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Souris Nezumi Kamin

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Souris Nezumi Kamin

Post by 9'OClubs on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:06 am

General Information
Name:  Souris Kamin
Epithet: Nezumi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Generally mistaken as a mouse or rat, turns out he’s human
Orientation: Trained ambidextrous, naturally right handed
Crew: Which crew do they lead or are part of?
Occupation: Pet? – Spy, Assassin
Bounty: N/A
Crimes Committed:
> 9 accounts of murder – Low ranking Marines
> Theft
Allegiance: Pirate
> Overcome his fear
> Master Rokushiki
> Help his sister achieve her dream
Character Information
        Nezumi generally spends his time in the form of a mouse, although due to his large size he is often mistaken as a rat. His body is about as long as a hand and his tail somewhat longer than that length. In total this form weighs somewhere around 350g. His fur is rather unique, in that the main body color is a dark blue black. The underbelly, paws, and muzzle are a lighter white silver. Across his head and down his neck is a patch of longer black fur. His eyes are blue and hold the kind of intelligence generally associated with humans, although the emotion range is in question. In addition to his coat pattern, Nezumi is sure to wear various “tamed” markings so that he isn’t mistaken as common vermin. These include various rings that travel up the length of his ears and a wide leather collar that he is capable of removing at a whim. It’s purpose is more to inform everyone that someone does in fact speak for him and bringing harm to this particular rat is likely to bring down hell on their head.
        His human form is about as noticeable as his mouse form, although there is considerably less debate on his race. Standing at 181cm, Souris makes for a rather slim figure with a fair upper body although not remarkable and a lower body made of lean muscle. His hair is dark and short, generally looking rather messy with strands falling out from under his bandana to obscure eyes of brilliant blue. Like his mouse form, this form bears a series of rings up his ears and a wide leather bracelet.
                He generally dresses…like a pirate. He likes to wear a somewhat fitted shirt that laces up at the neck although he doesn’t generally bother, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows to allow him the full range of motion. When he is off and about spying or what not he will wear dark colors from head to soft heeled boot. He even wears a scarf during these times to pull up over his face.
                Nezumi does have a third form, the hybrid form between mouse and human although he rarely takes it as far as anyone can tell. Of course, this may be because the general build and face stay the same as his human form, at least enough for his mask to hide the differences. His bone structure does become somewhat more pointed, with his face becoming ever so slightly elongated. His teeth also take a structure more like a mouse’s although they remain relatively normal sized. Most noticeable on his face is perhaps the thin fur the follows the line from where his ears should be down to his collarbones. His ears rise up farther on his head, taking on the form of mouse ears although proportioned to fit the far larger body. His back shifts to thick fur such as he would have in his mouse form, narrowing towards the base of his spine where he now bares a tail. His hands become thinner, with hard sharp nails adorning his fingers. Not counting the tail, the most drastic change comes in his legs and feet, which now resemble something closer to that of a mouse’s. His ankle raises off the floor, giving him the appearance of having smaller feet, or rather paws with a mouse’s nails adorning the ends, as deadly sharp as those on his hands.
                Considered shy and reclusive, Nezumi is highly uncomfortable around people, even people he knows, and prefers to stay in his mouse form. His mind whispers to him that people are always judging him, especially about his inability to display emotion as easily as most. It is partially due to as he states his emotions simply not being that close to the surface like they are in someone like his sister. For those handful he knows he will talk in his mouse form, but only for those who are the closest to him will he take a human form. Even then however he is quiet, both in words and movement and it isn’t uncommon to lose him. It isn’t usually intentional, and if he remembers to he’ll make sound for the other person’s comfort. It is rare for him to truly relax and have a good time, especially if there is more than one person around. He can come off as dry, sarcastic, and even a bit teasing when he does comment on things.
                When it comes to fighting, Nezumi’s attitude differs with the form he’s in. Generally in his mouse form he advises running away or hiding. In his human form he is more prone to drawing a sword or attacking if someone he cares about is being threatened. He doesn’t linger during a fight, not really understanding the concept of not striking to kill. He also doesn’t feel any sort of guilt over anyone that he has killed, believing that if it got to the point that he drew the sword at all, he is within his moral grounds. It is a belief that his father taught him, and is perhaps the reason why even from the start, killing didn’t affect him whatsoever to the point where even his sister didn’t realize what exactly his assignments had entitled.
Character History
                Souris Kamin remembers very little of his birthplace in the South Blue and has by now all but forgotten what his mother’s face even looks like. According to Haru she wasn’t much more than a figure sitting by the window looking out to the sea anyway so he feels no loss. Still, he doesn’t mention it in front of his sister since he is sure it would cause her worry and probably spark the long and annoying trip back to that place. Not that the relationships he remembers would be even close to the same. After all he wasn’t the frail boy whose only resemblance to his mother was her stunning eyes. If they chose to raise a hand to him, he would kill them, and possibly their spineless fathers who had pinned after courting his mother like his mother had pinned after the marine sails.
