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Mandoralla Brae

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Mandoralla Brae

Post by Vaetric on Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:36 am

General Information

Name:  Mandoralla Brae
Epithet: “Devil-Grin”
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ0GSDX_QFE

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Vanguard
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Bounty Collected: 9,537,390
Allegiance: Marine
To find the One Piece to free the Voice.
To become a hero who shall be known throughout the ages.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Appearance:  One out of two of her most startling features are her eyes. The Iris is small, looking more like just being black pupils with her dark eye colour. Due to this, the sun doesn’t effect her vision much, but she can’t see anything without a torch at nighttime. The second would be her near-perpetual psychotic grin she wears most of the time. The smile seems to widen way past the length of her lips, almost like a natural Glaswegian smile. She’s rather tall, standing at 6 foot six.
She wields a large two-handed hammer. The head is made of iron with brass around the sides and form the hand protector. It ALMOST seems a bit too big for her, but not ridiculously so. Her attire consists of plate light grey plate armour with brass edges, much like her hammer. Beneath the armour, she wears a brown linen shirt and dark blue trousers.

Personality: She’s a little unhinged. Her concept of ‘goodness’ changes from time to time, sometimes she’ll heroically step into battle against the corrupt and evil, the next she deems bananas to be hellspawn. She is obsessed with heroism, and is fearless in her ways to the point of seeming suicidal in her overconfidence. Due to this other Marines tend to just let her loose first THEN send in the other troops after she’s broken the line.
She heeds the being known as the Voice, and follows its command. When it doesn’t speak to her, she exercises her own judgement. She has absolutely no idea that she has a devil fruit nor know what they are. She believes its abilities is assistance from the Voice.  She portrays herself as a person who cares for the people she protects, even if most of the time she feels nothing for them, she only does so because of the Voice.

Character History


Born in a village called Upton in West Blue, she grew up amongst the stressed and fearful. The area around was ripe with bandits who constantly demanded tribute, each new group adding to the payload. Sometimes they’d get lucky and one tribe would wipe out the other, but it was more likely the survivors would assimilate with the ones who defeated them, thus they’d have to pay more to that particular group. They weren’t the only village under duress, other villages were similarly extorted, some going up in flames because they couldn’t pay the bandits, as a warning to others. If they tried to put up defences, men would come down to tear them up before completion.
Any messengers sent for help were waylaid, it was dangerous to travel on the roads alone, even more so on a caravan. The more loot you seemed to have, the more likely you were to be attacked. Yuni however was unafraid. She didn’t feel much of any emotions, really. She found her life to be incomplete, the whispers in her head hushed and quiet, barely able to make sense of them. She continued with the dreariness of life, even if a bandit group came and threatened them, taking the tribute she’d continue unabashed with her business.
When she was seventeen years old, however, she found a knight in battered armour lying upon the road not far from her village. On his back he had a strange symbol. Helping him to the village, Yuni huffed as she laid him out onto the straw floor, attempting to pry him out of his suit as she had a plan to help bolster the village’s supply of meat. She’d done it before, but never told the others about it, mostly bandits. They stole from them, they may as well help them to make up for it, one way or another. However, as she did so, the knigth awakened, grabbing her wrist and she cried out in pain. He paused, before letting her go.
“My apologies, my lady!” He said in a way that bespoke no indoor voice. “It was by instinct, I assure you.” He said, rising up into a sitting position. “My name is Sirl-Oin.”
“..Yuni.” She said, blinking as she rubbed her wrist. He had such a grip, it felt like it was broken.
He took off his helmet, revealing a rather youthful face, he couldn’t have been more than twenty five. “Th-“ He’d begin, before blinking at her. “Your eyes, they are strange!” He pointed at her in a half-shouting surprised voice, before blinking again. “..Sorry. Where am I?”
“Woman of few words, eh? My ship had crashed along the coast, I was searching for townsfolk to aid me when I was waylaid by masked men. After dispatching them, I continued until I passed out.” He explained. “You wouldn’t happen to have nourishment?” He asked.
She wordlessly got up and gave him food. It kind of felt like feeding a farm animal, though before she could do anything he wolfed down the food and got up, exiting the house with a “Thank you.” She followed him, both reaching the square before the Triple Oni group of bandits came, demanding payment. Sirl-Oin appeared furious at the thought of bandits extorting the local villages, and with one sweep of his sword he dispatched them. Yuni blinked as she saw the fountains of blood stem from the waists that once had torsos, fixated upon the red that fed the ground, the meat that thumped upon the floor.
But it was his figure that caught her attention the most, set against the sun, his armour gleaned in the daylight, shining brighter in her life than any other sight. And so until he was back to full strength, he protected the village. Though weakened, he was still a force to be reckoned with, able to stand alone against multiple men without too much trouble. She followed in his footsteps, the voice demanding that she follow him. It promised eternal glory like he has, it promised that through him, she will know content. It took a long time to convince the knight to train her, but in the end he acquiesced. A few years after that at nineteen, however, the Lord of Bandits finally decided to destroy their village. Unable to stop him before his powers, it was decimated through an earthquake. Familiar with the Bandit Lord’s work, they set out to defeat him in revenge. Though he was powerful, he was also decadent, fat, lazy. Unable to even move from his chair. While the townsfolk kept the other bandits busy, they snuck in and ended him while his attention was on a pork roast.
Satisfied with their work, Yuni reached into her sachel and pulled forth an apple she was saving, biting into it and swallowing before realising it’d gone bad, ocuhging at the foul taste she threw it away, wincing. Without homes, the villagers flocked to their hero, and he led them across the land, unknowing of where they would end up. Eventually they came to a port town, where the marines had a presence. Having found a new place to settle, the other villagers dwindled until the few who were willing to stand with him joined. As she joined the marines, she decided on a name fit for a knight under Sirl-Oin, Mandoralla Brae.
She quickly made a name for herself, charging into battle wildly with her gun and more than often getting herself into trouble for not following protocol. However, what the marine captain she’d been assigned to did admit was her ferocity in combat. The sheer amount of lowlife pirates she took down by herself was staggering, raking up her collected bounties even after it was split between the others. She continued to follow the voice, it told her to split off from Sirl-Oin and the others, it told her to charge, to inspire. It told her to defeat the unjust, it told her to forge a hammer and armour, spending most of her money. It told her to kill the criminals. She called upon the Voice’s power to bury her foes, to aid her in desperate times when on islands, but only on islands. For the sea was the one place the Voice would not help her. Once she was told of one piece, she was sure of it being the key to releasing the Voice.
And she will.

