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Jericho Cykes

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Jericho Cykes

Post by Okamiro on Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:43 am

General Information


Name:  Jericho "Jerry" Cykes

Epithet: Chameleon

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Birthplace: an unknown Island in the East Blue

Species: Cyborg

Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: N/A

Ship: N/A

Occupation: ShipWright

Rank: N/A

Bounty: 300 000

Crimes Committed: sank a marine ship singelhanded

Bounty Collected: N/A

Allegiance: Undecided

Dream(s): Build the world biggest ship.



Character Information

Flag: N/A


Jericho stands at a whoopin 2 meters exactly. his weight is unknow since he was made a cyborg. for other people he looks like a normal human but most of his body is cyborg part. the only thing human left in him is his head(except for the skin and hair) and his heart the rest is metal. Jericho has no official apperance due to his chameleon skin that allows him to change apperance at wil. but the apperance he uses the most is dark blue hair. a white shirt he always has out of his pants. a pair of screaming purple pants and for shoes he has brown leather Cowboy boots. he also carries around a brown ship bag with a few changes of cloths



Personality: From birth he has always been a good hearted man who wanted the best for every one. He has a plesureable guilt for fighting, aspecially for being punched in the face. mainly because the only place he can feel pain is in his face. so when he fights he starts by letting the opponent getting one good punch at his face before he himself starts causing mayhem. He also has always had a thing for the mysterious. which is one of the main reasons he wanted the chameleon skin. the thought of changing how he looks and staying a mystery is a very cool thought in his mind. which is why his wanted poster has no picture. because he changes his apperance all the time.



Character History




Jericho was born into a family of wealthy marines that served well under the world government. allow Jericho to have a good childhood. he always had the best toys and the best cloths and everything he could wish for. and nothing special happend in his life before he turned 16. around that time his height had reached 2 meters. and he was very happy about it. he could see above any crowd to see what was going on. and he liked it alot.

He and his parrents where on a trip to Enies Lobby to pick up some pirates the CP9 had caught and on the way home they stopped by water 7 so that Jericho could look at some of the ships the Galley La was building at the time. he had always admired the artwork of crafting a ship. all the sweat and tears. and not to mention love that went into these builds shined bright as a star. and Jerichi dreamt of one day building his own ship. but as he was looking around one of the newcommers to the Galley La made a mistake and knocked the suport logs for one of the ships on one side over. this caused the ship to tip to one side and in the process falling on top of Jericho.

After his remains had been salvaged from the scene his head was miraculously intact along with his heart. he was proclaimed dead. but his parrents didn't want to give up on him so they hired inn the best cyborg scientist the marine could find and asked him to make a cyborg body for Jericho. using his head and heart. The doctor agreed and started right away. but some of the higher ranking got news of this and decided to use this to their advantage. so they paid the doctor to put in stuff like the chameleon skin which would let him change his appreance to infiltrate pirate crews and take them out from the inside. Hard Iron fists that allows him to punch throught metal. and so on.

When Jericho woke up for the first time after the accident. he screamed. but he was quickly calmed down by his mother that was happy he was alive. then he was aproatched by the cyborg that explained to him what had happend and that he was now a cyborg
In the beginning he was having difficulties getting used to his new body. but after a few weeks time he could use his body just as good as his old. as soon as the marines got the news of this they took him from his parrents to start training him in how to use his new abilities
The chameleon skin was the first to be trained up. it worked like a fluid rubber mass that could take any color, texture and shape. the only thing he cannot change is the cloths so he was instructed too keep a few changes of cloths around at any time. next was the Hard iron fists. for these to work the chameleon skin had to be moved out of the way to not damage it. which could punch throught the metal surfaces. When he asked wheter or not he could learn some marine moves they said that he had to seeme as much pirate as possible. so to ensure he would not blow his cover by using one of the techniques on refelx they would not teach him any marine moves

Jericho was then take on a marine ship and their goal was for him to infiltrate a very notorious pirate crew and then take them out from the inside. Jericho didn't like the idea. he thought it was a very slick and unfair way to get rid of the pirates but he had been raised up to think the pirates where evil so he agreed to do it.

He got into the pirat crew as black skinned man with emerald green eyes and his usuall outfit but as the time passed with him in the pirate crew he got to know them all very well. and they didn't seme as notorious as the others marines had made them seme. And he grew to like them. and then finally one day he was given a den den mushi from a stranger at a bar. when it rang he picket it up. it was one of the marine officers. they said the time had come. the plan was for him to swim under their ship and punch a hole there that way the boat would fill up with water faster than they would be able to repair. and with Jericho's excesive knowledge of ships he knew where the boat would fill up the quickest.

But on the day he was told to sabotage the boat he had made up his mind. he didn't want to do this so instead he swam back to the marine ship and told them how the situation was. but as the marines did not care about how good the pirates "semed to be" in their eyes. Jericho was done. and without warning he jumped of the ship and went under the marine ship and punched a hole in the bottom. some marines managed to escape but most of them wheren't that lucky. and this insident has caused Jericho to have the bounty he has today.

after that Jericho went into hiding to escape from the marines. and for the next 4 years he would hide by keep changing his apperance thanks to the chameleon skin.


Abilities: Chameleon Skin: is a fluid rubber mass kept together with electrodeds and magnetism. it has the powers to change color texture and shape. so he can make him change apperance at wil except for cloths


Cyborg body: due to the metal in mostly his entire body he is not easily taken down by bullets. the parts also give him more strength than a normal person and not much else. strength and bullet proofe.




 Cyborg body

Weapon Description:
a body made entirely of metal with the exeption of the head and heart

Weapon Special Abilities:
Chameleon skin: he can change his apperance at wil with the exception of cloths
Hard iron fist: a pair of metal fists that can punch through metal
enchanced Strength: he has a more than the average strength of a normal human


Weapon History:


due to an accident his parrents got a doctor to make an entire cyborg body with the exception of the head and heart. the body has a layer of chameleon skin that the marines developed. it makes him able to change his apperance at wii. the marines also installed Hard iron fists that is able to punch through metal.


Power Level Information


Character Strength: advanced

Character Speed: proficient

Character Resilience:  advanced

Character Dexterity:  Trained

Devil Fruit Information


Devil Fruit Name:

Devil Fruit Type:

Devil Fruit Progression:

Current Devil fruit Level:

Devil Fruit Mastery Level

Devil Fruit Abilities:


Devil Fruit Weaknesses:



Combat Information


Unarmed Combat:



Weapon Based Combat:



Devil Fruit Based Combat:



Combo Combat:





RP Sample:


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Re: Jericho Cykes

Post by Okamiro on Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:34 am


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Re: Jericho Cykes

Post by Docile on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:56 pm



• Where did this dream come from? Jericho doesn't have much in the way of his occupation in his history other than visiting Galley La.


• Remove the bits of his hands that can cut as he punches.


• If he is a shipwright then that should be in here.

• List other cyborg elements he has on his body here too.


• Due to his body being completely remade please write up this in the weapon section with in details about each cyborg enhancement such as Chameleon skin, Iron fists etc . . .


• If Jericho has been trained by the marines how to use his powers then why doesn't he know any combat moves?

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Re: Jericho Cykes

Post by Okamiro on Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:29 am

apperance: fixed
Abilities: fixed
Weapons: fixed
Combat: now explained in history.

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Re: Jericho Cykes

Post by Docile on Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:34 am

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Jericho Cykes

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