                Where Souris’s memory starts to become clearer is when their father came back into their lives. By then Souris was 6 and his sister 8. He recalls some sort of discussion with his father after a particularly nasty fight with the other children, offering to take them away to somewhere that would be better, where people would think twice before picking fights. More distinctly he can remember later that night when he wandered outside to look at the moon. His father had been doing the same. Under the light of a crescent moon his father told him what it would be like away from this place. He would take them to the same island he had been trained on. There they would be taught how to fight, how to be nearly invincible, and how to be the hidden sword of the government. He talked of working in the shadows, of being able to deal out punishments that while necessary were not always approved of by the light of day. Haru had already agreed, meaning that Souris would have gone anyway rather than be without the one person he was close to. What his father talked about however, sparked his own will to go, to become stronger so that Haru didn’t have to always come to his rescue.
                The island was exactly what their father had promised him, and Souris threw himself into the training with an enthusiasm that allowed him to ignore the soreness and the injuries inflicted. Haru was not quite as devoted, her mind wandering off more into why something would work the way it did before learning it rather than as she learned it. It was a situation that turned things in a direction Souris hadn’t expected. Suddenly instead of finding himself the one being protected, he turned into the one who kept the others from bothering his sister. Not that he minded. Haru was still one of the only people he was close to, and it sat wrong with him that the other students would insult or make fun of someone who was working as hard as they could. Especially when they themselves were hardly the top of the class.
                This came to a point one evening when one of the more ambitious and bloodthirsty students decided that he was tired of Haru “holding them back” and causing the class to suffer any number of punishments for her failure. Souris met them in the courtyard of the dorm building, a good place to avoid any damage that Souris would have to suffer for. The other student had gone out after curfew in order to steal a pistol and a sword, probably planning on framing it on someone higher ranking. Souris didn’t know or care. He swept past both to deliver a crushing blow to the student’s knee. The scream roused the teachers, Souris’s father among them, although by the time that they got to the courtyard, Souris had broken the boy’s other knee. The boy was carried off and one of the lower ranking teachers started in on Souris. He was quickly dismissed by Souris’s father who stated that he wasn’t fit to go into the field anyway if he didn’t realize not to offend Souris and if he a hitch in his plans so badly. After that the harassment of Haru lessened and borderline stopped, at least among their class.
                It was also around this time that Souris started to spend a lot more time away from her. His father discussed teaching him a sword style supposedly unique to the agents there, and was delighted when Souris agreed. Once he began training with the sword, Souris found another favorite art.
                Of course, his lessons which were actually shorter than Haru thought, Souris just enjoyed staying after to practice the moves in sequence, Souris came back to find Haru waiting for him. She was freaked out by something she had seen in the woods. Their father overseeing a few of the older students that had eaten devil fruit who where already low ranking agents training their animal forms. Souris had known that such things happened. His father had talked to him about it, introducing the ideal of being a devil fruit user to Souris so that when he signed as an agent he would accept it quickly. Souris was even supposed to attend one of the training sessions to see the strength and power a devil fruit could bring someone, standing behind his already trained father of course in case someone lost control. Haru tried to force him into swearing that he would never eat one of the cursed fruits. Souris finally agreed to promising that he would not eat one without talking to her and having her present.
                When he was 13, Souris was sent on his first mission. A band of pirates were seeking to gain control over an important trade island via holding several important political people hostage. Souris was to prevent them from doing any such thing.
                After two weeks he returned, accepting that the governor would not bend the pirates had apparently left in the night taking the corrupt political leaders with them. The truth of course was bloodier, with not a single survivor and the charred remains of the ship resting at the bottom of the sea several leagues out. The entire trip back his father praised him, commenting several times that Souris didn’t seem affect whatsoever by killing for the first time, and on such a scale where other students on their first test failed so miserably that often their teacher had to step in. His father suggested that Souris sign the contract to become a new agent on the trip back after such a success, but was only mildly disappointed when Souris declined until he talked to Haru. Haru welcomed him back with more evident worry, and once assured that he wasn’t ill effected by whatever he had done, was willing enough to talk to him about being an agent.
                He signed the contract three days later, after negotiated with his father that Haru would also be offered an agent contract and would either be stationed at the home island or with Souris as needed. In exchange he would eat a devil fruit.
                Souris didn’t realize until he informed Haru that he had signed a contract that she considered the entire discussion about them both becoming agents as a someday not likely to actually happen dream. She was in truth somewhat against being signed into the system of black justice and after a few comments about his morality and his loyalty over bloody promises by a sadist, he snapped. Only after the teachers had separated them, fearing that if the argument continued there would be an actual fight, did Souris realize that he had failed to tell her about eating a devil fruit. Considering her reaction to the rest, that was probably a good thing.
