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Tatsuya Mōretsuna

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Tatsuya Mōretsuna

Post by Raizen on Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:08 pm

General Information

Name:  Tatsuya Mōretsuna Itami Shimasu
Epithet: The Pale Demon, The Indigo One, The Crimson Sparrow
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue, Spring Breeze Island
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: The Crimson Sparrow Pirates
Ship: None yet.
Occupation: Pirate
Bounty:  30,000,000
Crimes Committed: Several counts of murder on marines and civilians
Several counts of destruction of marine and private property
Several counts of theft of marine and private property
Several counts of treason
Several counts of disturbing the peace
Allegiance: Pirate
Restore the world to the order of natural selection.
Kill and defeat some of the worlds top fighters.
Become a renowned pirate who's name sends fear across the seas.
Satisfy his unquenchable thirst for blood and the large amounts of sadistic pleasure he takes in hurting people and other beings in all forms.
Never allow himself to feel emotions or get connected to another Individual under any circumstance.
Attain a very high bounty of 2,000,000,000 Beli or more.
Wreak havoc and spread the true meaning of pain and suffering across as much of the world as possible.
Bring down all forms of authority throughout the world and society and become the absolute most powerful being on the seas.
Become recognized as powerful across the world.

Character Information


Appearance: With a light weight structure and a frame of average size, Standing at 6'0" and weighing precisely 150 lbs, Tatsuya's build is one in which he is of quite small mass. His bone structure being slightly thin, He's considered underweight yet a good bit muscular for his size. He possesses above average muscular definition, And due to years of using the same weapons and engaging in battles with powerful individuals he possesses surprising power within a body structure which is small for the most part.

While he may not possess a gratuitous amount of muscles across his body or have an incredibly intimidating size, One can usually only see resemblance to a Vampiric or demonic like being of a sort when they take in Tatsuya's physical appearance. Possessing a very pale almost white skin tone, With dark almost black lips and two large dark circles under each of his respective eyes, As well as razor sharp incisors that show whenever his mouth opens. A variety of other features also accentuate his unnatural Vampiric like look, Namely the various self inflicted wounds across his body that he'd inflicted upon himself for a variety of reasons. Namely to help indulge in his Masochistic pain loving personality but also in an attempt at atoning for his failures in the past by inflicting physical pain upon himself. Another thing that sets him apart from most and something he was often picked on for as a child are his two separate colored eyes, His left Iris being a Light Golden Honey tone, making them appear a brilliant golden color especially when they seemingly glow in the moonlight. And his Right being Crimson shade of red with a jet black pupil. It's said that oftentimes his eyes are able to emit a particular glare in the moonlight, Almost appearing as if they're glowing at times. These features only go on, His face is a oval shape, With his nose being a Greek shape and the surrounding skin as pale as the rest of his body. His diamond shaped cheeks leading down to his quite pointy, Yet well defined jawline. From the Insane sadistic remarks he makes and actions he takes, As well as the different irregular straits accentuating each other, Such as his large dark almost black lips complimenting the dark circles under his eyes. Not to mention the slight almost glowing like glare that can be spotted in the sunlight complimenting the large fang like razor sharp incisors that would show whenever he'd open his mouth. He also possesses long jet black hair that parts at the middle of his forehead and splits down both sides of his head, Effectively covering the sides of his face and large elongated yet rounded ears.

As for his attire, He wears a pair of baggy pants constricted within Lightweight Tempered Aluminum Boots from the top of the shin to his feet. The pants themselves are made out of a silk like material and has Crimson colored tree like patterns running all the way down near the knee and pointy tree like patterns that intertwine all on the left side. He wears the pair of pants with a red, Originally black, Blood soaked sash that he ties around his waist to keep the pants on. It's said that the Crimson patterns in his pants are also from the blood of his various enemies. He has two sheathes which he keeps his two large swords in.

