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Tiffany Lore

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Tiffany Lore

Post by Wanderlust on Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:35 pm

Tiffany Lore
"Red Dragon" Lore

Age. 20
Gender. Male
Birthplace. East Blue
Species. Human
Orientation. Lefty

Crew. Infinity Fantasia; Dawn Pirates (former); Marines (former)
Jolly Roger.
Ship. tba.
Occupation. Captain

Bounty. 0
Allegiance. Pirate
Crimes Committed. tba.
Dreams. Those who sail the sea would have a dream they want to achieve. These dreams are the reasons why they are willing to take the risk of losing their lives. Before Lore achieves his big dreams on the blues out there, he hopes to look for talented pirates and form a powerful crew, while he does not only want to make them his crew members, but his family and friends as well. In fact, Lore has many dreams to be achieved, one of them would be travelling and exploring the world. The purpose of doing so is to enjoy a better life and learn knowledge about all things. If possible, he wants to become the Pirate King which he needs to discover Roger's precious treasure, One Piece. However, he must get stronger all the way to the end of his journey by training himself nonstop, even if there is no end. Last but not least, it is the promise between him and the Dawn Pirates that they would meet again somewhere else on the oceans.

(More details to be added.)

Character Information

Appearance. Lore always catch others' attention by his appearance with notable features. He is a fairly tall teen whose height is about 175cm (5'9") with pink spiky hair and black eyes. He is slim yet well-built and muscular with light skin in a warm undertone, giving an impression of strong and reliable. Lore often shows a face of rude and arrogance, but that is not his being at all, he just born with it. His smile sometimes look evil because of his facial appearance. Due to eating the Devil Fruit, he possesses sharp canines which are inconspicuous. There is no certain outfit for him, he wears whatever he feels like it.

Personality. Lore is carefree and concentrated in nature, but he is also someone who is not very good with words, and can be quite direct. He is a kind and helpful young man who cannot abandon another in trouble. He seeks freedom and fights for justice, helping those who need help whether they are pirates and marines, as long as they are some good guys. Lore is also devoted and protective towards his friends and sometimes even shows compassion for his enemies. For an orientation of being a southpaw, Lore is indeed more to creativity than rational and logic. Being adaptable is something that he has developed to live as a free spirited pirate on the sea.

Being adventurous comes from the unfamiliar, Lore is willingly taking risks to take on new challenges and experience new adventures, at the same time it makes Lore a brave and courageous man because fear and risk are actually involved in those adventurous activities. The only source of knowledge is experience. By exploring, Lore has become a learner who possesses good observation and is eager to learn. Lore's observation grants him a rather strategic mind, helping him to find weaknesses of his opponents. Lore does not like to make himself an easy opponent. Underestimating him and you will regret for not being serious against him a fighting expert.

(More details to be added.)

• Skilled Fighter
• Various Fighting Styles
• Ryusoken
• Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Doragon
• Learner


History. Lore was born a noble in an island located in East Blue. When he was at a younger age, he was highly educated and learned in many aspects, from art to combat. He did not feel happy for being a nobleman even though his parents loved him and gave him everything. This is because he did not have freedom which he dreamed of travelling and exploring the outside world yet his family did not allowed him to. This did not make him hate his parents, he always loved them, but he has made a decision of leaving them and living his own life when he grew up. His father, Tiffany Gold, a respected marine captain, always urged him to become a marine. Lore refused his father about it every time as he knew marines were to work for the government, yet he joined the marines and became his father's right-hand assistant sometime after, on purpose which he knew his father would train him to become a strong man like him someday.

The Promise

When Lore was 10 years old, he was kidnapped by some bandits from the mountain. Unexpectedly, he managed to befriended with the mountain bandits after being brought back to the place, thanks to two young girls who were somehow associated with them. One of them was same age with Lore, while another girl was 2 years younger than her sister. They made friends with each other, and promised that this incident should be kept a secret. Until now, Lore's parents never knew this incident happened before. Their names were Valentine Sabrina and Serena by the way. As a matter of fact, they were once orphans who wandered around the island until the bandits' leader, Valentine Cherry adopted them as her daughters and took care of them. Since then, Lore often went to Cherry's place to play with Sabrina and Serena, without parents' knowing of course. Slowly, they found out that they actually shared similar goals, and they were all inspired by Roger the former Pirate King as well. After some time, they decided to sail as a crew together after 8 years.

As a Marine

16-year-old Lore was recruited as a marine officer and assigned to his father's crew. He served as the right-hand assistant of his father and sailed the sea. The duty was to protect East Blue and strike down pirate ships. He did become stronger from time to time. The methods his father trained him was throwing him in the ocean to fight against sea monsters. It was truly a hard time for Lore as a marine. A year later, when he got back to the island with his father from the sea, he eventually stole a small ship from the harbor and left the island without telling anyone. Unfortunately, something bad happened as his ship could not withstand the sudden storm and destroyed by raging waves of ocean.

Corgi and the Dawn Pirates

Lore then woke up from his coma and realized that he was tied up in a storage room, trying to loose the rope until a man came in. The man was quite friendly, telling him what happened and how did he get found. The truth was a member of the man's crew saved him from drowning and brought him aboard the ship. Shortly after, Lore was told to either leave the ship or join the crew, and it was at that moment he knew the crew was actually a crew of pirates. He saw this as a golden opportunity for him to explore the world with the pirates, knowing he alone would not go any further. He accepted the invitation, ended up joining the pirate crew named Dawn Pirates instead of sailing alone. The man served as captain on the ship, his name was Corgi. He was willing to take orders from Corgi as he was saved by him once after all.

