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Haru Kamin

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Haru Kamin

Post by 9'OClubs on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:00 am

General Information
Name:  Haru Kamin
Epithet: “Red Haired”
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation Right Handed preferred although she can go ambidextrous if she has to.  
Crew: Which crew do they lead or are part of?
Occupation: Shipwright
Bounty: N/A

Crimes Committed:
> Theft
> Breaking and Entering
Allegiance: Pirate
> Build a ship that is world renowned
> Travel the world and study cool ships
> Master Rokushiki
Character Information
Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.
        At 170cm, Haru is all lean muscle, her body shaped by the training early in her life, the constant sailing and the building of ships. She keeps her red hair short and more often than not held back by a bandanna. The locks that constantly get into her face she ties off or braids in some hope of having to deal with them less. Her jewelry and affects tend to be whatever she happens to fancy at the time. She is fond of wearing at least two necklaces, one which as a ring of some nature on it. Not one to be worn but more like might be cut or taken from a marines uniform. The other is a twist of leather that holds a shark tooth. She has a fondness for wearing gold hoops in her ears, although often they get removed during her work. Her outfit is much the same. Really the only staple of her outfit is the fitted pants which have been reinforced for the work she generally deals with and the flexible boots. Her upper body can range from a mid drift that exposes plenty of skin to the sea and the sun, to a thicker shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and when she is working or walking into a situation she is unsure of, a leather vest with all manner of belts and buckles crisscrossing it.
                When something catches Haru’s attention she can becomes very motivated and will pursue it almost relentlessly. Perhaps not to the point of mastery but at least to understanding. In any endeavor she puts a full effort and takes a personal offense should something she crafted for someone be mistreated.

                Often she comes across as a rather blunt person who doesn’t always pay attention to the whole…personal or private property laws. She considers them more guidelines and if caught has a tendency to smile and not be guilty whatsoever, unless maybe she has something that is probably important in pieces.

                Haru is quite the willing opponent when it comes to armed combat, greatly enjoying testing out her strength. She gets a special enjoyment out of being able to freely destroy things like walls, shields, or even ships.

                When wielding the sledge hammer she brings to bare the strength capable of cracking or even outright breaking the main mast of a ship. She does have to be conscious of her surroundings however, at least if she cares not to go swimming while aboard a ship that could be crippled by such a strike.

                The smaller hammer makes for better close range fighting. The smaller lighter design does sacrifice power, but makes up for it considerably with its speed and the variety of attacks it is capable of.

                Haru is however at her most dangerous when she decides to fight unarmed.

                “When Haru drops her weapons, she’s done playing. Now if she strikes you, she’s aiming to kill.” – Souris Kamin

