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Charlotte Spaydyre

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Charlotte Spaydyre

Post by Vaetric on Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:13 am

General Information

Name:  Charlotte Spaydyre
Epithet: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Ship: N/A
Occupation: Infiltrator
Rank: Ensign
Bounty Collected: 500,000
Allegiance: Marine
Dream(s): To retire.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Appearance: A fairly petite lady, she stands at around 5'5 feet tall, she seems to wear mostly a black garb, coming along with a more gothic theme for casual occasions, with one eye shrouded by her midnight black hair. During the day, she wields an umbrella, black and red. Her boots, too, have a hint of red lined across the boots. Her eye colour is blue, a deep blue, which mostly seems to ruin her look on most occasions, it not fitting to the theme. Her skin is milky white, which is probably due to her heliophobia. She seems to have filled out just a bit in the waist and chest, though can still be considered skinny. Her arms are thin, though they conform to the size of her body, going past the waist. Her legs, too, are thin. Her clothes are frilled and mostly clad in black. Her boots are that of shiny leather, while her umbrella is made of a deep black material, probably double or triple layered. She carries four sabers, two at the front, and two at the back. Her eyes always seem to be a bit droopy, as if she’s tired, while having dark eyeliner around her eyes. She wears the cloak of Justice, which interferes more than a little with her theme.
Hybrid: Charlotte keeps the bang in her hair, though that’s about it. Her eyes become larger, black with red dots for pupils. She gains small spikey studs on her cheeks as well as longer, pointed ears with two fangs in her mouth that exudes venom. In this transformation, she has rather imperious-looking chitin armour. She has it on her forehead that kind of makes it look like a crown of some kind. The head chitin extends along the side of the head and along the jaw. The chitin also forms up a breastplate with a fur-like substance underneath, this is the same for the leg, hips and waist. She also gains an egg sac upon her back, with six sharp spider legs to her side.
Full Transformation: She takes the form of a rather large black-widow spider, in height it would be two meters, in length, four meters, covered in a sleek chitin armour and armed with a deadly poison with gripping that can attach to most surfaces.

Personality: During the day: Due to her heliophobia, she comes across as an extremely shy young lady, her lips fidgeting upon whether to smile or to grimace. She seems to blush a lot. She is almost always seen with her dark umbrella to shield her from the light’s rays, if she has to, she would panic if even a glimmer of light would reach her form, via yelping or falling to her knees and holding her umbrella close to her figure, like a turtle going into it’s shell. She also seems to have a habit of using Japanese honorifics, such as –kun, -sama or –chan.  She always seems to look downwards, even when speaking with someone whom  is lower ranked than her. She is also fairly cowardly, preferring to beg for mercy or flee rather than fight, especially when she knows or thinks that the opponent is much stronger than her. However, she would defend herself if she must though would try to end the fight as fast as possible. She also has a habit of saving food for later, whether it be in a bag or a flask. She also seems to have a dislike of birds, having the same reaction as the latter of being hit by the sun, hiding behind her umbrella if one swoops down, especially. She sometimes stutters, especially when talking to a superior of both rank and skill.

During the night or in a dark area: Almost completely the opposite towards which she is during the day, due to being rid of the threat of the sun, growing much more sure of herself, taking on much more powerful foes than herself should she think that she would have an advantage to take, she would discard her umbrella and mostly be hunched, as if she is searching for prey. Although she does prefer to capture her opponents alive, she would (although hesitatingly) end them should they prove to be too much trouble. Even her talking mannerisms would change, instead speaking down whoever she’s talking to, even if they’re much taller and stronger than she is, she never stutters during the darkness of the night.

Character History

Background  Even at a very young age, Charlotte had been displaying symptoms of heliophobia, preferring to stay inside and watch as the other children play, which had given her a rather negative reputation amidst the island’s populace, due to her not even reading, just staring, out into space, sitting in the cool breeze.. The lonely, dark child. She grew up with hardly any social skills, being bullied by stronger and weaker people alike, from mental to physical abuse by the other children. Even her parents, whom were esteemed (almost exclusively to the island, as they had saved them from mountain bandits) marines had grown tired of her passivity, eventually hoping that maritime life would toughen her up, they shipped her to sea, recruiting her into the navy. Her relation-ship were her parents were fairly one-sided, she looked up to them as inspiration by their deeds, while they rejected her passive bench-sitting as weakness.

