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Seff Mistletoe

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Seff Mistletoe

Post by Docile on Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:33 am

General Information
"I've got a body for a weapon & defense, so you do you're best & so will I""

Name: Seff Mistletoe
Epithet: ""
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:

Crew: Mistletoe Marines
Ship: N/A
Rank: (Former) Seaman Recruit
(Former) Master Chief Petty Officer
(Former) Lieutenant Junior Grade
Rear Admiral
Bounty Collected: : 148,444,000
Allegiance: Marine
• Escape the pirate crew who held him hostage ✓
• Capture the pirates who took him as their hostage ✓
• Become an Admiral

Character Information
"The best surprises, come from the smallest & most unappealing of packages"



Seaman Recruit Appearance
Standing a height of simple 5 foot 7 Seff is short and weighs only 8 stone. His body is thin and not very muscular. his skin is pale and covered in scars from the training he endured. His face, arms and legs are hairless and he has flat feet. (Meaning no arch in the foot) With little black eyes which seem to dip down at the edge he often has a look of defeat on his face. Thin lips which too dip down at the edges often to pull into a frown. He has a simple brown hair which reaches down to his eye brows, just above his ears and curls neatly into a spiral down towards the back of his head like a second crown from his one in the middle of his head. His hair is very neatly cut and often stays the same except when large forces of wind blow against his fringe. Often he wears a scarf given to him by his mother on the day he started for luck. It was a black scarf with white cross hatch pattern. Whenever he wears it he allows one piece to hang down over his back and the other to hang down over his torso, formal meetings he will do it properly and tie it around his neck before tucking it in. Covering his body he wears the marine uniform of marine issued shoes, blue pants & white shirt along with marine cap on top.

Master Chief Petty Officer Appearance
Seff now wears black formal shoes, blue navy provided trousers with two white lines around the bottom. A black leather belt. A blue long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolls up to his elbows. A thin black tie & waist coat. His hair is also much shorter now but still reaches down to his eyes and the top of his ears. Seff also has a scar reaching across the midsection of his torso from right to left from a fight he had with Ragaydoon (NPC) on Black Ball Proving Grounds.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Appearance
Seff still wears the same attire as he did at the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. However this rank he wears a blue waist coat which is the same colour as his pants with a loosened tie and unbuttoned top button of his dark blue shirt, as well as a white pair of shoes and a kanji "Justice" (正義 Seigi?) over the back of his clothing. Over the right breast of his waist coat he wears the Marine insignia. He also still wears the cross-hatched scarf around his neck given to him by his mother.

Commodore Appearance:

Commodore Appearance
Changing his clothing entirely from his previous ranks Seff now wears a den den mushi wrist communicator on his wrist and some small beads. He wears a pale baby blue shirt with a green tie which has a yellow stripe leading down it. He wears dark grey pinstripe trousers and smart black shoes with a white patch over the top of them. From his trousers he wears braces leading up and over his shoulders connecting at the back. He now has grown a goatee which is a peculiar shape and grown his hair to his shoulders. In the back of his pants sticking out, Seff carries around with him a flintlock pistol.


Old Personality
Seff is a quiet character whose very shy and nervous around new people. He doesn't like being put on the spot and suffers from a large lack of confidence and often has to repeat himself as he doesn't speak up. He is very afraid and knows it, he agrees he is a push over and hates being one. He idolizes those who can speak up and stand up for themselves and feels lost allot of the time not sure where he is going in his own life. He meanders through life just hoping and waiting for something good to come along and has trouble hiding his emotions. He is however tougher than he originally thought and can be braver than he knows from time to time but it often fades and he will then shy away. When he is the best at something he becomes incredibly modest and when people stop making a big deal out of it he feels more ashamed he wasn't so greedy with all of the praise he received. Constantly feels the world is against him Seff feels he just wants to be accepted but can't do so till he can accept himself.

