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Neo Pamela Cobblepot

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Neo Pamela Cobblepot

Post by EnglishDubsDuff on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:42 pm

General Information

Name: Neo Pamela Cobblepot
Epithet: Joker 7
Age: 19
Gender:  Female?
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human?
Orientation: Left handed

Crew: Jinpachi J. Duffs crew (still under construction
Ship: under construction?
Occupation: Shipwright
Rank: -
Crimes Committed: General piracy, murder, failure to comply.
Bounty Collected-
Allegiance: Pirate!!!
Make Jinpachi J. Duff king of the pirates
(back up plan!: help Josh Wynter become king of the pirates)
Create her personal best ship.

Character Information



Pamela appears to be a young woman with a curvy body. She stands at 6'1 feet and weighs 120 lbs. She wears a pirate hat hat with a jolly roger on the front of it. She has a very odd hair style. it consist of one pony tail one the side of her head that is not covered by her hat. The  pony tail itself seems to be gigantic, her hair black with parts of it dyed light blue. Her eyes are dark sky blue, her skin is light toned. Pamela appears to be wearing some type of jester top that covers only one of her breasts, the other breast is covered by some type of star shaped plating. she wears a black bracelet on her right hand. Pamela doesn't seem to have much to wear as bottoms, she wears pink panties which seems to be a bikini bottom with some type of cloth to cover the front of her left leg. the back of her bottom doesn't seem to be covered by the cloth and gives anyone looking a clear view of her bottoms. Apparently her left leg seems to bare some resemblance to half human fishman patterns but with closer inspection it appears to be just a tattoo that mimics the look. Aside from the hand bag she carries she appears to have brown boots for shoes with ankle socks under the boots.

Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know hat your character is like in various situations and why too.

Pamela the Joker
Pamela is a very odd person. Personality seems to literally pour from this girl as she has many opinions about people that of which can't even be listed. By default she seems to have a very jester like personality. She seems to purposely have this Ego that makes her somewhat a sociopath. She seems to be indifferent to anyone she doesn't care about or interested in, which means collateral damage is sort of a liability to her. Pamela can be very whiney when dealing with someone she doesn't agree with. When in life or death situations she stays cocky until she is literally near or about to be killed. Also when she is aware that her enemy is incredibly more powerful than her, she may run away or sometimes even too scared to move and would rather beg for her life than have the fear of someone being behind her ready to chop her up. When she is in a situation where she is victorious the cockiness is almost unbearable. She will waste time taunting the person she beat to show them how happy she is for her accomplishment of overcoming the person, her taunting consist of man different humiliating gestures, offensive ones too.

Pamela the pirate
Pamela became a pirate upon inspiration from two pirates, one who was already up in the ranks, and one who has potential. Josh Wynter and Jinpachi J. Duff. Upon becoming a pirate she had no real interest in having her own crew, she even thought having henchmen would be a real setback so she decided that she would JOIN one of her role models crew. She personally thought She'd be a burden to wynter as she was too much of a fan, he was too far up the ranks to be of any help to him, so she decided that she would be solo until she became apart of Duff's crew. As a pirate she became much more creative with her nicknames and insults...which in the end turn out to be the same thing.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.

Most of Pamela's childhood had been very unmemorable and boring, all the fun started when she turned sixteen. By sixteen Pamela had truly been the boss of herself, able to make up decisions that would benefit whoever she wanted them to. Pamela had started her own circus along with a few other kids around her home town. Though this circus was different from most, every show as a private show, the only people aloud in the circus were the performers which of course were only Pamela and her other associates. They also did things a little differently than most circus'. Instead of performing they practiced, practice practice practice. After months of getting accustomed to agilities of expert acrobats they had finally stopped practicing. But what was it that they were doing and why? Going back to when Pamela and the other kids first started this circus they had it all planned out. They wanted to do something active, something creative, something exciting! with a mixture of violence in the mix as well so what were they doing? They were creating Klon-Fu.

Klown-Fu is a fighting style the kids were all creating that would be reminiscent of the drunken man in a way, except...Clown themed. The fighting style would consist of more than just hand to hand combat. Random weapons could be worked in with synergy into Klown-fu combat. This could be mostly any weapon  or even a blunt object which is what made this fighting style so unique, it was great and innovative enough to please their thirst...for the time being anyway. Pamela and the crew were all nice and hunky dorey about their creation but being all goody goody just wouldn't do the trick for them! they decided to show the town what they have created. For the time being Pamela didn't use many weapons along with her Klown-Fu although it was mostly her idea at the moment she was the most less familiar with using a wide variety of objects to her advantage.

