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Lost Soul Pirates

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Lost Soul Pirates

Post by Sweet Dreams on Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:47 am

Lost Soul Pirates

Captain: Alice Grimm
Allegiance: Pirate
Crew Motto: Fated to wander a life of adventure forever. 
Theme Tune
Territory Owned: None
Allies: None
Crew Roaster

NameAlice Grimm
Epithet: Queen Of Maggots
Devil Fruit: Nuigurumi Nuigurumi No Mi
Abilities: Candy Maker
Magic/Slight of Hand
Sewing and Toy Making
Bounty: 320,001

Epithet: No Face
Abilities:Gentlemen's talent: Music, cooking, these are things he had learned while in Alice's crew. Finding a talent for the violin and piano and can be found playing it in his spare time.

Caged monster: Being able to keep his cool at all times as he long ago caged the monster that is his anger. He forces it to stay inside but nothing can be caged forever.

Magic: As he spent time around Alice he learned from her magic,the trade of slight of hand but unlike Alice who uses it more for stealing and distractions Jin uses it as entertainment of being found performing for small children

Obedience: When in a fight Jin will only stop if ordered to by Alice or once the opponent stops moving.
Bounty: 500,000

NameFleur Bellerose
Epithet:Madame Flurry
Devil Fruit: Yuki Yuki no mi
Abilities: Chef's Secret
Bounty: 0

NameAkiko Fawn
Epithet: Spirit of the Forest
Abilities: Archer
Animal Instincts
Arrow Maker
Bounty: 0

NameTekina Tamashi
Epithet: The Swift Dagger
Abilities: Imperishable Will
Substantial Combat Prowess
Superior Eyesight/Perception
Superior Physical Conditioning
Bounty: 125,000,000

Total Bounty (Collected): 125,820,001

Crew's Dreams:Alice- Be truly Loved
-Get rid of the one in her bounty
-Live her life to the fullest
-Avenge her fallen Crew.

Jin-Make Alice Grimm's Dreams come true.
-Protect Alice Grimm
-Get a puppy
-Learn Alice's Sugar Skull Recipe
-Stay by Alice's side forever.

Fleur- Compile a collection of recipes from every island she visits
- Be the greatest cook to ever live
- Visit all the winter islands on the Grand Line
- Find the friend that walked out on her years ago

Akiko- Find her caretaker
-Find other Deer Centaur
-See the world
-Shoot an apple off someones head.
-Be able to play every instrument in the world.
-Become the best Archer the world has ever seen.

Tekina-Carry on the legacy of the Surging Storm Pirates
-Find a new crew to adopt as his family
-Bring down the world Government for the death of Toshiro and his crew, As well as for their twisted sense of justice
-Defeat an admiral in combat
-Surpass Toshiro and make him proud 
-Attain a bounty of 1,000,000,000 Beli or more
-Track down and seek justice on the bounty hunter who took captivity of his parents
-Make it to the new world.

Looking for just about any type of person to join our lovely little crew,so come on down! All you have to do is ask!

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Re: Lost Soul Pirates

Post by Fin~ on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:02 am

Unless another mod or admin says otherwise.

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Re: Lost Soul Pirates

Post by Izu on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:34 pm

I shall make this official! Fleur Bellerose is applying to join this here crew!

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Re: Lost Soul Pirates

Post by Sweet Dreams on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:48 pm

Approved!!~ Welcome to The Lost Soul Pirates!
Sweet Dreams

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Re: Lost Soul Pirates

Post by Sponsored content

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