be flung out of the place and ran off, she had also seemed to smuggle a map and a few tools away from the man as she ran off. The man was just glad to have gotten the girl away from him. Though that would not be the end of the mans problems. The man had worked for a very dangerous pirate on the island in other words, all the things he had been collecting technically were not his, when his boss heard that the devil fruit had been eaten by some brat, even with its powers being said useless he was still pissed. He had set out to find this girl with the description the grunt had given him. Meanwhile her grandpa had been examining his granddaughters new...ability? or whatever it had been that she had obtained. He tried over and over to wipe the sniffle droplet from her nose but it seemed like it would stick there forever. Later that week the angry pirate had finally found where this girl lived. He approached the house and called out the term /brat/ to summon the girl both the old man and Shoru had come outside the house. 

Shoru had seemingly better control over her powers and she also seemed to be holding a rubber like doll that looked like Koro sensei from a popular manga. The Pirate though, could still see the effects of the devil fruit on her for some reason that Shoru had not been aware of he had to kill her. She looked to her granddad and he returned the look they both started to laugh. Why was this? what ever the reason it pissed off the pirate that had declared the girls death. he charged the girl with a large hammer but she dodged it while airborne from dodging the swing she had began to spin holding her rubber doll by the tentacles at the bottom of it she then channelled a skilled swing with the doll into the pirates head..knocking him out!? strange but it happened. she and her father had laughed about how the rubber doll had been made to hold thick, hard bricks in it and the rubber held it quite nicely. The grunts had dragged their boss away and Shoru had went back into her house with her father.

To this day she was now sixteen..and still short, this had not been a side effect of the fruit she was just...short! She had done a lot of thinking of those years growing up and thought the pirate that attacked her had been living his life all wrong as a pirate. That is when she declared that she would join a crew and make her captain the king of the pirates. Why? she wanted to prove that Pirates should be guided by their dreams and not act like reckless mafia bosses. She nor her grandfather were sure why she wanted to do any of this but her mind was seemingly set. Who knows, maybe the pirate captain had inspired her to set out on an adventure and prove these things! he had also been studying the maps she had stolen from that man before she had turned sixteen she thought herself more of a cook type to tease her crew with her seemingly disgusting powers but she seemed to be destined to be a navigator!


High jumper:
Shoru had spent all her life adventuring through her hometown eating things that she had to gain specific heights to get to, she seemed to have gained the skill of becoming a fairly high jumper!

Strong Immune System:
Upon consuming all types of different fungus, bugs and mud she developed a great immune system after surviving her many illnesses.

Upon stealing a map and other few supplies from a gambler in a small casino Shoru decided to practice on her skills of navigation for it may come in handy one day. For a novice she seems to be a quick learner.


Weapon: Rubber Koro sensei doll filled with bricks.

Weapon Description: appears to be a squid with rubbery and expendable tentacles and is heavier than it looks due to the bricks inside of it. The Doll appears to be a yellow squid with a circular head and devious smile, it resembles Koro sensei from a popular manga her grandfather used to read. The thick parts of the weapon aka where the bricks are seem to be located in the head and torso of the doll. the doll's facial expression seems to also be a bit sceptical in some way.

Weapon Special Abilities:

The rubber holding the bricks is seemingly the best rubber a person could use it can extend very far without snapping and seems to work in synergy with the weight that it carries.

Weapon History:
The doll resembles a Character from a popular manga that Shoru's grandfather would see in the mags he'd read. The weapon was custom made for Shoru and has only been in the hands of Shoru and her grandfather.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: trained.
Character Speed:  advanced.
Character Resilience:  advanced.
Character Dexterity:  average.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:Beta Beta no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression
level 1-2. 3 threads
level 2-3. 5 threads

Current Devil fruit Level: Level one
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
 Progression with this devil fruit gives the user more control over the amount of mucus the can produce and how less they can use while still being able to stick to things. They can also increase how sticky they are while starting out they are already pretty sticky.

Level One:
• The user gains the ability too generate sticky mucus from their body
• The user can coat things in this sticky mucus
• The user gains the ability to manipulate the sticky mucus into constructs of their choosing.
• The mucus is as strong as the user

Level Two:
• The user gains the ability too generate sticky mucus from their body
• The user can coat things including themselves in this sticky mucus
• The user gains the ability to manipulate the sticky mucus into constructs of their choosing.
• The mucus is as strong as the user
• The user gains the ability to launch sticky mucus projectiles from their body

Level Three:
• The user gains the ability too generate sticky mucus from their body
• The user can coat things including themselves in this sticky mucus
• The user gains the ability to manipulate the sticky mucus into constructs of their choosing.
• The mucus is as strong as the user
• The user gains the ability to launch sticky mucus projectiles from their body
• The user can leave behind a trail of mucus which oozes from their body and still retains the same sticky properties

Devil Fruit Abilities:
he fruit's major strength is the ability to create limitless amounts of mucus, which affords the ability to restrain movements and allow the user to attach themselves to surfaces. The mucus is strong enough to hold a ship. 
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
The mucus is flammable and will cause it to explode violently upon contact with a spark; though potentially a liability, the user can use this to his or her advantage.
The user also seems to have an infinite snot dripping from their nose. Aside from that and the standard Devil Fruits' weaknesses, this ability has no other known weakness.

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat:
Sensei's wisdom
Shoru uses her rubber Koro doll and swings it around in the air up high for a final swing to her foe. most effective to the head.

sensei's approval
Shoru swings the koro doll upward the rubber of the doll making it reach high then swinging it back down over the top of her enemy which is most effective to the head and torso.

sensei's errands
Shoru swings the doll around by its tentacles letting it stretch out far to hit a large amount of enemies with one move effective everywhere.

General Doll Combat
Shoru uses the doll as a chain and ball type of weapon.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Sticky sticky web!
Shoru creates a web out of mucus to catch her enemies whether it be on a wall or the ground itself.

Sticky Sticky Koro!
Shoru covers her doll in mucus so that when she attacks an enemy successfully they stick to the doll allowing her to go in for some harsh close range damage.

Sticky Sticky swamp stomp!
Shoru hops up and down like a child with an angry tantrum and covers her area in sticky mucus this reaches to about 5 feet around her entire body.

Sticky Sticky slide!
Shoru  uses the muckus to create a surf board looking contruct to slide across an area.

Sticky sti-..Achoo!
Shoru sneezes Mucus at her enemy at somewhat fast speed the projectile is shaped like a ball or small orb, the mucus can catch the enemy in a cocoon or against the wall if it hits

Haki: N/A

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Re: Sticky Shoru

Post by Docile on Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:54 pm

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