Around this time Pamela's personality was starting to blossom. To start their times of mayhem and destruction they picked on the rookie marines that took up most of their home town. They were just sailor boys and girls, somewhat on the same level as Pamela and her gang, well almost...To start out things each member of Pamela's crew would take on an entire group by themselves before they needed help. first went everyone but Pamela. They didn't last too long before the rest of the gang had to jump in to save one another except for one boy. This boy wore a feather coat with clown make up on his face, he was able to last all of the sailor boys in his selected group to fight he had been very calm during his fight, Pamela with speculation noticed this and figured this might be how he managed it, though she had no intention on being /calm/ when her turn came...which was...fairly soon. They had managed to find another group of sailor boys and yours truly was up. Pamela thought maybe she might not do so well as to take them all out, so she wanted to do something different from the rest of her gang. She approached the group of sailor boys ahead of her gang, seems she wanted to show them something.

Upon approaching the group she spoke the utmost trash, she trashed the world government, the marines, the sailor boys, their mothers, really offensive stuff. Funny enough, the marines considered this 'disrupting the peace' fined her and asked her to come with them to cease further disruption, she complied...just kidding she refused then she was charged for failure to comply. At this point Pamela had saw herself as strong in a way, raising her bounty with just words? although it wasn't too high from just those small crimes. She decided that it was time to show her gang what she was capable of. She had demonstrated her skill in said 'Klown-Fu' fighting, and she was pretty good she was able to incorporate every move she did and connected every hit to another upon moving from one enemy to the other. She was able to take out the entire group without needing help. The gang was impressed especially the other kid that had also been able to take out an entire group was looked up to as well. Pamela and this boy were named the two Jokers, the boy was "Klown prince" and Pamela was named "Joker 7"

They didn't want to do the love cliche but Joker 7 and Klown prince had started spending a lot of time together after they had received their titles, though they didn't do much for some of the time they spent together. They would sit close to each other in the same room, Klown prince would sit on the ground with his legs spread out he'd stare at the ground with a cigarette in his mouth, Joker 7 would on occasion light the cig for him or he did it himself, it was weird. Other days they would train together in Klown-fu with an without weapons. Klown prince seemed to still always be better than Pamela but she came in a very close second. And the last 25 percent of the time they spent together would be them trying to communicate but always failing at it. Joker 7 eventually figured out a strategy to pull Klown prince out of his comfort zone,it was a stretch but she was going for it. One day when Klown prince did his usual ground sitting and smoking routine it was Joker 7's turn to light his cig but when she approach she approached right in front of him, while he wa sitting on the the floor, she stood in front of him within the area of his legs which were open. He looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

She stood there for a few moments before she put her foot down!...on top of his balls, this caught him totally by surprise all he could do is cringe and strain from the pain, he attempted to ask her why she was doing what she was doing but she didn't say anything yet as a matter of fact she moved her foot around a little to add to the pain. He gritted his teeth at the pain and she finally spoke. She started to ask him questions...very formal questions, his likes, dislikes, favorite food, the type of girls he likes, this was apparently her way of conversing with someone close to her. after she was told all she desired she removed her foot from his crotch. He seemed to be instantly revived from the pain right after she removed her foot, he then asked her why she did that but she somewhat avoided the question as a whole by changing the subject talking about how as a child she had always been fascinated with building things specifically transportation constructs, mainly ships she had been working on the shipwright profession for a long time now, she told him it was why she was a little behind in Klown-Fu and that if it weren't for that focus she'd probably be better than him. He then asked her a question a few moments later
"Do you like me?" he asked her she gasped a bit and sort of blushed she gave sort of a half answer and said she wouldn't mind liking him...he took that as a yes but he didn't try anything at the moment.

Things seemed to be going pretty well until one day. Joker 7, Klown prince and the gang had went out for another ambushing on the sailor boy marines. Of course, it was bashing time. For some reason they decided to have one go and fight them, like they did before, of course it was non other than Joker 7 who went up against the sailor pigs. It had been going like it usually would go until she got to the last person to fight. they were strong..really strong, far too strong to be a sailor boy. Joker 7 had been on the ground, now losing she was almost furious. She asked how a sailor boy could be so tough. The man answered by saying he wasn't a sailor boy at all, he was a Captain rank marine in disguise. Joker 7 and her gang had been harassing the rookies for months now, a few even happened to turn up dead which was courtesy of Joker 7 and Klown prince. Though Joker 7 was not all that worried her gang would help her out, right? apparently they saw joker 7 as the second powerful of the small gang, seeing her being taken down so easily was not a good sign, they had all abandoned her and run away. She could not believe this, even Klown prince betrayed her in the blink of an eye? a gang she had started? She decided to try and finish the fight out of anger but the captain was just too strong for her to handle. As the marine was about to deal his final blow Klown prince had come to her rescue, blocking the marine captains attack. He had told her that he needed a running start. She had gained a lot of hope from this to even smile.