Hold Fast: Mandoralla can brace herself, taking on damage like a wall to protect whoever’s behind her. This doesn’t mean she cannot take damage, it means she’s harder to move to push away.
Blue and Orange Morality: Mandoralla doesn’t distinguish between good and evil herself, the voice doing that for her. If the voice tells her robots live on the moon, she’d believe it. If the voice tells her the Celestial Dragons are benevolent philanthropists she’d believe that too.
Heroic Presence: Despite her.. Numerous failings, in battle she will charge headfirst into battle. Depending on the people fighting with her, she will raise their morale through example.


Weapon: Iron Hammer

Weapon Description: A large, iron hammer adorned with brass.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Heavy: Requires trained strength in order to use to the fullest extent.

Weapon History: It was forged by her request from a blacksmith along with her plate armour.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Yama Yama No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1 - Level 2 Requires 3 Threads
Level 2 - Level 3 Requires 5 Threads
Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities:
1st Level
The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves & hills.

2nd Level
The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves, hills, mountains and even volcanoes if magma runs below.

The user is able to manipulate masses as far as the user can see, to their liking including making pits, caves, hills, mountains and even volcanoes if magma runs below. The user can rapidly heighten and lower landmass to create local "Earthquakes" & even "Tsunamis" by shifting of tectonic plates.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Judgement Punch: Mandoralla rears up for a punch using her gauntlet, bringing it to bear with every ounce of her strength as she does so. There are two versions to this, Serious Judgement Punch which is more aimed at crushing the opponent’s ribs in, and the Comedic Judgement, where the punch more attempts to propel them away. She doesn’t actually call it Comedic Judgement Punch.
Penance Kick: A push kick, she raises her knee and foot toward the opponent’s chest. She delivery of the strike is delivered by the ball of her foot, putting the strength of her legs into the kick. More powerful than the Judgement Punch, this is aiming to either break down a door or splatter an opponent’s innards past their spine.
Backhand of Retribution: This of course requires no description, but it’ll be said anyway. With her gauntleted fist, she moves her hand toward the other side, before slapping it backwards into an opponent’s face.
Forehead’s Verdict: Should her weapon be locked with her opponent’s, she will rear her head back before slamming it forward, attempting to smash it into the opponent’s nose. The main aim of the game here is to break it or at least make the opponent dazed so she could unlock and smash him with a Judication Crush.

Weapon Based Combat:

Judication Crush: She slings the hammer over her shoulder so the head is touching her back. She then brings it down upon the opponent, aiming to smash it into their face, shoulder or chest. This is done with more force than a normal swing.
Inquisition Arc: Swinging her hammer toward the opponent’s side, she aims to either crush their insides or knock them back. This tends to be more of a cleaving move for multiple opponents, as once the momentum of the hammer starts, it’s rarely stopped until it reaches its full arc.
Templar’s Justice: Mandoralla jumps forward into the air, spinning as she does so and swinging her hammer around for extra punch. Mostly aimed for breaking through blocks, it has added power for the cost of slight disorientation after it ends. Furthermore it’s very hard to stop once it starts.
Holy Swing: Mandoralla leaps forward. Quicker than she looks with all of the plate, she aims to stop next to the opponent while swinging toward the abdomen. This not only makes the hammer harder to block, but it also lends it extra strength behind the swing and thus hitting like a tank.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:
Voice’s Crusade: She slams her hammer into the grand, invoking the power of the Voice. From where her hammer strikes, spikes of earth appear out of the ground, trailing along her vision before reaching any enemies. Since the spikes are only made of the earth, the softer the terrain, the blunter the spikes.
Divine Vengence: After being stricken by a particularly vicious blow that would send her flying, the terrain would rise up behind her, softening the impact before moving toward the enemy. Soon both earth and a hammer would smash into the foe like a tidal wave.
Wrath of the Deity: Mandoralla calls upon the Voice, hollowing out the ground beneath the opponents before opening it, if successful they would fall into the created pit. She would then attempt to re-fill the opening, thus leaving them trapped in a cave. After that’s done, she’d then re-fill the cave, thus crushing them.
Stay of Execution: Controlling the earth beneath an ally, she creates a pit for him or her to fall in, thus defending them from a particularly nasty attack that they’d otherwise be unable to defend themselves against.


RP Sample:

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Re: Mandoralla Brae

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Re: Mandoralla Brae

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Re: Mandoralla Brae

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