                She will strike hard and fast, with a special liking for moves such as Shigan and Rankyaku. Any appearance of enjoyment in the fight disappears and her face sets in either annoyance, contempt, or boredom depending upon her opponent and what caused her to go unarmed in the first place.
Character History
                Haru Kamin was born to a single mother on an island close enough to the calm belt that they would occasionally get strange creatures on the beaches, or strange technology from ships that had been destroyed in one of the two strongest belts. Her mother was often considered a beauty of the island with red hair and brilliant blue eyes, however not one suiter came for her, knowing that she had eyes only for the see. Her mother was rewarded on occasion, her government employed lover passing by on one of his missions.
                One of these instances resulted in Haru’s brother being born. Souris Kamin was two years younger than her, and from the start was considered frail looking. Having paler skin than his sister or mother, he also bore blue eyes and a slim body. Still, Haru took him on as her responsibility while their mother pinned after the marine sails on the distance.
                When her brother was old enough to walk, Haru would take him down to the beach, or out to where the shipwright lived. An old gentleman who had sailed the seas until he lost a leg was more than happy to explain to them the odd objects that they found, and could even be persuaded to dismantle and explain the inner workings of some.
                As the children grew older, their mother began to become more distant. On the occasion that she would snap into some sort of mothering mode, she would tell her children of their father while cooking for them or brushing out Haru’s hair. A powerful government agent, he was tall and strong, and had eyes that would pierce through the very soul. Mostly Haru accepted the stories and Souris didn’t care. Beyond their existence, their father was at best unreachable, and at worst a source of strife with the other island children. Haru got in any number of fights with the other children, viciously defending her mother, and her brother should they decide to go after the frail shadow of a boy. It was a habit that she quickly learned to hide from the adults, as generally both parties would receive harsh punishments which she felt were unjustified in her case.
                Haru’s father went from a bedtime story to a real presence when she was 8 and Souris 6. By this time their mother had nearly given up on sitting about watching the sea, but at the bell signaling an approaching ship she jumped up. She dragged both children down to the docks, even picking up Souris so that he could see above the crowd, and more importantly be seen. Once in sight as he came down the gangplank, the family resemblance between Souris and their father was impressive.
                Their father came to their house, and while accepting and pleasant about their mother’s dotting on him, was more interested in talking to the children. He coaxed Souris into talking about his troubles with the island children, and smiled at Haru’s muttered comments about getting back at them herself. The next morning their mother sent them off to school, and was appropriately horrified when both of her children came back baring the bruises and scrapes of a particularly nasty schoolyard fight. Their father however, waved her off to kneel down in front of the two children. He offered that if they wanted, both of them could go with him back to the training island where they would be taught how to fight. He explained that he had come with much that intention after hearing of issues on the island, and that it had already been cleared with his superior. There he said, they would not have to worry about people bullying them for their parents or for Souris’s lack of emotion. Haru hesitated, but when her mother gave an encouraging smile, they agreed.
                What their father had promised them was true enough. On the island it was completely different and Haru found herself the one defended rather than the other way around. The two had been thrown straight into the training with other children ranging from Souris’s age all the way up to early teens and while Souris took to the technique, Haru had trouble. She would work for hours on the intricate movements under Souris’s calm quiet instruction. Those other trainees who passed would occasionally make remarks, but under the cold look of her brother who was quickly gaining ranks in the class, they would drift away. Haru later found out that it wasn’t the way Souris took to the training that made his glare so effective. Crippling another student that had been gearing up to attack Haru added a lot more weight to his threat. It was of course an incident that was swept under the rug, with their father pointing out that if the student was too weak to handle a little spat, there was no way he could make it in the field.
                Shortly after Souris began to take on other training with a sword, leaving Haru now 13 to deal with much of her free time training alone. Of course by this time she had mastered enough to hold her own against the worst insults even if she wasn’t close to the kind of ability Souris wielded. It was during one of these solo training sessions that she witnessed a group of the older students who were already signed to become agents and who had gone on a handful of missions out in the woods. Her father was teaching how to access their devil fruit abilities, specifically their monster form. Under the instructor’s smirk, two of the beasts turned on each other, and when one could no longer move, her father pronounced that the other would advance.
                When she told the tale to Souris he just shrugged. Only when she continued becoming more animate about the ordeal did he ask if it was something that he should care about. Haru made him promise her that he would not eat a devil fruit if they gave one to him.
                When she was 15, they sent Souris on his first mission. Her 13 year old brother came back after 2 weeks to the praise of the superiors. They of course shared no details, and when asked Souris just said boring political work. Glad that whatever they had sent him to do didn’t affect him like the other trainees who were sometimes sent out to kill as their first assignment, Haru let it drop. At least until they had him sign a contract. She blew up at him about signing it so readily, and in a rare display, Souris responded with anger, saying that he had done it so that they would sign her as well. The argument nearly resulted in a fight, only their father stepping in at the last minute preventing bloodshed.
                When both had calmed, they were allowed near each other again. It was a decent enough reunion with neither willing to apologize but both acknowledging the other’s belief in doing the right thing. The anger was redirected quickly anyway. The two had met over lunch, and only when Souris was popping some sort of nut or grape or something into his mouth did Haru realize it had swirls on it. In a fit that they would trick him into a devil fruit in such a way, she stormed out. Before they could even consider doing the same to her, she packed up what belongings she had. When she jerked open the door, ready to drag Souris out willingly or otherwise, her brother was standing there with his pack, ready to go.
                Their escape of course wasn’t that easy. Some of the other trainee’s had noticed Souris lounging about with a bag, and had gone to tell their father. They were fortunate enough that he decided not to come himself, and instead sent a group of soldiers out to the docks to stop them. Souris pointed them out long before the pair were in sight, and accordingly Haru went off to the side. A little ways into the woods from the dock, there was a ship that she had dragged up onto the beach during high tide. Small compared to most of the other ships about, the old rather beaten ship measured in at just large enough for Souris not to worry about accidently falling off and drowning. The pair piled in and set sail, with their only real resistance being one of the row boats that was out on maneuvers. As Haru hadn’t thought ahead enough to realize that while she knew some Rokushiki it wasn’t enough to take on the boarding patrol, Souris took over. Taking one of their own swords, he unleashed the sword style he had been studying away from Haru. He was even careful to keep any of the blood from getting on the beaten up old boat. With Haru absorbing that the murder hadn’t even made Souris blink, the pair set sail and started to put true distance between them and the training island.
                The boat weathered the travel pretty well considering, although by the time that the reached the location that the log Souris had brought with him it was listing far enough for Souris to prefer hanging out on either the top mast or Haru’s shoulder in the form provided him by the devil fruit he had consumed. When he was in human form he sat as far up as he could, his head leaned back and a pocketwatch he had stolen from their father playing through his hands. It was thus that Haru arrived in Water 7 with Nezumi on her shoulder.
                At first her ship was a source of entertainment to the shipwrights who saw them approaching. After a few days of being docked and Haru attempting to do what repairs to could however, they took pity. One of the older shipwrights who had been looking for an apprentice anyway offered to help show her how to fix it. When she took to the task with far more ease and enjoyment than the harsh training before, he offered her a more permanent place. Haru of course kept a constant eye out for wanted posters of the two of them, however they never seemed to appear. The shipwright generally eventually wrote it off to the government not wanting to admit that the island even existed to their escape had been swept under the rug.
> Rokushiki

