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Chi Manipulation WIP

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Chi Manipulation WIP

Post by Wanderlust on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:54 am

Chi Manipulation

Chi, also known as Qi or Ki, is believed to be existed as an active principle forming part of any living thing. Put simply, chi is that which maintains life force to keep living things being alive. While chi does not apply in inanimate objects, natural elements such as fire and water can be considered as a form of elemental energy which is quite similar to chi. This concept of a life force is found in most of the ancient cultures of the world. In fact, everyone possesses such energy within their body, but most of them do not aware of its existence and it is nearly impossible to freely manipulate chi to the maximum.


In order to master Chi Manipulation, one requires a basic understanding of how their body works. The concept of energy flow and how they work within the body is equally important to the purpose of focusing chi. To learn Chi Manipulation, there are a number of different methods from deep meditation to certain martial arts. Trained Chi Manipulation also enhances human functions, pushing one's physical strengths to a higher level. There are many possibilities and abilities which can be developed by manipulating chi. After awakening the basic chi within our body, there are different paths of Chi Manipulation to be advanced. However, it is possible for one to master all the types of manipulating chi, it only requires time and effort.

Types of Chi Manipulation

Ling Chi

Ling Chi is a form of chi that allows the user to release and manipulate chi in an offensive manner. The chi appears to be visible as a white energy flow covering the user. By releasing chi from the body, the user is able to emit or unleash chi in the form of a shape such as wave, blast and more. When this type of chi hits right on an opponent, it does not just give impact damage, additionally weakens their physical strengths and stamina as well. The higher mastery level grants the user a stronger intensity of chi, causing more damage as it increased.





Chi Kung


Known Users
Valentine Sabrina
Valentine Serena

Please PM me if you have any question or suggestion about this fighting style.

To become stronger, you must not fear your enemies. Instead, make them fear of you in order to conquer your dreams.

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