New Personality
After working alongside the Whirlpool Battalion & former Captain Arken Jones, Seff grew more confident in his own abilities as a desire to prove himself to Arken. Through the journeys he made friends with fellow recruit Enda Bryne. Seeing how his confidence grew along with his strength his pride has grown. Ever since losing Arken as a Captain and his leg to a pirate Seff's anger he reached a much higher level where he now is beginning to tarnish all criminals with the same feather. He believes once a criminal always a criminal and they shouldn't ever be allowed to escape their past just like the marines who escaped with their lives but broken hearts and deep wounds. As a sign to pirates that they can never forget what they once were, he has decided to give them something that can never be taken off as a sign to all others that this criminal is/was/will always be a criminal. His passion for eradicating the world of criminals has increased as he has taken on Arken's passion as his own and become more ruthless in his attacks and determined. He believes he is capable of finishing off Arken's work due to being able to sustain much worse in juries and come back from them thanks to the phoenix fruit he was given as a gift.

As the fruit was given to him by Arken he hopes to make the fruit one of the most notorious and well known fruits for the power it bestows upon him. Seff understands the repercussions of his actions and eating the fruit and likes to keep it a secret for as long as he can as he sees himself as a soldier whose secrets are better utilized when they remain as a secret. Seeking justice and fulfillment he respects fellow marines who carry his same sense of justice and feels that those of a corrupt nature do not belong with in the order and should be booted out.

Fuelled by a desire to do right, Hayes only wants to make the world a nicer place and is fully capable of forgiving someone within reason given they have fully changed and cease to be a criminal any longer. However a man who saves his life then commits a crime is not a changed man and deserves to be locked behind bars. Hayes tries to take his opponent's alive all of the time as he feels death is too common for some people and considering he senses it allot he tends to dislike meeting new people as he can often sense roughly how long they've got.

Looking for that all important person for him to love, to care, to protect and spend his life with, Hayes is a true romantic at heart. He is picky with women and tends to always fall for a woman who is less than savoury. But love makes fools of us all. When something bad happens between himself & a lady he'd fallen for, he uses that anger and rage in combat. It often fuels him to become much more violent during combat. But once he has found that right relationship or what he thinks it to be, Hayes tends to fight like a saviour doing everything he can to protect everyone from any and all dangers which present themselves. He believes life is important and shouldn't be wasted nor lost because of the selfishness of others. So if it is possible he will do all he can to keep everyone alive.

All in all Hayes is a nice guy seeking that special someone who has fun in moderation knows his limits and tries to beat them, with the ability to forgive a person who has given up in the life of a criminal.

Character History
"Follow The Tears of Fear"


Seff grew up always wanting to be a Marine, he saw the job as one of loyalty and dedication to protect the weak and stand up for all that was right in the world. As a child he had been bullied and beaten up by the other kids who stole his money and picked on him for the fun of it. He was saved by a Marine who told the kids to get lost and this is what made him see life of a Marine as something special.

Growing up all through his teenage years he tried building up his muscle but didn’t succeed as he spent the majority of his time studying so he could find a route into becoming a powerful Marine who used his own intelligence to fight with. He was more of a thinker than a fighter but when it boiled down to his final exams in school he didn’t do so well and felt depressed and upset. He felt like he was worthless as he couldn’t do anything greatly.

A few days later he was pushed into joining the Marines by his parents as it was his dream and what they wanted. His parents were supporting and wanted him to follow his dreams. Seff pulled together every piece of bravery he could muster up and headed off to join the Marines. Getting in Seff was happy and returned home to let them know, they were proud of him. As he headed off the next day to begin his Marine training he was given from his mom a scarf to keep warm and give him luck on his first day, being the toughest of all the days. Seff wasn’t great; in fact he was one of the worst. Seff was placed into a remedial group of Marines. Throughout the training Seff found himself as the best out of the group but he still wasn’t yet up to the standards of the other Marines and knew he’d have to train long and hard if he ever wanted to become an Admiral. Seff had always thought about becoming an Admiral and what kind he’d be like if he ever did become one. After training with the remedial group for 6 months they were sent on a small mission in a tiny town to show how well they dealt with real criminals and if they could catch them.