                For a week Souris considered how he was going to bring up the subject to her, his own anger having died by that evening. His sister had been worried and hurt, thinking that he hadn’t discussed things with her. He understood now that he would have to make it very clear to her when he was talking about doing something, rather than assuming she knew the difference between idle talk and serious. Haru’s anger he knew would take longer, so he stayed away.
                By the second week it wasn’t even that hard. Headquarters had approved his signing and he was shuffled from agent to agent in an attempt to match him to a team or superior. They finally settled on that he worked best with his father, who would oversee the finishing of his training and who would teach him how to work undercover in the real world. It was during this time that Souris brought up the discussion of him eating the devil fruit. He pointed out his promise, and his belief that Haru would never agree. His father suggested bringing the next level of his training into the equation. Both agreed that Haru was not doing well in the training and if left to her current pace would take until she was 30 to master the art. If she had another motivation to learn however, she may take to it better. Their father saw it as a gamble to get both of them under him, while Souris saw it as an opportunity to give Haru the choice to do whatever she wanted while keeping his contract as a safety.
                The plan was simple enough. Souris would eat the devil fruit, and their father would take the blame for slipping it into his food. Souris’s agreement after all had been that he would talk to Haru, which he already had although she didn’t realize that it was serious, and that he would only eat it in front of her.
                Things went perfectly according to plan, and as Soruis predicted, Haru packed up to leave. Souris was waiting with his own bag. His father had insisted that they make it realistic to an escape with some of the useless soldiers stationed at the docks. The slight wrench was thrown into that when Haru led him down a different path. She loaded them up on a small boat that Souris eyed nervously no matter how many times she assured him that it was perfectly safe.
                They nearly made it out without a single drop of blood being spilled. They would have if they didn’t run into a boat full of soldiers out doing maneuvers. Just a few of them that Souris recognized as part of the grouping his father labeled as useless. Drunks mostly, which explained why they were out on what was considered the punishment patrol. He drew one of their own swords and killed all 9. When he sat back down, Haru just stared at him. She didn’t ask if he had killed before, just asked if he was okay and if he was keeping the sword. He tossed it out to sea and she set sail.
                For the first part of the trip Souris worked on accessing her devil fruit abilities, which later proved to be a huge asset. As he gained the ability to turn into a mouse, he was able to get up away from the water most of the time, and when the boat sank Haru would be able to carry him easily enough. As they got farther into the trip, he started taking to staying in his mouse form for far longer amounts of time, and when he was in human form, usually at Haru’s request, he held the pocket watch his father had given him close. Of course, the pocket watch was no more than a shell now, containing a black den den mushi. Not meant for easedropping or anything as devious. Souris had himself ensured that the pocket watch was soundproof when closed and according to his father was set up to access only one phone line. That phone line being his father’s den den mushi, which would immediately report that it was being tapped by Souris. Rescue should be fairly imminent after that.
                By the time that they were nearing Water 7, as per the log that he had lifted from the headquarters when heading out, the boat was in such bad condition that he generally refused to be out of his mouse form, just in case it should sink. The constant fear also brought to mind other things he hadn’t bothered to consider. Outside of the island and his missions, Souris had rarely interacted with normal people, and when he did it tended to go badly.
                They arrived at Water 7 with Haru at the age of 15 and Souris 13.
                He declined turning back into a human when they arrived so Haru had him ride on her shoulder while they explored the city. They went from one end to the other, with Souris keeping an eye out for any sort of food or anyone who seemed relatively easy to acquire a little spending money for. Haru was more worried about wanted posters although when she found none she was relieved. She claimed that it was probably because their father didn’t want to admit that they had escaped, that it might all be covered up just because they didn’t want to admit the existence of the island at all. Souris just shrugged and went off to secure money for dinner.
                After a few days of the same thing, one of the shipwrights that had greeted them when they came limping into the harbor came down. An older gentleman, he offered to help Haru fix her ship. She took to it quickly, making Souris glad that his completely random choice of destination worked out. Haru signed with the shipwright, and the pair settled in for the duration of Haru’s apprenticeship, selling the boat she had brought in order to buy their current apartment.
                During the years that Haru worked, Souris trained. For a while he would just use whatever empty lot he found, however as he gathered attention from innocent and annoyance alike, he started to seek out more private places. He had even less luck with people in social settings and after several particularly bad nights he gave up. If he went out for something other than training or to lift something necessary or that he fancied, it was as a mouse on Haru’s shoulder. Eventually it got to the point it still sits at, where he just spends the majority of his time as a mouse.
> Rokushiki
> [url= http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t920-tenryu-no-sutairu] Tenryū no sutairu (Divine Dragon Style)[/url]

