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Kylie Veno

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Kylie Veno

Post by Xtrashy on Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:06 pm

General Information

Name:  Kylie Veno
Epithet: Hey kid!
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Birthplace: She doesn't remember (On open water in the East Blue)
Species: Human
Orientation: Right handed

Crew: NA
Ship:  NA
Occupation: Navigator/Scout
Rank: NA
Bounty: 97 
Crimes Committed: Petty theft
Bounty Collected:  
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Figure out what to do with herself. Have some fun.

Character Information



Kylie is a fairly pale girl, standing at 4 feet, 6 inches.  She has dark brown eyes and light brown curly hair reaching down to her waist.  She's fairly thin, somewhat starved looking, and isn't very lanky, her body seems mostly proportionate, though her nose is quite small and her eyelashes are somewhat long.  She generally has a blue linen sack over her shoulder, just a simple bag that ties at it's opening.  She usually wears a pair of grey shorts and a yellow t-shirt.  Her footwear are just simple black flip flops. She has smallish hands, for a girl anyway. Mouth is fairly small as well, though she has somewhat of an over bite, not terribly pronounced though, barely somewhat noticeable even.

In her hybrid form she loses about half of her height and weight, gaining antennae and wings. Though she doesn't generally take this form in normal day to day goings as she does not want people knowing what she can do. Her wingspan in this form is about four feet from one wing tip to the other.


Kylie is usually a quiet girl, tending to keep to herself for the most part.  She usually likes to make sure she had things figured out before going through with them, though that doesn't stop her from making an occasional hasty decision.  She is generally distant with people, she always has been.  Fighting isn't a strong note for her either, generally she likes to not be seen.  Though if she has to fight she doesn't normally back down.  She can usually keep a lid on her temper, in fact she's quite patient most of the time.  Though when her temper does break she doesn't always have the best way of dealing with it.  She can be quite jovial, just that she needs to be in the right mood or company.  Mostly she usually has a dour expression, constantly with a plain look on her face, or just looking like she isn't interested.  Usually being a smart ass to everyone at first, sarcasm is her first language and she's usually not afraid to say how she feels about people, though she does have some sense to hold her tongue, sometimes. She tends to be very secretive with herself, seeing as the nature of most of her life has been a lack of information. But it works, and she can't really argue that the less people know her, and who she is exactly, the better off she is in the long run. It's only as she's gotten older that she's beginning to want more than this solitary existence she's had up to this point. Though finding someone to trust isn't going to be easy for her.

Character History


          Kylie is an orphan.  Not by her choice mind you, but she's not entirely sad about the fact either.  Having been born to a fairly standard mother and father, except for the fact that her parents were prisoners of a pirate crew she doesn't even know.  It was an early age that she was usually kept separated from her parents, about the age of three it was.  She was taken and trained, in a way, not in fighting or science or anything of that nature.  Usually it was maid work, or similar.  She soon figured out her parents were apparently too dangerous for slave work, though were kept alive for some reason, but since she was just a young girl, of course no one would see her as any type of threat.  When she wasn't learning out to mop and clean (they wouldn't trust her to cook after all), she was stuck, in a room, with no one.  She figured out on her own that it was because they didn't want her learning anything from her parents, whoever they were.  Hell, Kylie wasn't even her actual name, it belonged to another prisoner, and since that Kylie has died (she don't know how the other Kylie died, she only saw her body tossed overboard)  she figured she could take the name.  Not that anyone called her that, it was usually either girl or kid.  Whoever these pirates were (They seemed pretty serious on her not knowing anything, usually never using names in her company) they seemed hellbent on just keeping Kylie as a sort of maid, though you spend enough time on a pirate ship, even if you are usually cleaning floors or carrying plates, you pick up on some things.  Not right away, but with six years of time, she learned enough.  

          Eventually it was one day they came to be at some small uncharted, uncivilized, and unnamed island in the East Blue.  It was really small, and the only reason the ship stopped seemed to be due to some sort of argument.  Something had been brought aboard, she knew that much, she only cause a glimpse of a smallish looking chest.  Before too long she was being herded to her room when fighting broke out.  She was forgotten amidst the chaos.  She began her escape, which wasn't that hard honestly, everyone else was so engrossed in the fighting that she just began to climb down the side of the ship.  Though someone obviously saw her and hurled the same chest she had seen earlier, at her, clonking her right on the head, sending her down into the shallows with a soft splash, chest landing next to her.  Thankfully she wasn't to badly hurt from that, having been knocked around plenty of times before.  So she took the chest, and ran off towards the mainland of the small island.  Running into the dense forest that was there.  As she did, she only looked back once, seeing another large ship in the distance, flying flags she would later know as the Navy's.  She ran into the forest, fast as she could for as long as she could, before finally stopping next to a large tree.  Immediately she covered the chest in some leaves and sticks, climbing the nearest tree.  She stayed in that tree until nightfall, and then she eventually fell asleep till the next day.  

          Waking up she realized three things, she was scared, hungry, and free.  Exiting the tree, she explored the tiny island she now lived on, walking around the entire thing in only a matter of a few hours, in the center of the island was a small pool, devoid of fish.  It was just a rocky area with a large indent that rain had filled in.  No signs of any ship, anywhere, after that, her thoughts wandered back to the chest she had taken.  Finding various fruits on the way back to her original location, she filled her stomach as she wondered what to do.  What does one do with freedom?  Going back to the chest, she found it to be locked.  As much as she pried she couldn't open it, and it seemed to be resistant to being bashed against the side of a tree.  So she gave up for the moment.  After a while of looking around her new home, it didn't take her long to realize her freedom wasn't so free.  From being trapped on a ship, to being trapped on a small island was hardly any better.  Especially since at least on the ship she never had to worry about keeping warm or finding food.  Though she tried her best to live, the first few weeks were rough, as she tried getting a makeshift shelter together, not to mention that a diet consisting of random fruits she found on the island had not been kind to her in the slightest.  Though eventually she made a life for herself, there were no animals on the small island, save for a few insects and birds.  