Devil Fruit

Years passed, the Dawn Pirates have wandered around the Blues and visited many islands, the Grand Line was set as their next destination. However, Lore asked Corgi if he was able to send him back to his island. Corgi hesitated as Lore has always been one of his great fighters in his crew for all these years. The captain took out a Devil Fruit and made a deal with his dear Lore who was about to leave. If Lore could eat the fruit and was willing to have a battle against him, he would then be allowed to leave the crew. The battle was intense but Lore seemed to be not used to the new power, affecting him in a bad condition which he was defeated by Corgi in the end. Afterwards, at the seaside, everyone on the ship cried out and bade farewell to Lore as he walked away in tears, with the promise that they would meet again somewhere in the Grand Line. On the other hand, it was time to keep the promise with the Valentines 8 years ago.

(More details to be added.)


Weapon Description.
Weapon Special Abilities.
Weapon History.

Power Level

Character Strength. Advanced
Character Speed. Advanced
Character Resilience. Advanced
Character Dexterity. Advanced

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit Name. Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Doragon
Devil Fruit Type. Mythical Zoan
Current Devil Fruit Level. 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level.
1st level.
• Able to transform into a standard hybrid form and the full form of a dragon.
• Able to use the ability flight when in the full form of a dragon.
• Improved senses of smell, sight and hearing.
• Able to adapt to any natural environments.
• Immunity to most natural elements due to the dragon scales.

2nd level.
• Able to transform into three new forms of which focus either on strength, resistance or agility.
• Able to use the ability flight when in any possible form.
• Able to resist physical attacks due to the dragon scales.
• Allows the user to breathe fire

3rd level.
• Able to transform into three new forms of which are more unique and stronger than standard and focused forms.
• Able to transform into an unstable monster form of a dragon.
• Able to resist weapon attacks such as bullets and blades due to the enhanced hardness of the dragon scales.

4th level.
• Proficient in manipulation of dragon flames.
• Proficient in all forms of a dragon.
• Able to transform selective body parts into dragon form.

Devil Fruit Abilities. Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Doragon is said to be one of the rarest among the Zoan fruits, even rarer than Logia fruits. It enables the user to transform into a red dragon and a variety of its hybrid forms. As a result of eating the fruit, the user's senses of smell, sight and hearing are highly improved. When the user transforms into any of the forms, it grants the user one of the typical characteristics of a dragon: strong and thick dragon scales which often possess great durability and immunity to most natural elements such as fire. By that, it means the user can adapt to any natural environments as well. The dragon scales are said to be tough enough to resist weapon attacks like bullets and blades when the user reaches a certain level of mastering the fruit's power. The user is also allowed to use the ability flight when in any possible form. Most importantly, it allows the user to breathe fire and make us of it in a wide variety of ways, from melee to a ranged form of offense, depends on how well the user can utilize it.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses. With this immense power comes many weaknesses, no matter how strong the fruit is. First of all, Devil Fruit users have these same and constant standard weaknesses of which they are rejected by the sea and become powerless when they are submerged in water. This also means that whoever eats a Devil Fruit loses the ability to swim. One of the mighty inventions, seastone is also a great weakness of Devil Fruits users because it can drain their energy until they cannot control their powers at will. Although the user is able to lower the damage of any kind of attacks with their scales, Busoshoku Haki, including seastone and water, are able to nullify the powers and thus making them able to be harmed without the protection of the dragon scales. The immunity to natural elements does not actually make the user invulnerable to every elemental attacks. The user can still be harmed by elements which have a naturally higher order than the classical ones. For example, fire cannot really hurt the user due to the dragon scales, but magma which is higher in order of superiority is able to.


Unarmed Combat.
Ryusoken, a canon martial art that requires use of one's fingers by holding them in a shape of claw. However, it is not necessary for Lore to do so because he possesses real claws of a dragon, putting it into good use and has developed the canon fighting style into an advanced version. Currently there has no technique listed so far but soon. There will be other combat styles to be added as well.

(More techniques to be added.)

Weapon Based Combat.

Devil Fruit Based Combat.
Lore ate a Devil Fruit categorized as a Mythical Zoan named Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Doragon. The fruit is said to be extremely rare and powerful that it enables Lore to transform into a dragon and various hybrid forms, including the true monster form. This is also why Lore is identified as "Red Dragon".

Cross Mode: This ability enables Lore to transform into the standard hybrid form of a red dragon, giving him muscular limbs with sharp claws, thick scales, long tail and large wings form on his back as well.

Dragon Mode: Lore is allowed to transform into the full form of a gigantic red dragon, which is physically stronger than the standard hybrid form. Lore gains a great boost in strength and resistance to match his size in this form. Above is the appearance of the dragon and its size compared to a human.

To be unlocked.
Power Mode: Power mode allows Lore to transform into a hybrid form of dragon which is more focused on strength and power. It takes the form of more muscular dragon arms and legs with sharper claws without wings.

Guard Mode: Guard mode allows Lore to transform into a hybrid form of dragon which is more focused on defense and resistance. Lore's body is covered with dragon scales. In addition, it takes the form of dragon arms and wings which the scales appear to be hardened and stronger on these body parts. Movement speed is slightly decreased as the body is heavier in this form.

Speed Mode: Speed mode allows Lore to transform into a hybrid form of dragon which is more focused on speed and agility. It takes the form of muscular dragon legs and wings which are lighter and wider in width.

Roar: Lore first inhales and gathers oxygen in his lung in a way that allows him to generate fire, then unleashes the breath of a dragon in the direction of his opponent, creating a large fire stream which damages and burns the opponent.

(More techniques to be added.)

Combo Combat.


RP Sample.

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Re: Tiffany Lore

Post by Wanderlust on Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:27 am


To become stronger, you must not fear your enemies. Instead, make them fear of you in order to conquer your dreams.

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Re: Tiffany Lore

Post by Vaetric on Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:27 am


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Re: Tiffany Lore

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