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Garo The Howling Door

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Garo The Howling Door

Post by Okamiro on Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:46 am

Weapon Name: Garo The Howling Door

Description: It is a 1.2 meter long curved saber witha gold coating that has words written in accient Skypiean etched into both sides of the blade 40 centimenter from the guard and up. The guard is made from silver which is shaped like Howling Wolf. The hilt of the sword is made of wood with carvings of howling wolfs and the pomle is made from bronze and looks like a wolf tail.

Weapon History: The myth states that this sword was crafted by the gods of skypia and that is was placed in the temple waiting for a warrior brave and strong enought to defy the dangers of the temple to come and claim it. After residing in the temple for over 3000 years. A brave archeologist with the name of Alex Tix defied the dangers and traps of the temple and then claimed the sword and the knight armor that came with it. During one battle even though they won the sword broke into pieces, and Alex asked a local blacksmith to fix it. The black smith did so, and then asked when he was done if Alex wanted him to do something else with the sword. Alex asked that he would take the devil fruit he had won from the battle the sword broke in. and give the sword the power of the fruit. it was no easy task for the blacksmith but by cutting the fruit into pieces and then rubbing the juice of the fruit into the blade he was able to give it the power of the fruit.

Special Weapon Abilities: Due to the metals used to craft the sword sword it is very durable and even after 3000 years in a moist temple it hasn't caught the tiniest bit of rust, all though the gold coating on the blade has started to loose it's color

Devil Fruit: Door Door Fruit (Doa Doa no mi). When the sword slices a circular formation it creates a spinning door for the weilder to jump through.

Character or Crew specific: The Character isn't made yet but wil be very soon.

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Re: Garo The Howling Door

Post by Docile on Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:44 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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