          So, she lived.  Even the chest fell to the back of her mind, that is until she cut her foot one day on an exceptionally sharp rock.  After cursing up a storm, she dug the rock up from under the sand, it was a decently sized rock, about as big as a knife.  She took it back to her little home area, and began to scrape away at the wooden chest, after about a month or so she had cut the area of the lock away and managed to open the chest.  Only to find a weird 
pink and yellow fruit inside.  How odd.  But it was certainly interesting to her, considering she had already gotten bored with what she normally found on the island, this new fruit seemed like it would be a nice treat.  So, she ate it, not all at once mind you, she bit into it and it tasted horrendous.  Or course her first thought was poison, something this bad surely couldn't be healthy.  But she had already put it in her mouth, it was any amount of poisonous, not eating it wouldn't save her, and since she had no way of getting more food than what was on this little island, she wasn't about to stop.  So, she finished it.  It wasn't long after that when she began to feel quite ill, and then in pain, so much so that she passed out.  It was some time later she would wake up, it was still light out, in fact it was early morning, had she been out all night?  Standing up, everything seemed, off.  Bigger?  She felt weird too, stretching out, her arm grazed something, turning to look she saw a wing.  Not like a bird wing, like an insect wing, pale and fuzzy looking.  Turning around she noticed some other things, like the tattered shirt and shorts were at her feet, piled on the ground.  She began to walk around.  Noticing new things, everything, smelled different, she couldn't explain it.  Eventually she went to the center of the island, where the pool of water was.  Looking into it, she saw how small she was, like her height had been halved, and on her head, little things, she touched them, and they felt incredibly sensitive.  On her back, two wings, they looked sort of pretty actually.  She wondered, if she could control them?  She thought, and it happened, the wings flapped, again and again.  Until she achieved some minor lift.  Doing this was incredibly tiring, eventually she landed, heading back to her home in the forest.  This new discovery made living, much more enjoyable, as time went on, she worked on her flying, some days getting above the trees, going around.  It wasn't until much later that she realized eating the fruit must have done this to her.  Even longer still till she learned she could change forms, back to her normal self, and into a tiny moth.  Though the first time she did that, it scared her to no end, the only other inhabitants of the island, birds and insects, were suddenly a much bigger threat to her.  Thankfully she did not stay as a moth long.  

          She continued to live like this, for about another year, content for the time being to live on the island.  As well as the fact that she had no way to get off the island, no ship, and no idea how to swim anyway.  Besides, any time she had stood in the shallows of the sea, she felt weak and tired.  Her year long stay had been interrupted, by a boat of the navy.  Finally she had found a use for turning into a moth.  It kept her safe from prying eyes as the small place was flooded with people.  They found her camp and spent quite a while searching for her, thankfully this search gave her plenty of time to make her way to the Marines ship, she managed to stay hidden for quite a time.  Eventually the ship she stowed away on left her island, taking her somewhere else, somewhere new.  Eventually she found out this town was called Loguetown, it was quite a big place, plenty for her to explore, and after two years of running around, she had gotten a feel for everything, the marines there and the people. Learning as well, just general things to begin with, navigation interested her, she never wanted to feel like she would be stuck anywhere ever again, and what better way to fix that then by learning to go from place to place, and port to port.


Ability to change into a luna moth and a hybrid variation.


Weapon: Pistol

Weapon Description: A standard pistol, single shot.

Weapon Special Abilities:None

Weapon History:Took it off of the ground after watching a man drop it.  

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Expert

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Ga-Ga no Mi: Tsuki Ga (Moth-Moth Fruit: Model Luna Moth)
Devil Fruit Type:Zoan
Current Devil fruit Level:1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level
1st Level 

User gains the ability to turn into a hybrid luna moth and an actual luna moth.
User gains the ability to grow wings
User gains the ability to grow antennae
User gains the ability to use sonar
User gains the ability to smell/secret pheromones

2nd Level 

User gains 3 more forms. 
Flight speed increases by 1 stage.
Wings may aid in running speed.

3rd Level 

User unlocks 4 more forms to turn into, in aid with combat.  
User develops a flexible exoskeleton for all forms, increasing overall defense.
User gains limited control over a monster form.
Flight speed increases by another stage.

4th Level 

User can take their monster form with ease, or become an awakened Zoan.

Devil Fruit Abilities: Allows her to turn into a luna moth and hybrid variations.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: NA

Weapon Based Combat:  NA

Devil Fruit Based Combat:  NA

Combo Combat: NA

Haki: NA

RP Sample:

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Re: Kylie Veno

Post by Vaetric on Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:19 am

Haaai :3 Just a few things need to be fixed,
General Info:
Occupation: This is for your character’s contribution to a crew and so forth, like a shipwright.. Doctor.. Thief, etc.
Appearance: I’m afraid you’re going to have to add more to your appearance, since you need at least five lines.
Personality: Ditto, except you need three more, 7 lines out of 10
D.F: I believe moth in Japanese is Ga, so it’d be the Ga-Ga no Mi: Tsuki Ga (Tsuki is a word for Moon, Luna is pretty much moon anyway)
Combat Info: If you don’t have techs, or don’t have any yet, put N/A, but this section is mostly for special attacks or so.

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Re: Kylie Veno

Post by Xtrashy on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:23 am

I have made some edits, I hope it is looking better.

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Re: Kylie Veno

Post by Vaetric on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:38 am

Approved! Though putting the English name in the devil fruit thing would be good, but you can put that in any time.

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Re: Kylie Veno

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