Possessing absolutely zero regard for the safety of himself or others, Tatsuya takes only great pleasure like no other in bringing untold levels of pain and destruction across everything and everyone he crosses. He is absolutely sadistic and masochistic, Often cutting himself in which the scars often heal up until they're barely visible. He has developed a hatred for all forms of life, Society, Humanity, And authority. He goes to great lengths to greatly dismantle these things throughout his travels, And he is particularly hateful and spiteful towards the world Government. Seeing as how they try to control the seas and are corrupt and crooked. It is said that Tatsuya possesses absolutely no sense of fear and absolutely loves battle, Especially loving to kill, Be it civilian or marine. He does love to kill and injure, Especially torture higher forms of authority. He loves proving himself worthy and defeating powerful opponents in battle, Expressing his hatred for all things and inner rage through his sadistic actions in battle. He cannot form connections with others, And can at best see them as useful and powerful. He sees himself having potential as becoming one of the most powerful beings in the world somewhere down the line, And hopes to one day achieve infamy across all of the worlds seas. From east blue to the new world, He hopes his name makes pirates marines and revolutionaries alike quiver at its mere mention.

Very hard to understand, Sneaky and mysterious, Tatsuya often reveals little personal details about himself and cannot have any sympathy or empathy for other human beings in most cases. He has very good leadership qualities and often expresses his rage and hatred through combat or his sheer power, He considers it very important that he becomes as powerful as possible and command a very powerful pirate crew of some of the worlds most demented and evil individuals. He's not the type to take enjoyment in things, Unless it's causing pain to other beings or slaughtering a large amount of individuals. He finds it is the only way to sate his anger. At first he was in a blind rage, Attacking anyone and everyone he saw. But then slowly the hatred he had for every thing, The searing fire burning deep inside of his very being, It began to consume him. And eventually he'd come to enjoy the killings and the torture and all the foul acts he'd committed against society and authority. Tatsuya ultimately hopes he can become so powerful and infamous he can restore the world to its order of natural selection. Where if you're strong you live and if you're weak you die. He adopted this motto the several times he was gravely injured and left for dead by the world Government, Only to constantly survive.

Possessing absolutely no compassion, He is only able to keep his mind off hatred and self regret if he is indulging in his sadistic and pain loving personality. Where as before mentioned he will take great pride and enjoyment in causing pain to other people and things.

Character History

Being Born the son of the only two nobles living secluded on spring breeze island in the north blue, Tatsuya grew up up in a solitary environment and rarely was able to interact with anyone other than his parents. From a young age he'd been doubted due to his abnormal appearance, And as such his parents tried extra hard to raise him to be royalty, Scolding him harshly when he'd fail. This forced knowledge caused him to mature quickly, But also develop some mental problems. For starters, He found himself quite depressed at times due to not being allowed out of his parent's guarded mansion like compound on the island. He began to become less and less social and more and more royal, Not really knowing how people would interact outside of royalty due to having not seen much of the outside world. As he was forced to endure his studies of proper act and etiquette, He'd began to develop obsessive thoughts and anxiety disorders, Including selective Mutism and social anxiety disorder, Though for the most part the last two didn't truly show until he'd fled the compound. Being confined to his room all the time, He'd begun to be able to obsess on horrible and obsessive thoughts that had quite often refused to go away but he'd refused to acknowledge them. He began to obsess over the disappointment he'd felt that he was never able to please his parents, And the uncertainty that he may never have seen the outside world until he was an adult. He'd obsess quite frequently at night, And Lose sleep at times, Many negative omens appearing within his dreams. In many of his nightmares he'd be forced to endure whilst he slept, Including a recurring dragon looking creature made of an indigo colored liquid chasing him through a black space spanning out infinitely, Before he'd inevitably be attacked by it and be forced to endure the burning hot liquid that burned through his skin and produced  a number of negative effects within his body. He barely was able to cope with the knowledge he was forced to learn and how hard he'd tried to impress his dad, He'd hoped it would all be worth it and held on to what little bit of hope he still had for the future.