Seff had definitely learnt a thing or two and in this group of 6 Marines, as he went out to find the criminals whose bounties were small he recognized them facially and charged on ahead in an attempt to arrest them but as he drew closer he let fear get the better of him. As the Pirates turned round they managed to fairly easily due to fear getting the better of him knock him on his ass and drag him to their boat as a marine hostage. This is currently where his story in terms of rping will begin.


Following Orders
Being a recruit for a while and working as a remedial Marine for a while Seff learnt the importance of following orders and took it upon himself to do follow orders down to a T.

After being beaten and battered around by pirates and during his training as a remedial Marine Seff became tougher.

Ocean Wave Combat Style
A combat style Seff is creating himself based upon the properties of water from its limpness to its strengths. Whilst using this fighting style he allows his body to become natural like water, fluid in movement then hard as rock when compressed

"Greatness from small beginnings"

Flintlock Pistol

Weapon Description:
This is an ordinary flintlock pistol with a wooden handle and special sections for the ammunition. Like most flintlock pistols this is exactly the same as those ones the only difference is that this one belongs to the notorious Marine Seff Mistletoe.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:
The Flintlock pistol originally was an ordinary flintlock that would sit in the armory at the barracks being traded from person to person during training or wars. However now it sits in the hands and pants of Seff Mistletoe after choosing this one himself as a reliable weapon to use whenever he should feel the desire or need to do so

Power Level Information
"Each Scar Tells a New Story"

Character Strength: Dangerous
Character Speed: Dangerous
Character Resilience: Dangerous
Character Dexterity: Dangerous

Devil Fruit Information
"No time for Demons"

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Devil Fruit Forms:

Combat Information
"Windin' Up my Fists for a Final Blow"

Unarmed Combat

Ocean Wave Combat: Wave Hook
Seff throws an uppercut towards his foe recreating the movements of a wave launching his fist up towards his foe's chin then allowing the elbow to follow through and bringing the arm back curving towards himself before relinquishing the movement.

Ocean Wave Combat: Fluid
Seff allows his body go limp and lacks in muscle tension. he is now able to avoid all techniques easier and when he is attacked via blunt attacks his body takes on less damage due to less resistance.

Ocean Wave Combat: Surface Tension
Like when something solid hits water at speed it can cause allot of damage due to surface tension Seff launches a weak limp fist towards his foe with as much speed as he cane manage. Seconds before impact he tightly clenches his fist and throws his strength behind it extending his arm as long as he can and forcing all the strength behind it too, to increase the general strength behind the punch due to momentum.

Ocean Wave Combat: Surface Tension Barrage
Using Ocean Wave Combat: Surface Tension Seff uses this multiple times upon his foe.

Ocean Wave Combat: Tidal Wave
Throwing himself into a forward flip Seff attempts to kick his foe with his heels & hopefully even land on them crushing them beneath his body weight.

Ocean Wave Combat: Whirlpool Punch
Spinning his tightly clenched fist around in circles Seff allows the punch to pick up a large amount of momentum in which when he launches the punch towards his enemy the full force of the momentum is behind it. This makes the punch a little stronger than normal but takes 1 post to charge up. If the speed is decreased in anyway he will have to charge it up again.

Ocean Wave Combat: Droplet
Propelling himself into the air Seff forces his body down towards his foe back first curled up in a tight ball like a water droplet. Upon impacting his foe or the ground he uncurls himself and slams his elbows into his foe. The higher this attack is from the greater damage it causes to both Seff & his foe.


Beginner Haki: Armaments
This type of Haki grants the user the ability to coat their skin in black armor which can be used offensively as well as defensively.

Beginner Haki: Observation
This type of Haki grants the user the ability to sense the movements of his foes within a certain radius allowing them to foresee their attacks and avoid them.

Beginner Haki: King's
This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious.

Bringing over from One Piece Rise & Fall
Seff Mistletoe

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Re: Seff Mistletoe

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