> An eye and memory for detail which allows her to study new designs in short amounts of time to a degree that she can accurately draw or even build them accurately at a later point in time.
Weapon: War Hammer
Weapon Description:
                Set on a 30in Applewood handle that has been reinforced halfway down the shaft and internally with steel, this weapon doesn’t look that far out of place sitting on Haru’s belt next to the tools of her trade. In an effort to have the eye pass over it even more readily she doesn’t keep it well polished and instead keeps a matted finish on the metal of the hammer.

                The head of the hammer is two sided, with a concave square shaped end on one side that comes to 4 slightly protruding points. The other side of the head bares a curved spike that comes to a rather blunt point meant to pierce armor or bone. The butt of this hammer bares a sharpened point which it meant to impale.
Weapon Special Abilities:
Weapon History:
                After her first scrap with a unruly customer, Haru discovered that she highly disliked risking any of her shipwright tools in a fight so using some of the money that she had earned repairing ships, she purchased the war hammer from a local shop, liking that it was of a similar length and weight as the mallet she uses to drive wedges.
Weapon: Sledge Hammer
Weapon Description:
                A standard sledge hammer originally and still used to drive the largest spikes, rivets and other anchor points on a ship, this item bares a double sided head that weighs in a 14kg (~31lbs). The hardwood and metal reinforced handle is 122cm long and has been coated with some kind of rough finish to aid in grip.
Weapon Special Abilities:
Weapon History:
                One of the last items Haru acquired in her set of shipwright tools, this hammer is a heafty and expensive item that at least wears well and is reliable.
Power Level Information
Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Trained
Combat Information
Unarmed Combat:
Technique Name: Geppo
Description & After effect: A technique which allows the user to actually jump off the air itself. – At this point in time Haru is incapable of jumping off of air but she can use this technique to jump or run off of other substances such as wood, stone, and even water.
Stat Requirement(s):  Speed=Advanced gives the user the ability to jump off of things such as stone, water, and wood but not yet air.
Speed = Expert allows the user the ability to fully utilize this technique

Technique Name: Kami-e
Description & After effect:The ability to go limp in such a way as to avoid attacks.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced

Haru can not yet use this technique.
Technique Name:Rankyaku
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user kicks their leg at high speed and strength in order to create a compressed air blade./font]
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced

> This is Haru’s second favorite technique from the style.
Technique Name:Shigan
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user uses their finger to strike a target at very high speed, resulting in a wound similar to that left by a bullet.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced

> Her favored technique from Rokushiki. Hers is somewhat different from the traditional Shigan, being that she strikes with two fingers rather than one.
Technique Name:Soru
Description & After effect: A technique which allows the user to move at high speeds in order to avoid attacks or attack themselves. It works off the principle of being able to kick the ground 10 times in 3 seconds.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Expert

> Haru has yet to master this technique
Technique Name:Tekkai
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user hardens their muscles in order to create the effect of striking iron.
Stat Requirement(s): Resilience=Trained

> Haru has yet to master this technique
Weapon Based Combat:
> Sidesweep - Haru hauls back and swings the sledge in a sideways arch which is designed to hit with her own power and the momentum of the weighted head. It is somewhat of a slow move which makes it impractical against most living opponents. The strength it brings to bare however, is capable of taking down the mast of a ship.
> Heavenly Hammer - Inspired after seeing her brother practicing the Tenryū no hanmā this move can actually be used with either hammer. With the sledge it becomes similar to the Sidesweep in that it is too slow to truly be effective against living opponents but will do incredible damage to whatever it hits. With the smaller hammer the scale of the damage is considerably less but it can still be brought to crippling force with considerably more speed. – For this move the user strikes from higher than the opponent, Haru often using Greppo to achieve this, the user uses the momentum of the fall to add to the strength of the swing.
Combo Combat:
> Florentine Parry - A move best utilized with her smaller hammer, it can actually be used with any technique capable of turning and trapping the opponents weapon. In this Haru catches the opponent’s weapon with the curved end of her hammer and sweeps it to the side. During the sweep she steps forward, changing the lead foot to close the distance and strike from below with Shigan.
> Florentine Spin – Haru uses her hammer, usually reversed although this isn’t strictly necessary to hook the opponents weapon. She then spins to the outside edge, drawing the weapon away while putting herself in the position to strike with Shigan.

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Re: Haru Kamin

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