At the age of 12, After being particularly ignored after acting on his very best behavior during a royal meeting his father had attended, Tatsuya decided he'd flee the compound. He'd managed to have sneak out of his room and find his way to the guest room, Where the window was free to be opened and not blocked with metal bars, As he scaled down the side of the mansion to the ground bringing only the clothes he wore. As he touched down on the ground and made his way towards the walls of the compounds, He'd proceeded to slowly climb a tree and over the wall separating the compound from the rest of the island. After escaping from the compound and sneaking into the town of Spring Breeze Island which had a large market and a great economy in which the local Government helped its citizens out the best it could and the Island had a small marine and guard presence and nice weather most of the time but cold winters. Luckily for Tatsuya the island had currently been blessed with hot weather at the time of his escape. He received a large unexpected culture shock upon venturing into the city's marketplace and seeing all the interactions between people. Walking all throughout the city and looking around, Not being noticed due to his small size, Tatsuya found himself overwhelmed by the large crowds of people and high amount of social interaction between citizens of the town. He found the mannerisms they used in speech quite different than what he'd been taught as a child, And eventually found an area near the woods and vast forest area of the island where a large amount of teenagers and children had been playing. Remaining sneaky and watching them at a distance, Tatsuya found himself amazed at how the children interacted with each other, And how they seemed to be having such fun with one another. And after a few minutes he chose to approach them. The group of teenagers initially recoiled at his appearance, And as he spoke with his royal intellect he was laughed at. He began to get mocked, Being called a number of names and nicknames thought of right then and there. Some of which included 'Vampire boy' And 'Devils child'. He found himself quite traumatized by the event, And retreated away from the children and deep into the forest where he'd seek refuge for the next day. Falling asleep and having a rough night in the cold jungle, Tatsuya once again approached the area where the children had been interacting with one another and kept a distance from them. It was only once a slight glare being produced by his eyes unbeknownst to him was noticed by one of the kids, At which point he was pursued and dragged out of the jungle, Being shoved down and beaten while being made fun of by many of the teenage boys in the group. Curling up in a ball and trying to protect himself, Tatsuya wept to himself silently and tried to cope with the pain. After a few seconds the boys had backed off and then walked away to go and bother someone else, Figuring they'd taught Tatsuya enough of a lesson for him to not come around again. Though throughout the beating he endured and after the group of young teenagers left there was one young 13 year old female who remained behind by the name of Haruko Asami. A tall 13 year old with medium blood red hair as well as pale porcelain like skin, And a large bust size for her age and light blue eyes that would almost sparkle at times. She had stayed behind and had talked with Tatsuya, Listening to where he'd come from and correcting him on certain speech terms, Teaching him how to socialize. Tatsuya had informed Haruko that he had to sleep in the woods, To which she said while she couldn't offer him a place to stay she could bring supplies and other stuff to him, To which they agreed upon.
It happened all the same most the times after that, Where Haruko would wait for the area to be clear and run supplies to Tatsuya who'd been sleeping in the woods. She'd speak with him and talk to him about society and other things, And looked past his intimidating exterior to see who he was on the inside and that he was just shy. She'd offered friendship when no others did. And for that she'd earned the spot in his heart of his one friend and the only person he'd ever actually felt connected with. Tatsuya would take great pleasure in Haruko's company, And would hear all the different things occurring within the world at the time. It became an everyday occurrence of them speaking while dining on the food she'd brought into the woods for him from her parents house within Spring Breeze Island's town, And soon Tatsuya had found great ease from the previous problems he'd suffered from in the past, And felt as if they'd all but vanished while in her presence. And for the few months he'd managed to evade his parents and the marines and guard of the island, He'd managed to make his living area in the woods actually livable and passing almost all of his time throughout the day with her. Over time they'd developed quite a close bond and Haruko had come to quite appreciate Tatsuya's presence. After a period of time, A group of older kids around the ages of 16 and 17 had been taking notice of her trips into the woods whilst passing by the area.

