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Decay From Within

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Decay From Within

Post by Docile on Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:14 pm

The days had been long upon the open seas. With no more than the seeds which spawned from his hands the company of a living plushie and a young girl who had no real world experience the three of them weren't exactly the perfect travelers. The only one of the bunch with any real world combat experience was the plushie and if he got wet or burnt he was a goner! So that left most things up to the coward of the group. The coward being the green haired cowardly son of a revolutionary legend. A boy whose parents thought they could be proud of until he abandoned them and ran in the opposite direction screaming. He'd wanted a war and been given easy access to one. But when it reared it's ugly head that was more than enough to send him fleeing in the opposite direction.

With the breezes blow through his hair Rudy Michaels the 9,000,000 beli plant man looked back to check on Roderick and Phiola. Yet to collect a bounty but currently doing a good job in remaining hidden. They weren't as stupid as Rudy nor were they ever going to be assumed to be crooks. With Roderick able to transform into a small plush at will no one would even believe the thing was alive, where as Phiola everyone was going to believe Rudy had kidnapped her. Going by the actions on Granville where her parents lived that had been the general consensus so why wouldn't it anywhere else in the Grand Line?

With his lilly pad caught up in a current just up ahead Rudy allowed it to sail towards the island just up ahead. With the group it wasn't like they could pick and choose where they would sail to as none of them could navigate. In fact the skills they did have were just enough to get by. Rudy could shoot things, grow plants and fruits, Phiola could play the harp to make the journey slightly more tolerable whilst Roderick could cook, not that much cooking could be done on top of a floating lilly pad or being made of plush for that matter.

Either way the three of them were about to get the first chance to get off of the lilly pad in over a week and the solid ground would feel like a new experience to them. As the lilly pad was cast towards the sandy beaches up ahead Rudy fell forwards face first gaining a mouth full of sand.

Rolling over and spitting it out he looked towards Rodericka and Phiola who seemed to be in much better shape. The grey skies above told a tale of rain and the lilly pad told one of destruction as it wasn't very useful anymore and never would be. Not in its current state at least.

Standing up and smiling at the two Rudy gestured for them to follow.

"C'mon then guys. I guess it's time we go ashore. Just be careful when you stand up. It feels weird."

Rudy could feel his legs struggling to stand but fought against it. The weight of his body was unatrual but it was something he'd get used to, or at least he really hoped he would. Further up the beach were a large set of tropical trees and as the first flash of lightning struck from the dim clouds above it was made clear that it was time to get moving. The thunder was far away but it was quickly approaching.


And Rudy did not like thunder and lightning. Not one bit.

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