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John silver

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John silver

Post by Okamiro on Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:15 am

General Information

Name: John Silver
Epithet: Hot metal head
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown.
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Cook

Bounty: 0(Only Applicable to Criminals.)
: N/A
Bounty Collected
: 0
Allegiance: N/A
Dream(s): To make a Devil Fruit Dictionary

Character Information

Standing at 1.78, Silver has short black hair that is usually consealed by a green
bandana, has a sand colored shirt, black pants white socks and sandals, over the
shirt he has a white and blue striped apron. when he is not in the kitchen
He has brown coat that is unbuttoned, a brown Tricord hat that has some wear and
Tear. Even though he is a cyborg it is not shown, he has a spesial device in his cyborg parts that allow him to make them look like norman body parts, this device can be turned on and off with a simple switch. His right arm is a robotic Arm that functions both as a multi tool for cooking and it has a cutlass and pistol inside for fighting, his right leg is a robotic leg that can blow flames to light a stove, the foot can be used as a vacume cleaner as well as a broom. His right eye is bionic and it has 10X zoom function, x-ray vision, thermal vision for cooking and a laser pointer for aiming.
John is what you would call a perfectionist, he wants everything he makes to be perfect, and with the help of his cyborg parts he manages that very much. but sometimes he makes an error, and when that happends he becomes depressed for a long time, but he comes over it eventually. He has also a great pasion for cooking and all types of food for that matter. If for eksample he sees someone throw out a good dish he wil be very upset, and try to punch the person who did it. same if anyone destroyed some good ingredients for a dish he would do the same. This is one of the reasons he was given the nickname The hot metal head. Another reason he is called this is because he has a love for spicy food, and then I mean the kind of spicy that feel corrosive on the skin.

Character History

John's birthplace is unknown for a reason, his parrents never lived on land, they lived far out in the middle of East Blue, on a world famous floating Sea Restaurant, with his father being the Main chef, and Mother being the Souchef. In the first few years of his life he was baby sat on the second floor of the restaurant where his parrents and him lived when the restaurant was not open, but due to the popularity he never saw his parrtens, the only person he saw was the baby sitter, a nice girl by the name of Cindy. She was studying to become a master chef like John's father, and she had been promissed to become the pupil of his father if she baby satt their kid. And of course while she baby sat John she studied all she could, like reading cooking recipes for John to make him fall asleep, making him learn shapes using kitchen tools, and unknowingly to her, learning him how to become a Chef as well.

when John turned 7 he wasn't in the need of a baby sitter any more so Cindy was taken under his fathers wing as his pupil, and John also started to work in the kitchen as a cleaning boy. John didn't have a problem with that at all, cause he could now also study cooking secretly while working in the kitchen, he could mop around the chefs and seing what they did. and thanks to his Photographic memory he could learn recipies from that. He cleaned around in the kitchen for 3 years before his father one evening decided too tell him that he wanted John to also be a master chef, and that he was closing the restaurant for the next year to train him. With all the wealth they had earned during their now 40 years in buissness they could aford this. and so his training began. In the start it was very easy for John to make stuff thanks to all the learning he had done in the kitchen over the past 3 years, but as soon as his father put up some more advanced stuff he started to struggle. Cindy was also in the training program. She was now a normal chef and was studying for the chance to become an SouChef working under John's father and along side his mother. This Training program continued over the entire year and John became only better and better, He once tried making a creme brulee with a blind fold and succeeded. Unknowingly to John Cindy was jealus of his improvement over the year, she had been working for 4 years and wasn't nearly as good as John.

It was now the end of the year and John's father announced that with the opening of the restaurant he would hold a kind of graduation exam for the both of them to find his new SouChef, acknowledging that both John and Cindy was worthy of that title but he only wanted one more. It was now opening night the restaurant was stuffed to full capacity. The presure was grand but neither Cindy nore John was nervous. John's father then spoke to the entire restaurant annoncing the exam that was being held, and when both John and Cindy was brought forth the applause was gigantic. And with the ring of a bell the exam began.  They would make an original dish for John's parrents and all the other dinners to taste, and the best one would win. John was making a spicy dish while Cindy was making a meat dish. when they were done with portions for everyone, it was tasting time and the tasting was dead silent, very little sound was made during this. And when all where done, they where told to write on a piece of paper who's dish they liked the most. Then after about 30 minutes of vote counting, John's father could proudly announce that his son John's dish was the one the most liked and that he would become the new SouChef of his restaurant.