Due to the trips he'd need to take into the town by himself at times Tatsuya had been noticed quite often by the group of younger teenagers, But the group of 7 eldest teenagers the youngest of which was 16 years of age, Had rarely noticed him. Seeing as they usually frequented different parts of the city. At worst he'd just have to deal with verbal abuse and teasing and rarely ever physical action, He'd hated that he wasn't accepted, But found solace within his one friend of the opposite gender. One day, Whilst Haruko was going to carry fresh water to Tatsuya's place of refuge within the woods of Spring Breeze Island, She was trailed by the group of elder teenagers a large and barely visible distance away. And whilst Haruko and Tatsuya had one of their usual fun and lively conversations about the world among other things as they always had, Tatsuya confided in his friend with the fact that he'd been very thankful for her presence in his life and hoped that they'd be great friends for a long time, To which she agreed between chuckles. Just as they'd begun to finish the deep conversation that had been started shortly after their exchange of words, The group of teenagers revealed themselves, Having circled around the pair. As they spoke words with them, The eldest teenagers would remark in astonishment that the rumors of the vampire boy and the devils child were real. And they'd mock him for his pale appearance, To which he clenched his fists tightly. Upon noticing this, He'd been shoved down to the ground by the eldest teenager who had his foot on Tatsuya's back. After being kicked in the side a few times and coughing in pain, Tatsuya yelled for Haruko to run. To which she was grabbed and held by the arms by two of the teenagers, Being forced to watch her friend be beaten and stomped whilst laying defenseless on the ground. Screaming and thrashing, Haruko pleaded at the top of her lungs for them to stop and to not hit him anymore, To which they only laughed and kicked him harder all over his body until he was nearly unconscious. Just as he was bloody and bruised, They'd stopped. Dragging and bringing him up by under his arms and forcing him to look at his friend who was now silent.

Having the girl being held in place, The eldest teenager approached her and began to slowly and teasingly remove the pants she'd been wearing, As Haruko kicked and screamed loudly to no avail. It was only a matter of time before they'd had her fully unclothed and began to do things to her better left unsaid, One the teenagers restraining Tatsuya prying his eyes open and forcing him to watch every moment as his only friend her innocence and any sense of well being forcibly stolen from her in those moments. After the deed had been done, The eldest had beat Haruko while at the same time the rest of the teens helped assist him in beating her to a state of near death with broken bones and bruises all over her body. Several lacerations had been formed and much internal bleeding occurring. As the eldest beat her senseless with a nearby stick from thick wood, She coughed up copious amounts of blood up onto the ground, At this point every one of her ribs were broken and her lungs pierced and bleeding slightly. As the beatings ceased Tatsuya was let go at which point he crawled towards his friend slowly in a state of absolute disbelief and nonacceptance. As he reached her, He turned her onto her back and held her close to him, Cradling her in his arms.
As they had words with each other, About how she was no longer in pain and just felt really tired, And like everything would be alright. Tatsuya shook his head and quivered where he sat, Not wanting to accept the reality that he was experiencing his friend dying before his eyes and he was unable to do anything about it. With all he'd tried doing he couldn't protect her. As Tatsuya begged and pleaded at the top of his lungs for Haruko to survive and keep fighting, She was drifting closer and closer to deaths door. Closing her eyes and inhaling she'd utter a final few words to her friend who she'd come to accept regardless of his physical abnormalities.
"T-Thank you Tatsuya.. Thank you for trying and for letting me talk with you.. You're such a nice person.. And it doesn't hurt anymore.. Please.. Never forget about me, But live your own life.. Don't let me hold you back from that. I-I'll.. Miss you.. Tatsuya.. G-Goodbye..."
And with those last words, Haruko exhaled for the last time as her heartbeat and respiration rate ceased, Her eyes shut and a smile on her face at death. As Tatsuya cradled his now deceased friend, And the only one he'd ever really had. The only one who looked past his unique physical appearance, The only person who'd ever treated him with respect and didn't mock or scold him for things. She was now dead, And he felt as if it was because he wasn't good enough to save her. The incredibly traumatic event that had played out before his eyes and just a few feet in front of him was enough to push him past the brink of insanity, His eyes shooting wide open as with a loud roaring cry of terror and emotional agony he raised his head towards the sky, Staring directly at the sun as his scream was loud enough to echo through the woods and even somewhat into the town As he held her lifeless corpse. Clenching his fist and convulsing softly, His neck and head twitching from side to side as the group of elder teens just watched and laughed. After a period of around ten seconds, Tatsuya brought his now non existent gaze back down in the direction of the teenagers. Due to staring at the sun he'd managed to go completely blind, Though due to the emotional trauma he endured that was the very least of his worries. As his screaming ceased due to the strain on his throat and mouth, He instead let out a loud ferocious beast like growl.

