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Chapel Watkins [WIP]

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Chapel Watkins [WIP]

Post by Church on Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:39 pm

General Information

Name:  Chapel Gabriel Watkins
Epithet: War Rabbit
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Karate Island - South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A
Ship: Dingy
Occupation: Shipwright / Artisan
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 100 , 000
Crimes Committed 
Caught assisting a minor noblewoman with adultery.
Committed aggravated assault on two petty officers of the marines.

Bounty Collected: N/A
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): He wants to become a pirate known for "The Number One Most Laid Back Bancho of the Seas, who is clean." Essentially showing that he wants to not only become a powerful pirate in his own rights but he wants to gain a reputation that shows people he is not only someone who can keep his cool under pressure, but that when it comes down to it he can defend himself and his comrades without ever breaking his moral code. Hence his "being clean," This goal however is a pipe-dream as his personality directly conflicts with this goal and it is just something that motivates him to carry on despite the fact that he has never once grown close to attaining it. His secondary, and more realistic goal, is to become a man who can be loved and adored by someone while retaining a sense of being a bad-a** pirate. 

Character Information

Flag: N/A


Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know hat your character is like in various situations and why too.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.

Abilities: List any abilities the character has such as acrobatics, photographic memory etc etc...



Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Speed:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Resilience:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level
Character Dexterity:  Using the Power Level rules put in the power level

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Bane Bane no Mi
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

[size=18]Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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