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Inu-Inu no Mi Model: Kitsune

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Inu-Inu no Mi Model: Kitsune

Post by Matopi on Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:13 pm

Devil Fruit Name: Inu-Inu no Mi Model: Kitsune

Translation: Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Kitsune

Appearance of the Fruit: It's outward appearance is that of a star fruit. It is black in colour with small red spots that cover almost every inch of it. On the inside it is a bright red with black seeds.

Type: Mythical Zoan

Abilities of the fruit: Unlike other Zoan fruits, the user is unable to turn into a hybrid of the Kitsune. Instead, the user can take the form of a nine-tailed fox or a beautiful woman.

Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Fruit Progression:

Level 1- Level 2 requires 8 threads

Mastery levels
1st Level

The user is able to change into Kitsune form, this is where he/she transforms into a fox with nine tails. In this form the user has their speed stat increased by 2 and is able to summon up to three will-o-wisps by banging it's tails together, these will-o-wisps are under the control of the Kitsune and he/she may use them to convey a one sentence message to other people.

2nd Level

The user gains the ability to transform into a beautiful young woman with the appearance of his/her choice, this is how the user will appear whenever he/she uses this form. Once the appearance has been chosen it cannot be changed. The user also gains the ability to summon and control will-o-wisps while in this form, however he/she is limited to two and they must stay within a 30 ft radius of the user at all times or they will disappear. While in Kitsune form the user's speed is increased by 3, that does not go higher than MAX (same as level one). They have gained the ability to summon 6 will-o-wisps while in this form and may convey messages to other people using them. While in human form the user is given the ability to summon one will-o-wisp by clapping his/her hands, however control is limited and it must stay within 20 ft of the user or disappear.

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Re: Inu-Inu no Mi Model: Kitsune

Post by Docile on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:42 am

Hiya Matopi. Welcome to the site I'd like to say and sorry it has taken the moderators so long to grade this app, not so sure why the other moderators didn't take a look at it.

You could possibly have made this fruit stronger in a few ways but tbh I'm not really so sure as to how as I'm not really full of Kitsune knowledge. But if it is a fruit that you be happy with then consider yourself.

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