As he released his friend from his grip, He'd quickly managed to turn and stand, Rushing towards the eldest teen and sinking his incisors into the teenagers neck and jugular before he could even react. This prompted a loud scream and many gasps of terror as the 12 year old Tatsuya tore into his neck, Blood spurting from the wound and all over Tatsuya's face. His eyes now completely bloodshot and any sign of mercy now ceasing to exist, Tatsuya wasted no time and rushing towards another one of the teens and killing him in much the same fashion as his friend who'd still been laying on the ground bleeding out just a few feet away. At this point, Much of the eldest group had chosen to take off, Prompting Tatsuya to give chase. Able to somehow sense where the teens had been fleeing to, Tatsuya took off on all fours and quickly caught up with the slowest of the 5 remaining members, Biting into his Achilles tendon before climbing up his back and planting his incisors his neck and thirstily gulping down his blood with a vengeance. Eventually he'd slaughtered the rest of the teens in his rage, The last one managing to almost reach the outskirts where the younger teens hung out. Due to the loud screaming coming from the forest, The young teens and preteens had come to investigate and upon witnessing the murder of one of the older boys they had ran to tell some of the marines stationed on the Island. And as Tatsuya stood near the outskirts of the town, Blood dripping from his mouth down his body from the teens he'd bit into. It didn't take long for two marines to arrive, One donning a spear and the other donning a rifle as both weapons were pointed at him. Beckoning for hin to come into custody, Tatsuya swiftly rushed past the recruits and bit into the neck of the one donning the rifle, Stealing the firearm from him and aiming it at the other recruit who'd only begun to react. Firing the rifle, And shooting the recruit in the heart, Effectively ending his life. As Tatsuya landed down, He picked up the spear from the now deceased recruit and began running forth and into town, In a sadistic crazed mental state that it seemed all but impossible to escape from.

Throughout his escape from the Island, Tatsuya slaughtered several civilians and marines alike inhabiting spring breeze Island. He caused a great amount of collateral damage and destruction across the entire town before managing to board and steal a marine frigate and sail off of and away from the island, Leaving a portion of it in ruins to a point. At some point he'd intercepted a marine frigate carrying the Doku Doku no Mi which they'd acquired, Managing to consume the fruit while aboard the ship. It took him a year to gain his eyesight back, And once he did his eyes were adjusted so he could see both well in the day time and the night time. Now possessing the power of such a powerful devil fruit, Tatsuya wandered the north blue making a name for himself and slaughtering hundreds of civilians and marines. At first he'd been doing so out of blind rage, But as he found himself drifting further from insanity he had begun to enjoy inflicting pain. He continued growing stronger and making a large name for himself across the north blue, Incurring a large bounty. He roams it to this day, Looking to recruit demented individuals and form a pirate crew of his own. He feels not many emotions to this day, Though he often inflicts wounds upon himself in an attempt at repenting for his failure to save Haruko. So in every action he takes and every thing he does is usually in an attempt at sating his sadistic desires and atoning for his sins of his past.

Heterochromia iridium and superior eyesight: Due to the condition he has that gives him two different colored Iris's, Tatsuya was often unable to see very well in the day time originally, Seeing better under darker conditions. After he'd managed to blind himself for a year by staring directly at the sun, His daytime vision was greatly improved once his eyes had fully healed. And as a result he is able to see very well in both dark and light conditions. His eyes also are able to emit somewhat of a glow at times in the moonlight.

Masochistic/Sadistic Personality and Pain Tolerance: Due to his loving for pain and spreading pain everywhere he can, Tatsuya possesses a very high pain tolerance. Even the most painful of things will make him grin and chuckle, He absolutely loves feeling and inflicting pain. And he will inflict massive amounts to pain onto individuals before murdering them.

