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Valentine Sabrina WIP

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Valentine Sabrina WIP

Post by Wanderlust on Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:17 pm

Valentine Sabrina
"..." Sabrina

Age. 20
Gender. Female
Birthplace. East Blue
Species. Human
Orientation. Righty

Crew. Infinity Fantasia
Jolly Roger.
Ship. tba.
Occupation. Navigator

Bounty. 0
Allegiance. Pirate
Crimes Committed. tba.
Dreams. ...

(More details to be added.)

Character Information

Appearance. ...

Personality. ...

(More details to be added.)



History. ...

(More details to be added.)


Weapon Description.
Weapon Special Abilities.
Weapon History.

Power Level

Character Strength. Advanced
Character Speed. Advanced
Character Resilience. Advanced
Character Dexterity. Advanced

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit Name.
Devil Fruit Type.
Current Devil Fruit Level.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level.

Devil Fruit Abilities.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses.


Unarmed Combat.

Weapon Based Combat.

Devil Fruit Based Combat.

Combo Combat.


RP Sample.

To become stronger, you must not fear your enemies. Instead, make them fear of you in order to conquer your dreams.

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