Upon hearing this Cindy snapped. she compleatly lost her mind. she screamed in sadness, and then started to yell at John's father. That this whole exam was rigged, that he on purpose made his son win. She screamed that she had been working for his father longer than John and that she deserved it more. and then without waring she grabbed John, pulled him to her and took out a sharp kitchen knife and helt it against his throat. she screamed that if they tried to stop her she would kill John. then she demanded that the father would walk out of the restaurant with her so they could disscuss. Out on the outside eating part of the restaurant, she threw out a bloody piece of beef out in the ocean. and soon enought the sharks came. She demanded to his father that she should become the SouChef or else she would throw John to the sharks. John's father told her that she was bluffing, that she would do nothing that would hurt his son. with that said Cindy took the knife and jabbed it into John's right eye. John screamed in pain as the blood was now flowing out of the now empty eye socket. and with a swift movement Cindy made John stand, wobbling on the edge of the restaurant. She repeated her demands, but John's father refused, he said that if she killed him she would have lost her bargaining tool. but Cindy who was to mad to listen just screamed her demands again while she shoke John back and forth on the edge. out of nowhere the three heard a gunshoot. John felt Cindy's grip loosen and both he and she fell into the ocean, where the sharks waited for them. John didn't see anything that happend, he only felt the sharks grabb a hold of his right leg right arm and around his stomach, severing those parts from his body before he lost consciousness.

Three weeks passed before John woke up, he blinked with both of his eyes and was surprised that he could see with both of them, he reached for his right eye with his right arm, and was surprised that he could move that too, remembering that it had been torn off by the sharks. then his father who was sitting in a chair next to his bed handed him a mirror, John held it up and saw that his right eye right arm and leg as well as where his stomach should have been there was now bionic pieces of metal. He had been turned into a cyborg. John asked what had happend. His father told John that one of the guests had shoot Cindy so they had both fallen into the ocean, Cindy had been ripped to shreds but they had mannaged to save John. They had been told by the doctors that he would not survive unless he got bionic parts to replace the once he lost. so his parrents ordered the best cyborg doctor they could find and got the job done. upon hearing this John started to cry. He thought that now that he was a cyborg he could not cook again. But his father told that they had asked for bionic parts that could be used for cooking. but john had to learn how to use everything first of course.

So over the next 7 years John perfected his cooking skills to his new new bionic body. He found out that whenever he was beggining to feel sleepy and tired his parrents rushed to give him a very spicy chilly and in no time he felt full of energy again. he found out that his eye could zoom and tell him the heat of the food he was cooking so he would never under or over cook it. Through out the years rehabilitating, he saw alot of strange people come and go to the restaurant, some of them had extraordinary powers, so he asked his parrents why they had such powers. and they told him that they had eaten what was called a devil fruit, a mysterious fruit that grated the one who ate it powers out of this world. This intrigued John, to think that food would have such an ability, he continued asking not only his parrents but the customers who had these powers things about devil fruits. Everything from name, what powers they have the apperance. and John noted town everything they told, being so fasinated in these amazing fruits he set a goal that he would make a dictionary of EVERY devil fruit in the entire world. As he grew older he had to change out his bionic parts to fit his body and around the time he turned 17 he asked for weapons so he could defend himself, as well as a device to hide his bionic parts, and he got so.

Enhanced Aiming abilities, thanks to the laser pointer function, zoom function and x-ray function in his bionic eye, he can see weak points on a ship or on and inside a person, mark it with the laser pointer and zoom in on it to be sure he does not miss. His bionic eye also has thermal vision so he can tell if a person is either having a heat stroke or hypothermia.
He was born with photographic memory, he can memories recipes as well as motions for preparing food. This ability can also be used to memories motions leading up to attacks made by an enemy.


Weapon: Cutlass and Flint Lock pistol as a part of his bionic arm

Weapon Description: it is a cutlass blade popped into his bionic arm arsenal, and the barrel as well as the firing cap and trigger part of a flint lock pistol, these can be brought out by thinking of it.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: On his 17th birthday he asked to get them installed in his new bionic arm for self defence perposes.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed: Trained
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: N/A

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Devil Fruit Based Combat: N/A

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

RP Sample: N/A

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Re: John silver

Post by Okamiro on Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:43 am

Done and ready to be looked at.

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Re: John silver

Post by Docile on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:18 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: John silver

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