Stealth and Subterfuge skills: Due to his years as wandering the world and sometimes going undercover and pretending to be someone he was not to obtain information and see things, Tatsuya developed phenomenal skills in stealth and staying hidden as well as a variety of other things such as lock picking and surveillance skills.

Combat prowess: After years of travelling the north blue and adapting to several combat styles used by the powerful opponents he'd faced, Tatsuya developed a rather amazing ability in fighting and causing destruction. His power only being greatly augmented by his powerful devil fruit. He has also developed his own combat style with his two butcher knife like swords and found how to best combine it with the powers his devil fruit granted him.
Latent leadership potential: Though he has yet to show it until he actually builds and commands a crew in due time, Tatsuya has a silver tongue and a great amount of potential to be a great leader and a great captain of his future crew of evil and powerful pirates. He will show his abilities as an able headed commander in the future once he amasses his own crew.

His Weapon

Weapon: Two swords

Weapon Description: Two large swords with blades about 4 feet in length, The swords looking like actual cleavers or butcher knives rather than swords and being thick near the bottom but thinner spanning up the sword. The swords themselves are crafted out of Lightweight tempered steel and are all black except for being shiny on the actual blade. The sheathes have wraps as a grip for it.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Swift yet powerful: Due to the lightweight build yet high mass and large build of the swords, They are able to do large amounts of cutting damage while remaining light enough to be swung fast.
Durability: Due to the tempered steel they are crafted out of, The blades themselves are resistant to corrosion, Chipping, And wear. It takes a lot to damage these blades.

Weapon History: It was forged by a blacksmith on an island in the north blue when Tatsuya went into the town under a large amount of thick clothing capable of hiding his features.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:  Advanced
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Doku Doku no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Lvl 1 - Lvl 2 = 3 threads
Lvl 2 - Lvl 3 = 4 threads
Lvl 3 - Lvl 4 = 6 threads
Lvl 4 - Lvl 5 = 8 threads
Current Devil fruit Level: 1

General rules of progression
1: With every level, The user gains greater control over what they are able to create, As well as a greater ability to produce and add a wider variety of compounds to the poison they choose to create.
2: Though powerful at the later levels, The lower the level the user is at the larger amount of poison is needed to be ingested if serious harm is to come to an individual.
3: The user starts off able to form their poison into both a thick or thin liquid substance, As well as a gas.
4: Every technique is able to be utilized to a greater degree with each level of progression.
5: With every level, The time it takes to reduce exposure and seek proper medical treatment is something critical to take into account when considering lethality.

Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level 1 - The user is able produce and control poison and also becomes immune to all types of poison themselves. The user becomes a poison human, For every level of progression their poison grows stronger. At this stage his poison is moderately damaging. At this level The poison is known to cause a large amount of Inflammation as well as searing amounts of burning pain upon an opponents skin. While not outwardly lethal and only able to penetrate the skin through ingestion by some source, Or something like open wounds, The poison produced by this fruit can cause complications with recovery and normal function. The user is able to either form the poison into a thick or thin Indigo colored liquid substance, As well as blow out mildly poisonous breath that is able to cause slight throat Irritation. It's at this level that the poison produced is not very potent yet, And when ingested is able to cause slight vein and artery tightening which reduces blood flow to an extent and problems with the body properly repairing wounds after rest when ingested enough.

Level 2 - At this level, The user gains great control over the poison they produce, And are able to produce poison meant to cause specific effects. Usually meant to disrupt an opponents senses. At this level the user is also able to coat themselves in a coat of light poison armor that makes it difficult for them to be hit physically without an opponent poisoning themselves. The user is often also able to create a wall out of poison in to block the entrances and exits to a location. As most things that attempt passing through the solidified poison are unable to do so without being poisoned themselves. At this level the poison that the user is capable of producing possesses more specialized compounds, That can often cause muscle weakness and fatigue, As well as dizziness and nausea among those unfortunate enough to find themselves afflicted by the poison. The fact that it forces the body to lose more water through the process of perspiration makes dehydration a serious concern for anyone exposed to the poison for a prolonged period of time.

