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Billy Jones

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Billy Jones

Post by FroYo on Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:39 pm

Name: Billy Jones

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Bounty: 0

Billy stands at 7 ft, his has light skin and dark brown eyes which match the color of his hair. He has a slight beard and his body is well built. Covering his body is a long sleeved blue shirt, a shark picture on it's chest. Around his waist is a belt holding up his jeans. He has a sweat band on his right wrist it's black and matched the color of his  leather boots.

Billy is an average person with an average personality. He has a big sense of humor and loves to pull pranks. Billy loves to hang with friends and will do anything to protect them at all costs. He can also be very competitive at times. Billy is an active guy who's always up for anything which helps his mates. He can be easily scared but he tries his best not to show it, it might ruin his image.

Weapons: His fists.

" Pft, crews are for people who are crews and cheese pls ty" - Words which ring with truth, spoken by the great Vaetric[/size]

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