At this rate, the both of them would be able to take down this one captain but then life struck again. 3 more captains had shown up to defend the captain that they were fighting which was just perfect, it seemed not even Klown prince would be able to handle them, but then he told her something. He told her to run away,flee the island if she had to, after all the island itself was occupied by mostly marines. She had thought he was an idiot for suggesting such a thing but as the captain overwhelmed him He twisted her arm, convincing her to flee, he did not want her going into marine jail, they would never escape at there current skill. Tears ran down Joker 7's face like a waterfall she had fled from the fight and stole a marine ship Klown Prince did a good job at covering her, conveniently no one was aboard the ship she had jacked she had put up the sails and began to flee the island as a whole, at that moment Klown prince had done something unexpected. From his feather coat he pulled out two bombs with smiley faces on them. He through them to the ground and it was as if a big explosion had happened but it was mostly a light affect that made it seem like the explosion had covered the entire island. Though Joker 7 did not know this and she had cried even more thinking that Klown prince had done the unthinkable.

A few hours later while Joker 7 had been sailing on the stolen ship she had developed some type of...rage mode from what seemed to be Klown princes death it seemed this rage mode had been her own creation...Klown-fu she had been at the level one mastery of her own fighting style, that was what this rage mode was, Psychotic Memories, she named it. A few more hours later she made it onto some island, the island with gold roger's execution platform. there seemed to be a large crowd around the area where it was located, in curiosity she had joined the crowd to see what all the fuss was about. the platform...it had been burned down! Who could have done this? she had to know. At the moment she did not see anyone that was responsible but she would find out who had done it. Later in the week she had read a news paper that had shown who had burnt down the platform...Josh wynters, this man...had shot a heart shaped arrow into Joker 7's heart. he was so inspiring! This pirate had some mighty big balls to pull off such a trick! Joker 7 had been pushed on edge become a pirate because of this. Then a few more months later she read more news paper...news, way far in the back, something somewhat old the very last page. This was the nest push Jinpachi J. Duff aka Strong Hat, a boy who's entire crew was murdered by an enemy faction had been looking for crew members a very recent subject to! she had read the entire article about Duff, his story broke her heart, the article didn't have much of his background but it had enough to make him a role model, Jinpachi J. Duff and Josh Wynters, these two inspired Joker 7 to fulfil her old dream of becoming a great shipwright and of course, becoming a pirate!

Abilities: List any abilities the character has such as acrobatics, photographic memory etc etc...

Acrobatics- A large amount of training in Acrobatics from her self training in a circus.

Klown-Fu- A custom fighting style Pamela and her gang created.

Shipwright- Ever since she was much younger she has had a large interest in ship building and sailing, also has been studying the skill even to this day.


A bag that contains...

Marbles- multicolored marbles

metal pebbles- pebbles made out of solid iron.

Cherry bombs- mini bombs that cause little explosions on impact.

slingshot- a wooden slingshot with a green rubber band catapult.

a rubber chicken- A prank item that resembles a chicken, and is made out of rubber.

a plastic hand stick- a stick with a flappy hand on the end of it.

A baton- a black night stick.

a fake, metal gun with no interior of a real gun simply a piece of medal shaped like a gun


Weapon Description:-

Weapon Special Abilities:-

Weapon History:-

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Trained
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression
Current Devil fruit Level
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Hope you like grey!- Pamela hops onto her enemy, wrapping her legs around their torso and using her slingshot to shoot a cherry bomb to her enemy's face.

Knocking Swing kick!- Pamela toughens the muscles on her legs and deals 4 hard downward kicks to the enemy's head the final kick being much tougher than the other, slapping the heal down onto the enemy's skull.

Back off jack!- She pulls a rubber chicken from her bag and slaps the mess out of her enemy at close range, most effective to the face.

WooHoo!- Pamela jumps and performs a bicycle kick to the enemy ending the barrage with a hard frontal kick pushing the enemy onto the ground.

Gut puncture!- Pamela puts her hands on her enemy's shoulders extends her leg back sending one knee into her enemy's gut then the same with her other knee then she swings backwards and thrusts both her legs into her enemy's gut.

(more will progress in rp)

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Neo Pamela Cobblepot

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