Level 3 - Upon gaining this level of control over the fruit, The user is able to to create quite a few specific creations. As such they're often able to shape large structures out of poison at this level. She's able to produce and combine a vaster array of poisons, Able to produce a unique poisonous compound that is mixed with the compound Urushiol often found in poison Ivy. This poison is specifically designed to cause damage to the skin, And quite often it does so. With prolonged direct exposure to this compound those affected will often see a large amount of skin Inflammation with a searing burning pain often accompanying it. The skin or flesh affected often becomes quite photosensitive as well. Internally, The strongly potent poison the user is able to create is able to cause a large amount of damage within the body. It's able to cause bad problems with the digestive tract and stomach if ingested, Often causing a severely upset stomach usually accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting and Increased dehydration due to the loss of fluids through the process of vomiting. Another thing the user is often able to incorporate into their poison is the cardiotoxic compounds that quite often weaken the heart over time, Forcing it to pump harder in order to circulate the same amount of blood throughout the body.

Level 4 - At this level of control, The one possessing the power of the Doku Doku no Mi is able to accomplish rather astonishing feats due to the potency of the poison now produced and the control which the user possesses over said poison. The user is able to create a highly potent unique poison, That possesses several highly toxic compounds of all types. If the user so wishes to combine them all, They will see quite satisfactory results on whatever happens to be unfortunate enough to become poisoned by it. Along with what has been seen in the three previous levels, The poison now affects the liver and kidneys to a high degree and quite often reduces their function by an extent which is dependent on how much poison an opponent is exposed to, And how long before they are able to received proper treatment and normally a mix of antidotes if one has not been developed. The poison becomes able to inflict an incredibly sharp searing pain just at touch, And now can be slightly acidic upon the will of the user. If the user decides to do so, They are able to bring up the acidity of the poison they produce in order to cause more burning damage upon contact with whatever they happen to be targeting, Be it living or otherwise. If left untreated, Poison damage at this level can be fatal depending on how much an opponent of the user is exposed to. Quite often, This poison is able to highly restrict the blood supply of some of the external smaller limbs such as the fingers and toes. The poison is also known to bring about often terrifying hallucinations to those who are afflicted by it. The user is also able to manipulate the poison well enough to create large armor like suits and coating from poison around him, Making it hard to land a physical blow if one does not possess Haki or a devil fruit.

Level 5 - It is at this level of mastery that the eater of the fruit has gained complete and utter control of their ability to produce and manipulate powerful poison. Oftentimes at this level with prolonged exposure to to the skin it's not uncommon to see the poison eat through the skin of someone due to the optionally high acidity levels. It often feels as if the person in contact with the poison is being pierced with super hot needles at the area of exposure. Upon ingestion or internal exposure, It is not uncommon to initially see little to no blood flow within smaller extremities such as the fingers and toes, As well as put a tremendous strain upon an opponents body. Possessing a very wide variety of toxic substances and compounds. The poison at this point contains several more toxic compounds than previously before, Now able to have a significant effect on the body with enough exposure for a long enough period. Such as putting significant strain on the stomach and digestive system, The cardiac system, The respiratory system, And the neurological system. Often times when exposed to this poison those afflicted will get incredibly dizzy and may suffer an episode of spasm like moving bearing resemblance to seizures at times. If exposed to the poison gas especially, The poison the user produces can make it hard for the bodies respiratory system to function in a lot of cases. This is also when the user is able to craft and shape the poison they produce in just about any and every way they want, Able to create solid poison structures of amazing complexity and gargantuan size. At this level the user is able to manipulate the acidity of the poison as well as the thickness and density, And at this level, The user is only limited in creating what they are able to bring to fruition from their minds.
Devil Fruit Abilities: This fruit allows the user to become a poison human And generate limitless amounts of very powerful and sometimes lethal poison that at higher levels of master they are able to manipulate freely as if it is an extension of their own being.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses
Fire has a neutralizing effect for the liquid poison
The user has to be careful around allies, As even their breath can be poisonous and at higher levels the poison has a large scale effect

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Vampire Fang: Lunging for his opponent, Tatsuya attempts to sink his large and razor sharp incisors into the neck of his opponent. Though it's possible for him to sink his fangs into anywhere on an opponent, It's often hard to pry him off.
Escape Measure: Often incapacitating an opponent with a gouge to one of the eyes, Or another sensitive attack of the sort, Tatsuya is able to either flee easier or continue the onslaught of attacks that he may have planned.

