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Post by Vaetric on Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:49 am

General Information

Name:  Sven Eiht Nian
Epithet: “Deadeye”
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Where were they born?
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous.

Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Marksman/Assassin
Rank: Captain (Deserted)
Bounty: 30,000,000
Crimes Committed:

Deserting the Marines.

High counts of murder.

Bounty Collected: 10,320,500
Allegiance: Herself.

Assassinate a Gorosei.

Assassinate a World Noble.

Assassinate a Commander in Chief.

Assassinate a Fleet Admiral.

Assassinate an Admiral.

Assassinate a Vice Admiral.

Assassinate a Rear Admiral.

Assassinate twenty Marine captains. (1/20)


Assassinate the Pirate King.

Assassinate a Yonkou.

Assassinate a Schichibukai.

Assassinate twenty pirate captains. (7/20)


Assassinate the Revolutionary Leader.

Assassinate the Revolutionary Sub-Leaders.


Assassinate twenty Bounty Hunters. (2/20)

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Appearance: She has black, long hair tied up in a pony-tail that ends at her hip area. Her eyes are a dark brown that are usually frowning with intent. She’d have regular features, normal cheekbones for her normal facial width for her normal facial height for her normal mouth size for her normal impassive facial expression. In other words, she is completely and utterly non-descript, Her bounty picture doesn’t even have her photograph, just a rough drawing from some of her ex-colleagues that could describe a large amount of women. Once she enters a crowd, one would be rather hard-pressed to find her.


Sven isn’t all that imposing. She stands at 5’4, and definitely doesn’t seem to be strong. She has a large bust, normal waist and somewhat wide hips which would be rather pleasing to the eyes, but that’s about it. Though she isn’t fat, she’d be full in what she has with thick thighs. Despite this, she seems to find herself able to run rather easily, and makes up for her lack of speed with the sheer distances she can run at her own pace. Overall, despite her face’s normality, her body is rather pleasing to look at.


She wears a tank top that reaches down to her hip area where it is then secured with a belt. She has trousers that cling tightly to her frame as the tank top does. Her belt holds ammunition cases in a satchel on her right hip, while her left holds smoke bombs. Around her clothing are pockets that hold her gun, Tien. She makes use of disposable hoods, often cut pieces of cloth in the form of one so they could be easily thrown away at a moment’s notice.

Personality: Write in here what your character is like. Are they hot headed, A hopeless romantic or a bit of a push over? This will need to be at least 10 lines. There is allot you can write for a personality so please do so. We want to know hat your character is like in various situations and why too.

Character History

Put the background of your character in here. Explain why they are the way they are and where they got their views thoughts & beliefs from. This must be at least 3 paragraphs. Remember age also plays a part in the size of their history old guys do allot with long lives.


High Stamina –




Weapon: Tien.

Weapon Description: It would be a rather.. Interesting weapon. It appears to be made to assemble and disassemble quickly. It is bolt-action and is only able to hold one shot before having to reload. Despite its setbacks, it is actually rather powerful and in Sven’s hands she can hit a target at five hundred meters, providing there is no wind, the target isn’t moving and so forth.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Reassemble/Disassemble – The gun is made out of many different parts that come together to make the gun. Each of these must be fitted perfectly into position otherwise the user would be lucky to have the gun simply not work rather than explode in their face.



Weapon History:

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Average
Character Speed:  Average
Character Resilience:  Average
Character Dexterity:  Expert

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat:


RP Sample:

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