Life in the navy, unfortunately was no different from her home town, her complexion seemed to blend in with her marine outfit, earning the name “Ghost-Girl”, she barely passed the tests of which are needed to join them, and was set upon a very ill-fated first voyage. The ship she was assigned to was beset by pirates, decimating the personnel on board, leaving all but seven shipmates out of the fifty on board. They were shipwrecked upon an island dominated by trees unfamiliar to them, without a navigator. They searched the island, through thick and thin , before coming across a strange fruit, dark with elongated stripes, almost like an exoskeleton. Of course, none of them had heart of what a devil fruit was, so they were not sure if it was poisonous or not. Who else but the creepy girl whom no one liked or would miss to taste the probably poisonous fruit? Of course, they came across her, keeping watch in the make-shift camp that they had made, asking her to eat it. Upon a tale of excessive lies, they convinced her to have a taste. As she ate the fruit, it came across the crew that the fruit was either poisonous, or just plain tasted bad, due to her expression of disgust, although it didn’t seem that she was harmed by the fruit, only a few tasted it as well, each one saying that it tasted terrible beyond belief.  Of course, the only one whom would gain the power would be the one whom tasted it first, which would be Charlotte. A few days later, they found as they woke up a fairly basic makeshift barge, put together from a sticky substance, there was even leaves on top of the raft to provide shade, all that was upon it person-wise was Charlotte, huddling in the shade of the raft as the sun came up, blushing. As they set off on the raft after gathering food, avoiding pirate ships and being denied by noble galleons, they were finally picked up by a patrolling marine ship, thusly, she and the other six marines were saved.

Her second cruise went much, much more swimmingly, for her, in any rate. From the powers gained by the fruit of which she had been tricked to eat, the Widow Widow fruit, which she used to create the raft, she has become a rather formidable night-stalker, upon another patrol, she had caught a wanna-be pirate during the night, as the ship closed in around the vessel in which she was staged, as the rest of the crew fought, she slipped around the battle, towards the captain himself, easy to defeat, yet low in bounty, she caught him within her web, and brought him to the ship. Demoralizing the crew in which had fought, they soon gave up and ran away without their captain. She was credited with the defeat of a petty pirate crew, yet didn't seem to be rather at all happy in the celebrations, when the captain came-to, he was shocked to find that the one who stood before him was the umbrella-wielding shy girl who jumped and yelped as her roared in anger. Although his bounty was... Less than stellar, in fact, it was kind of pathetic really, 3,000 beli bounty, that's nearer to a pet bounty.
She temporarily joined a crew under the command of a man named “Sarge”, after a brief skirmish they continued their work until she was picked out to be an ensign to work in the offices for a while. Now she feels that she’s been promoted too quickly and it timid out of her mind. She now finds that she doesn’t like power, and now wants to just get the whole marine thing over with and retire, but she doesn’t want to get fired. She now actually wears the marine uniform after being told off.

Capturing: Due to her devil fruit, she’s gotten very good at capturing people alive.
Multitasking: Over the years she’s developed a sense of awareness while fighting with more than two arms, allowing her to fight multiple opponents if need be.

Sabrex2 (20 inch)

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:   Advanced
Character Resilience: Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Dangerous

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Kumo Kumo no mi Model: Black Widow
Current Devil fruit Level: 2

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Hit and run! – Charlotte kicks the opponent in the crotch and runs away, applies to the rule above.

Weapon Based Combat:
Umbrella stab! – Charlotte jabs the opponent with her umbrella, for some reason, she thinks that giving it a name would increase it’s power. (It doesn’t.)
Desperate escape! – Charlotte goes on a rampage, stabbing with her sabers at everything and anything that would come near, mostly applicable when faced with one of her phobias.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Full Transformation:

No escape: full entrapment! – Charlotte spins a web, if successful, entrapping the opponent within a fairly powerful web.
No escape: be still! – Charlotte bites her prey, if entrapment doesn’t work, filling them with a pain-inducing venom. (Details on the devil fruit page)
No escape: be quiet! – Charlotte then spins a web around the opponent’s mouth, in order to make them silent during their writhing agony.
Hybrid Transformation[/url:

Defensive stance: Begone! – Charlotte defends herself on all sides with all four of her sabres, jabbing at anyone whom would even dare to go near her.
Defensive stance: Evasive harm! – Charlotte uses two of her sabres, using the other two arms to assist the legs in jumping a high distance.
Whirlwind of hate – Charlotte dips each of her sabres in her mouth, slathering them in venom, before spinning around, hitting both friend and foe alike, should she succeed.

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

RP Sample:
From http://onepieceriseandfall.forummotions.com/t983-charlotte-spaydyre


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Re: Charlotte Spaydyre

Post by Docile on Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:28 pm

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