Weapon Based Combat:
Red Sparrow Repentance: A devastating move in which Tatsuya uses both of his blades to gain a large amount of momentum before charging an enemy and unleashing a brutal combination attack on them, Slashing tons of times both horizontally and vertically usually towards an opponents abdomen.
Red Sparrows Wrath: A combination where Tatsuya shows no mercy, Rushing an enemy and inflicting several deep wounds on them usually through slashing or swift stabbing with the tip of his blades, He will often knock an enemy high into the air and bisect them in one swift and very powerful movement. If used while falling downwards, This attack will often cause a large amount of damage to the landscape he happens to be fighting in.
Red Sparrows Earth Compromise: Holding his blade backwards, Tatsuya often swings upwards and splits the ground in half all the way under and towards an enemy. This move requires a large amount of momentum. The more powerful version is when he leaps high into the air and brings his blades down into the ground, Often creating large cracks in landscape and causing a large amount of damage to the surrounding area in doing so.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Doku Doku no Mi

Level 1

Hydra: After releasing copious amounts of liquid poison from his body, Tatsuya is able to manipulate the liquid in the form of a three headed poison dragon. Each head of the dragon has large sharp fangs, As well as two notoriously large horn like structures on the top of their head. They also have eyes that glow a different shade of magenta than the rest of their body. Tatsuya is able to make the Hydra chase after an opponent, As well as form Hydra after engulfing his arm with a thick coat of liquid, Which then allows him to make it extend from his arm and attack a single opponent.

Chloro Ball: Tatsuya produces a semi solid poisonous liquid in his mouth which he chews upon before forming it into a poisonous bubble like creation. He then spits the bubble at an opponent at a high speed which upon Impact explodes and releases a cloud of poisonous gas.

Venom Road: After forming his Hydra, Tatsuya completely engulfs himself in the liquid poison. While he's inside he's able to travel within the Hydras neck and out of its mouth, Which he is also able to guide wherever he wants it to go once inside of the Hydra.

Liquid Poison Wave: After filling his mouth with liquid poison, Tatsuya expels it out of his mouth and towards his opponent in high quantities and speed, To which it flows towards the opponent voraciously like a raging wave in the sea.

Poison Cloud: Breathing out a large amount of poisonous breath, Tatsuya is able to create a fog like cover in an area. This fog is useful for obscuring the sight of an opponent trapped within, As well as slowly drain the opponent of their senses.

Poison Entrapment: A technique in which Tatsuya produces large amounts of poisonous liquid from his body, Allowing it to form towards an opponent. Once close enough, He'll manipulate the poison and wrap it around the ankles and hands of a victim to subdue them. The largest chance of escape is breaking out before the poison hardens.

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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Re: Tatsuya Mōretsuna

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Re: Tatsuya Mōretsuna

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Devil Fruit

• The Doku Doku no Mi is a powerful fruit thus it will require quite a bit of nerfing and altering for the purpose of role playing. Magellan is an imposing force in the series because in the series virtually anything can happen in role play it must be made fair for others as well.

You will have to write down the poisons that you can use and which ones are being used in the techniques then all details about the toxin being used such as the name, gas or liquid, effects & final result and then that way us moderators can decide whether or not if the toxins are fair. So you might want to get to work on writing out a list of poisons you are planning on using and all of the in depth details about this. I have been informed that you have been asking other mods questions about some of your apps as well and when they have given you an answer you've come to ask me.

The other mods know the rules and will lead you just as well as myself. So there isn't always a need to ask me the question that's already been answered.

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Re: Tatsuya Mōretsuna

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Re: Tatsuya Mōretsuna

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