Basic Katana
Weapon Description:
                A standard katana with a mat finish dark grey blade and black and dark blue on the handle. It shows some wear but is well cared for. When going into a fight knowingly, Haru will carry his sword on her side, should he have need to change back and draw it.
Weapon Special Abilities:
Weapon History:
                Souris bought the sword shortly after leaving using some of the money they earned selling the restored boat as a replacement for the one that was left at the academy.
Other Items:
> Basic pocket watch – A soundproofed device in which the various clockwork pieces have been removed in favor of it becoming the home for a black den den mushi. According to his father it is capable of tapping into only 1 line, the line in his father’s office which will instantly alert the agent to the tap and its origins. It exists with the intention of being able to alert their father to the need for him to step in or for the wish of Souris or preferably both children to return. Souris generally keeps this item in the coconut that Haru hollowed out for him to sleep in, or on his person.
> Coconut – A hollowed out shell that Haru made for him when Souris started sleeping in his mouse form. Generally it hangs off of Souris’s sword where it stays leaned up against the wall. When Souris is in mouse form it also houses his scarf and his pocketwatch.
Power Level Information
Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:  Expert
Character Resilience:  Proficient
Character Dexterity:  Advanced
Devil Fruit Information
Devil Fruit Name:
[url= http://onepiecememories.forumotion.co.uk/t918-mausu-mausu-no-mi-model-fancy-mouse]Mausu Mausu no Mi Model: Fancy Mouse[/url]
Devil Fruit Type:
Current Devil fruit Level:
Level 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Level 1-2: 2 threads
Level 2-3: 4 threads
Level 3-4: 3 threads
Mastery levels
1st Level
> The ability to turn into a hybrid mouse form, and a full mouse form
> Their movements becomes silent at all points in time unless intentionally making noise
> Dexterity increased by 1 level in hybrid and mouse form
2nd Level
> 3 more forms gained
> Dexterity increased by 2 levels in alternative forms
> Sense of smell and hearing increased in human form
3rd Level
> 4 more forms gained
> Dexterity increased by 2 levels in alternative forms
> Speed increased by 1 level in alternative forms
> Limited monster form
4th Level
At this point the user is faced with a choice of either permanently becoming an awakened Zoan or remaining as he or she is and gaining the ability to control his or her monster form.
Devil Fruit Abilities:
- Mausu Mausu no Kieru (Vanishing Mouse) – An ability which allows him to pass through seemingly solid material such as walls or floors. As the other side must have enough room for his body this technique generally works better in his mouse form.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses
Combat Information
Unarmed Combat
Technique Name: Geppo
Description & After effect: A technique which allows the user to actually jump off the air itself. –
Stat Requirement(s):  Speed=Advanced gives the user the ability to jump off of things such as stone, water, and wood but not yet air.
Speed = Expert allows the user the ability to fully utilize this technique

