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Ue, Fikusa

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Ue, Fikusa

Post by Vaetric on Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:42 am

General Information

Name: Ue, Fikusa
Epithet: “Iron Arm”
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Birthplace: North Blue.
Species: Cyborg
Orientation: Right Handed.

Occupation: Shipwright
Bounty: http://i.stack.imgur.com/0mvFA.gif[/img] 350,000
Crimes Committed:
Known associate of the dread pirate Johnny “Thousand Men”
Allegiance: Pirate
To turn herself into a machine, bit by bit.
To advance technology.
 Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEWS5dGSDOc

Character Information


Appearance:  She has somewhat overgrown, brown hair with messy curls, held in place with a band. She has a somewhat narrow face, somewhat red from sunburn most of the time. She’s lean, not having much in the way of curves, especially in her standard clothing.  She has electricity burns along her body, most especially her (human) right arm that look more like elaborate roots. She has more burns on her chest and back, all of these are mostly healed.
Her life return greatly affects her appearance. When storing strength, her muscles recede and makes her look more malnourished depending on how much she’s taking. If she pulls herself all the way down to average, she wouldn’t be able to carry her cyborg arm. When releasing it however her muscle mass increases, thus giving her the extra strength, she grows a foot a point to emphasise. When storing health, she tends to have a red, runny nose and have sickly skin, when releasing it she looks a lot healthier, her sunburns even heal. With resilience she’s softer, releasing causes her skin to grow tougher.Speed and dexterity don’t change her appearance, but makes her slower and clumsier respectfully, while releasing she is faster and more nimble.
She tends to have a bandage on her nose to hide a scar that stretches from eye to eye just below. She tends to wear dirty overalls, mostly from soot. Her left arm is cybernetic and runs on electricity (More information in inventory). She keeps a pack of tools around her at all times.

Personality: Fikusa has a generally serious demeanour that usually melts if advanced technology is within eyeshot. She isn’t quite obsessed with tech, but she’s fairly close to it to the point of experimenting on herself to see if she can further it, as shown with her left arm. She is not fond of other cyborgs fuelling themselves with drinks,  believing it to be somewhat childish. However, that is mainly because she couldn’t figure out how to do it herself, on;y managing to get her arm to run through electricity. She knows oil, steam and coal can also be used for fuel, and likes to experiment with all four of them.
She acts friendly enough to others, not wishing to antagonise someone without reason, especially since they could be anyone. A marine can easily just shed their uniform and go into civilian gear, while she could be underneath a bounty hunter’s nose. If she doesn’t give them reason to, they may not find her that much of a threat, since her bounty is relatively low compared to some others.
When in combat she tends to keep up the friendly demeanour, preferring that the combatant wouldn’t dislike her enough to use any of their more painful moves or make her imprisonment uncomfortable should they win. Then again, she prefers not to fight at all, though wouldn’t hesitate to defend herself or if it’s the only way. When in combat, she simply prefers to use her lightning blasts to deal with the aggressors. Not only would they probably be alive, but they’d be stunned from the lightning, so it’s a win-win for her unless they find a way to negate the damage.

Character History

Background As a child, Leona had an obsession with the sea, wishing for a boat so she could set sail herself, but her parents were poor and weak. They were unable to work due to a disease, and soon found themselves on the streets, the father passing away after a couple of days, her mother a couple of weeks. She was six years old when this happened, on the streets with no parental figure, she took to stealing until finally she decided to hide in a crate of oranges.
She didn’t know what she was doing, really. All she knew was she wanted to get away from –there-. Her home island, from the people who bullied her and took her spoils. She tried to open the crate to find a new hiding place until the ship reached dock, where she would run out but it wouldn’t budge. She then remembered that it had a latch from the outside. Trapped, she could only wait until the pirates decided to assure themselves of getting no scurvy. Eventually, the crate was opened and she was found inside. After much deliberating amongst the crew and hearing her out, they decided to keep her own as a chore-girl. They travelled along the East Blue, rarely being able to travel to North Blue due to the Red Line, much less the other two thanks to the Grand Line. However, at times they were able to smuggle themselves to the other side.
The Captain’s anme was Johnny “Thousand Men”, most of the time he actually looked pretty weak and slow, but when he got into combat he would suddenly become a behemoth. He earnt quite the large bounty, so much so that they got a crew-wide bounty, even Fikusa. The stronger ones got a bigger bounty. This was mostly because they were annoying to the World Government, offering passage to Revolutionaries, general pirating, defeating corrupt Marines, etc.
Years and years past, and she learnt a thing or two from them. Even the Captain taught her some of his life return, while the shipwright taught her his trade. Eventually their spree came to a close, two decades later their ship was given a crippling blow, the Captain and crew old. After the battle, they had to scuttle the ship, distribute their spoils, and go their separate ways in one tearful farewell to eachother in a tavern. Fikusa herself had lost her left arm in the battle, ripped straight off via cannonball.
Using her knowledge given from the shipwright, she decided to help out in the town. First however she had to tinker, as a one-armed shipwright likely wouldn’t find much work. She found she had an aptitude for mechanics, over the next few years creating the arm she has today. During that time she mostly lived on her share of the spoils. She soon came to a realisation: why continue to be organic? You’re born, you live and you die. What if she replaced herself, bit by bit, into a machine? Advance herself into the next stage of evolution? She resolved to once again travel the seas, but only with those she could consider friends, like those she travelled before with.