> Nezumi has full mastery of this technique
Technique Name: Kami-e
Description & After effect:The ability to go limp in such a way as to avoid attacks.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced

Technique Name:Rankyaku
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user kicks their leg at high speed and strength in order to create a compressed air blade./font]
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced

> Nezumi does not yet have this technique
Technique Name:Shigan
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user uses their finger to strike a target at very high speed, resulting in a wound similar to that left by a bullet.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Advanced
Technique Name:Soru
Description & After effect: A technique which allows the user to move at high speeds in order to avoid attacks or attack themselves. It works off the principle of being able to kick the ground 10 times in 3 seconds.
Stat Requirement(s): Speed=Expert
Technique Name:Tekkai
Description & After effect:A technique in which the user hardens their muscles in order to create the effect of striking iron.
Stat Requirement(s): Resilience=Advanced

> Nezumi has yet to master this technique
Weapon Based Combat:
Technique Name: Tenryū no kiba (Divine Dragon Fang)
State:Zero State
Description & After effect: A strike from higher than the opponent, the user uses the momentum of the fall to add strength to the downward stab.
Side Effect(s):N/A
Stat Requirement(s):Speed: Advanced
Technique Name:  Tenryū no koiru (Divine Dragon Coil)
State:Zero State
Description & After effect:A counterstrike designed to be used when an opponent thrusts. The user sidesteps moving forward past the lunging opponent while spinning in a full circle. This adds momentum and force to the strength of the swing, which is generally aimed at the back or the back of the neck.
Side Effect(s):N/A
Stat Requirement(s):Speed: Advanced
Technique Name:  Kyūjōshō shita ryū (Soaring Dragon)
State:Zero State
Description & After effect:A rising attack meant to strike from below, generally aimed at the jaw. A second hand can be placed flat on the blade as the user rising up in order to add strength and accuracy to the blow.
Side Effect(s):N/A
Stat Requirement(s):Speed: Advanced
Technique Name: Tsuin ryū (Twin Dragon)
State:Zero State
Description & After effect:A seminally simple draw strike, the user strikes with the quickened sword, followed by the empty sheath as a blunt weapon. Both follow the same path, creating an insurance in case the sword is avoided or blocked.
Side Effect(s):N/A
Stat Requirement(s):Speed: Advanced
Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Combo Combat:

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Re: Souris Nezumi Kamin

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Re: Souris Nezumi Kamin

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Devil Fruit Abilities

• This is where you write what the devil fruit allows you to do.

• Vanishing Mouse would be more of a technique. Also I do not fully understand how this technique works. Please explain.

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Re: Souris Nezumi Kamin

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