Life Return: Having learnt from her previous captain, Fikusa is able to use a form of life return that revolves around storing. For example, she can store her speed, her strength and so forth. Other than that, she doesn’t know any other form of life return.
Shipwright: Having been trained under the tutelage of her previous crew, she understands the workings of a ship and how to repair non-fatal damage to it.
Mechanist: Fikusa has a knack for engineering. She replaced her lost arm with much trial and error, but eventually made one that was able to move just like her old one, albeit less flexible and slower. Through her experimentations she has an understanding of electricity which fuels her arm.

Extra clothes.

Weapon: Fikusa’s Arm

Weapon Description: It is a contraption of wood and metal. It tends to make whirring sounds at random points. There are exhaust ports that show a luminous blue. To the side of the forearm in the middle is a port where a disc can be inserted, this is for a thunder dial. The arm is lined with rubber along the parts that latch on to her stump, thus she isn’t in any danger of herself getting electrocuted. Just below her forearm where the joint connecting it to the hand is where the exhaust port is. From there she can send lightning shocks toward her opponents.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Thunder Dial: Being run on electricity and tesla coils, the arm is able to sproud lightning. There are two ways she can bring the lightning. The first is through electric shots, short, large bursts of lightning that have a tendency to blow the aggressors away. The second is a continuous stream of lightning. Although the continuous one is stronger than the burst, it also eats more fuel. The burst is more conservative.
(Lightning Burst in action: https://youtu.be/rvXF3oGy-iE?t=1m3s)

Weapon History: The arm was made over the years Fikusa stayed in a small little island in order to hide from the World Government until she felt she could explore again. She was able to buy the lightning dial from a vendor using her share of the treasure. She used the rest to buy a temporary house, and got more income from helping to fix ships.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed:   Advanced
Character Resilience:  Advanced
Character Dexterity:  Advanced

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Life Return:

Life Return: Storage: Drawing upon the power of her life return, Fikusa is able to store away her aspects. For every one point of strength she stores away, she gains an extra point of strength when she releases it for a set amount of time. She can’t store for too long for risk of harming her body. Storage cannot follow over to the next thread unless it happens directly after. She can store for a maximum of eight threads, and for every two posts she stores, she can release for one. For example:
She stores one point of strength for eight turns. She originally has advanced strength, as she has used one point she’s now temporarily got trained strength. When she releases those eight turns of strength, she gains one extra point of strength and thus has expert strength for four posts. It is a little different when storing health, when storing it she becomes rather weak and easily catches colds. When released however she temporarily gains a healing factor, stronger the longer she stored the health. Eight turns worth of healing will heal a lethal wound as well as any other problems that may arise within a post, for example.
The following aspects she can store:

Weapon Based Combat:
Lightning Blast: After a brief moment to charge up, at which point the tips of the glove become dangerously blue, the arm fires a short bolt of electricity to the target. This is a short ranged attack, only good for about a meter. The blast is powerful enough to knock back a human and crumble rocks as well as cannonballs. At lower resilience levels (such as the blues) the target has a large chance of becoming incapacitated, while Paradise stats have a chance of being briefly stunned. At its current level, new world stats have nothing to fear.
Lightning Torrent: Sacrificing fuel for range, the lightning torrent is able to fire a much longer distance, that being 5 meters (16 foot). The attack is continuous, though requires an entire post to charge up. It is much stronger in the shorter ranges, but still packs a punch near the end of its radius.  People are much more likely to be seriously injured or scarred from this attack than the blast, as it doesn’t stop once the target is off its feet, therefore coursing through the body rather than grounding through the floor. It is also able to light flammable objects on fire.

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: ---

RP Sample:

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Re: Ue, Fikusa

Post by Vaetric on Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:34 am

Forgot to get rid of the WIP :p

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Re: Ue, Fikusa

Post by Docile on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:11 pm

Unless stated otherwise

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Re: Ue, Fikusa

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